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Nov 6 2017, 07:51 PM
Tatooine. A hot, dry, forsaken planet full of people trying to eek out a miserable existence. The blonde woman was unimpressed from the moment she stepped out of the spaceport in Mos Ila. If the look of utter disdain she gave the people rushing past her as she stepped into the street wasn't an obvious enough sign that she wasn't a local, there were others. The people of Tatooine mostly dressed in light, breathable fabrics to keep them cool under the glaring twin suns. Lila gave no such concession to the heat. She dressed as she always did; in dark, harsh fabrics. Her belted great coat had a hood, which she raised to protect her face from the blistering suns.

It also hid from view the two slim lightsabers she wore at her waist.

Lila found what she was looking for fairly easily; a busy cantina just near the spaceport. She entered, and made her way to the bar. The Sith Apprentice made her request of the man behind the bar, who appeared to think it over a moment, then pointed her in the direction of a man holding court in the corner of the cantina. Lila glided over, dismissing the man’s companions with a stern, “Leave.” Everyone but the man Lila wished to speak to left without a backwards glance. The blonde Sith took a seat across from him.

“I’ve been told you're the man to see about finding a certain oasis. The Lightspring?” Lila asked. The man snickered. ’If you're looking for sights, sweetheart, I can think of better places than roaming the Jundland Wastes looking for a mythical treasure.’ Lila scowled at him, raising a hand to silence him.

“No,” she said, infusing her words with the Force. “You will help me find the Lightspring.” ’I will help you find the Lightspring,’ he repeated, standing. Lila smirked and rose, motioning for him to lead the way.


Lila eyed the entrance to the cave skeptically. It had taken them quite a while to find it, and she wasn't sure if this was even the right place. “Stay here,” she instructed her guide. He did as he was told, though he looked puzzled as to why. Lila lowered her hood as she stepped into the shade to explore the cave.

It wasn't mere curiosity sending her deep into the desert in search of a an oasis, but what was said to have been housed there. Legend said that a lost Jedi holocron, stolen ages ago, had ended up among the treasure a crime lord had stowed on this planet. It was just a theory, but one worth sending an apprentice to investigate.

The first several feet of the cavern were dark and cramped, but eventually it opened up. Openings in the roof of the cavern cast just enough light to traverse the winding path. Deep in the earth, it opened up further to reveal the oasis. Water trickled down the rocks in the far wall a small spring. It was much cooler down here, and Lila could see small nooks in which metal storage boxes glinted. A sense of pride in her self was evident in her expression and she started toward the nearest one.

Suddenly, Lila sensed a shift in the Force. Probably she should have noticed earlier, but now that it was evident to her she was on alert. Someone or something was in the cave with her. Lila narrowed her eyes and scanned the dark shadows and entrance. ”Who's there?” she demanded, her right hand hovering where her lightsaber was hidden.
Nov 6 2017, 07:46 PM
Lila twisted the lock on the shop door, then flipped the Open sign so that it read Closed. Peering out the window, she could see other shops doing the same. Twilight was setting in, which meant shop keepers like her were closing up for the night. She dropped the shades and returned to the counter.

She was working alone tonight, which was sometimes the case. Sometimes she'd work with her boss, and sometimes Dru would close up. Frankly, Lila didn't mind working evenings, either alone or together. The shop was quiet, with no chance of interruptions. It was peaceful.

She wrapped up the usual business, putting the counter in order and getting the night deposit in order and sending it off with the owl to Gringott’s. Then came returning the wands that had been taken down from the shelves during the day. Though it might not always seem like it, there was a system. Learning it had taken a lot of time, but now she knew it like the back of her hand. It didn't take long, straightening the shelves and ready for the next day.

All her chores for the night finished, Lila flipped off the front lights and entered the back of the shop. She was nearly finished with a special order and wanted to get it done. Approaching her work bench, she shuffled her papers around to bring the specs to the top, even though she probably could have done it without looking. She found what she was looking for, but she also found a request she'd gotten a few weeks ago.

The man had wanted something very specific. And very illegal. Lila had declined, and explained that there were laws regulating that kind of thing. When he had gotten too persistent, she had turned it over to the authorities. Lila shook her head and set the letter aside to focus on the one that mattered.

After almost an hour, Lila sat back and stretched. The wand was finished, and looked beautiful. Lila boxed it up and set it aside to be picked up tomorrow, then got ready to leave. Coat, scarf, hat. Glancing around to make sure she hadn't forgotten anything, then flipped off the lights and headed out the back door into the cold to head home.
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