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Jan 7 2018, 03:06 AM
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Piper hated gossip columns. They were trash, usually about people she either wanted to keep out of the paper or people she didn’t care about. She wouldn’t read them for pleasure, but she usually scanned through to see if there were any names she recognized. On the rare occasion her players ended up there, she liked to be in the know. That way, she could do damage control as early as possible.

<p>For the most part, she had pretty great players. Not that Piper would ever tell them that. When they got in trouble or into the gossip pages, it was minor and things she could get rid of with relative ease.

<p>So imagine her surprise when she scanned the Daily Prophet once she got into the office in the morning and saw that one of her players had apparently <i>eloped</i>. With the captain of their biggest rival.

<p>Her coffee mug shattered in her hand, spilling the hot, dark liquid onto her hand and the floor.

<p>Shaking her scalding palm, Piper got up and stalked over to her fireplace. The flames were low, but sprang to life as she tossed a fistfull of power from the mantle into it. <font color=#e49822>“Morello! You better get your ass to my office within the hour. Bring her with you, so I can sort out this mess.”</font>

<p>Piper’s temper had not cooled by the time Wesley Morello and Kate Morello arrived in her office. <font color=#e49822>“What. The actual. Fuck, Morello?”</font> she asked crossly. <font color=#e49822>“Are you <i>trying</i> to give me an aneurysm? What the hell did you do?”</font>

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Nov 11 2017, 03:07 PM
Savannah waited off to the side with Teagan Elena Williams and Brodie Baxter until Iggy waved them over to introduce them. Clad in a purple jersey to indicate her team color, she waved when introduced, and then made a mental note of every kid Iggy announced was part of Team Shindig. They looked like a pretty decent bunch, though the fact that Teagan’s Keeper was twice the size of hers and Brodie’s was a bit alarming.

Though in truth, Savannah wouldn’t know their skills until she got a good look at them all up in the air. Just because Iggy wasn’t going to give them bludgers and a snitch right away, didn’t mean she couldn’t start evaluating them. Probably, since this was a summer camp, she should figure out a way to make this fun for them as well. Shit.

“Purple team with me!” she called out, waving her hand over head and heading off for the far side of the pitch. Once she got them all assembled, she stood in front of them to address them, picking up a quaffle and holding it between her arm and hip.

“A lot of you probably don’t know me, so I’ll give you the cliffnotes. My name’s Savannah Hadley. I attended Hogwarts - Slytherin, if anyone cares - and when I graduated I played Chaser for the Wimbourne Wasps. A few years ago I busted my shoulder, so I took over managing the team. Professor Iggy invited me to come coach you guys during this camp because he knows I know my shit, alright? Questions?” Savannah paused long enough for anyone to speak up, and then moved on.

“So, now you know me. Next thing we need to do is get everyone else acquainted. Some of you probably have met already - wait, hold up, didn’t I end up with both Polettis? Yes?” She scanned the seven faces, easily finding the tall boy and diminutive girl who had responded to those names. “So I take it you two have met then,” she remarked dryly, getting a few titters from the students.

“Anyway, some of you have probably met before, but knowing someone from Charms class isn’t the same thing as playing as a team with them. Your teammates and I all need to know your capabilities and limitations, so that the team as a whole can support each other. That’s what makes a good Quidditch team, one that knows when they can rely on their teammates and when they need to step up.” Savannah was great at lectures; she gave them all the time to her players.

“So, I don’t remember what Iggy suggested we have you guys talk about, but it doesn’t really matter,” she said, holding up the quaffle. “Here’s what we’re going to do; everyone’s going to go around and tell us your name, what school you’re from, what position - or positions - you play, one of your favorite memories of playing Quidditch, and what you hope to learn from this camp. Who wants to go first?” Savannah tossed the Quaffle to the first person to raise their hand, giving them the floor.
Nov 11 2017, 02:11 AM
Scoping out the competition was part of Piper's job as manager of the Wimbourne Wasps. Today she was at a match between the Arrows and Falcons. Her short dark hair was pulled up and she was dressed casually for the cool spring day. She had a decent seat - but not great - and was jotting down notes on each of the players in the air as the first half of the match unfolded.

It wasn’t the most glamorous part of her job. Then again, being a manager of a team wasn’t exactly as glamorous as playing anyway. But when she first started it bothered her to check out other teams. It felt like spying, even though she wasn’t doing anything underhanded. She wasn’t stealing playbooks or sneaking into team meetings or practices. Everything she gained from this was public knowledge. She was just watching the game, the same way all these other people were. The same way others watched her team.

She couldn’t complain either though. She got to spend the whole day watching the sport she’d fallen in love with as a child. The sport she’d devoted her career to, first as a player and then as a manager. No, she couldn’t complain at all.

At the half point in the game, Piper closed her notebook and shoved it in her pocket. It was the perfect time for a break. She didn’t care so much about missing anything; she was mostly here to watch how each player flew and performed and how they worked together than who won the game. Besides, if she missed anything good, she could watch it back on the highlights.

Walking down the stands to the concourse, Piper walked around a bit to stretch her legs. Concessions were too crowded right now to get the soda she wanted, so she decided to wait until it died down. In the mean time, she spotted an empty smoker’s terrace and headed out onto it to catch some fresh air.

After she left the crowds behind, the itching she’d felt wandering through them solidified. She was somewhat used to the feeling of being watched - she had been a player on a famous team for a few years after all. But this felt… different. There was a feeling to it that was somewhat familiar, but not something she immediately recognized. Whatever it was, she didn’t like it. Piper turned a point suddenly, to catch whoever was watching her unaware before they could act like they weren’t.

“You. What are you doing following me?” she demanded.
Nov 7 2017, 03:02 AM
Piper poured herself her fourth coffee of the day - and it wasn’t even noon yet - from the coffee machine she kept in her office. Maybe she should take up smoking, that was suppose to be soothing, right? Or was it the other way around? Eh, either way she actually got allergies around cigarette smoke so that wasn’t going to happen. She’d just have to give herself heart palpitations with good old caffeine instead.

Managing the Wimbourne Wasps was a tireless, usually thankless job. Well, probably managing any Quidditch team was, judging by the look of @noah every time she saw him. She supposed it could be worse, she could be managing his team. The Arrows were notoriously hard to control. At least she never had to play designated driver, and she’d only had to go bail someone out of jail twice during her tenure as manager.

Truth be told, it was easier now than when she’d started. Piper knew what she was doing now, and actually commanded a little bit of respect. When she’d started this job at twenty-two, she’d been too young and inexperienced and truthfully a bit of an emotional wreck to do it properly. She’d had to fight for every inch of respect and power she had, which had in turn given her a reputation as a serious, hard manager. Which honestly was so much better than the former.

Piper flipped through the paperwork on her desk in annoyance. If it wasn’t one thing it was another; her job literally was never done. She chewed on the end of her pen thoughtfully, wondering just how long she could get away with ignoring equipment and pitch maintenance. Probably not long. Ugh, that was going to be a huge headache. Well, it could be tomorrow’s headache. She set those forms aside for now, planning on revisiting them tomorrow.

Piper's office was off the Wasp locker room, and she heard the distant sounds of someone arriving to work out or get in some practice. Her office door was cracked open, so she turned and kicked it further open. “Hey, whoever’s out there! Get your ass in here!” she shouted loudly. “I’m sure I have something to yell at you for,” she added in an undertone.
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