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Andrei Vaselava

Durmstrang: Mímisbrunnr

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Apr 3 2018, 01:42 AM
Day 1 - maybe later
Dec 4 2017, 03:18 AM
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Lydia Vaselava
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For as much as Andrei enjoyed consistency and stability, this year was shaping up to be an interesting one. The SPELLCRAFT challenge was fun and all to watch, but it was physically attending Hogwarts for the school year and sharing different cultures, foods, languages, and even courses with the other schools that really sealed the deal for the Mímisbrunnr boy. <p>

He was surprised to learn, for instance, that Durmstrang was the only school with a dedicated Dark Arts class. All of the other schools had Defense Against the Dark Arts, something that reminded Andrei of his schools' darker reputation and history as compared to the others. With the option and ability to combine classes this year, to ensure that all students still received the proper education, even with all of the fun activities happening, Andrei was curious to see how other students would take to Durmstrang's take on the Dark Arts versus the other schools'.<p>

If nothing else, he was at least confident that he'd be ahead of the others since it was his schools' class and his schools' content. This was exciting in its' own right - perhaps he could exercise his Prefect-ly duty of helping others.<p>

Fast-forward to his most recent class - and the precise moment that a jet of blue light from his opponents' wand struck him in the left cheek - and all of those thoughts rapidly disappeared. Turns out, a sixth year Ilvermorny girl was more than capable of giving a Durmstrang student a run for their money in their own class. Or, maybe it was just Andrei.<p>

Either way, what happened next was...unexpected, and a bit concerning. "Gosh, are you ok?!" the girl asked, concerned. As Andrei rose to his feet, he prepared a statement of affirmation - but the words that came out instead were ones that he hadn't thought of or planned on. <b>"Yes it's Christmas, my favorite time of year. All of the joy you dreamed, love in the atmosphere."</b> His hand clasped against his lips as he looked at her in horror. Her expression, on the other hand, suggested that she thought he was incredibly odd. Go figure.<p>

Andrei wasn't sure what in the heck had happened, but he remained quiet for the remainder of class. Had the holiday bug bitten him so hard that instead of just saying "yes" he was fine, that he'd burst out into song? It was possible. He didn't know the power of his own mind, sometimes.<p>

After getting put in his place in Dark Arts class, the bell eventually rang, and Andrei was released into the hallways. In a hurried pace, he left the room, only to bump into an older male student, nearly knocking him over. "Sorry!" was the word in his head, the word that he intended to leave his lips, but instead, what came out was, <b>"Blame it on the mistletoe, 'cause what happened here, nobody knows..."</b> Again, his hand covered his mouth as a reaction. Cheeks as red as a holly berry, Andrei darted off in the direction of the Beauxbatons dorms.<p> words weren't words. He still hadn't a clue what was happening - or how he would communicate his problem with someone to help him if this were to continue. He sought out the one person within these castle walls, however, that he knew he could trust. He wasn't sure if his sister would be able to help him directly, but she'd at least have an idea. Lydia always came up with a plan. Knocking frantically on the doors, a young girl answered. Without thought, Andrei instantly went to ask for Lydia by name, but instead - <b>"Where are you Christmas? Why can't I find you? Why have you gone -"</b> he covered his mouth abruptly.<p>

What now?<p>

The girl looked at him with a confused expression. Just as he thought the door was going to be closed on him, he held up his finger to signal for a moment - slung his backpack forwards, unzipped it, and pulled out a paper that had his last name written in the corner. He pointed at it frantically. Looking back at the girl with hopeful eyes, she didn't look any less confused - but at least she shrugged, turned around, and headed back into the dorm...hopefully to retrieve his sister.<p>

As he waited, he took the opportunity to scrawl a simple word on the back of the paper he'd previously used to indicate that he was seeking someone by the name of "Vaselava." Hearing footsteps behind him, Andrei turned around to see Lydia approaching, and quickly held up his sign.<p>

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Nov 5 2017, 05:54 PM
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Leyla Kovachev

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When Andrei had found out that he was to be the fifth year male Prefect for Mímisbrunnr, he couldn’t help but feel a bit proud of the accomplishment. It was never in the Vaselava boys’ nature to be vain, but he felt that a pat on the back was well deserved in this instance. He’d worked feverishly in all of his courses for the last four years at Durmstrang, and even while his wolfish malady pulled him caused him to miss certain lectures during that time of the month, the young lad never used it as an excuse to miss an assignment. It wasn’t really entirely shocking that Andrei Vaselava had become Prefect. Even though being a Durmstrang student didn’t exactly always pan out for him, and left him bullied and bruised, he was great at being a Mímisbrunnr . Keeping atop his studies, coming up with new ideas, and generally being a good, respectful student had landed him the gig.<p>

Looking down at the new, shiny pin on his robes, Andrei smiled to himself, as he wandered down the cold corridors of Durmstrang. Heading towards the Prefect’s lounge, where his duties were to begin this evening, he wondered who he might get paired up with. Considering this was his first year holding the title (and hopefully not the last), his mind told him that the thing that made the most sense was to be paired with a more weathered Prefect, say, a sixth or seventh year. He knew that Prefects were supposed to be ambassadors for school unity and tolerance among houses, but couldn’t help but wish whoever he got stuck with was another level-headed, scholarly Mímisbrunnr…and not some macho, threatening Hvergelmir.<p>

Entering the Prefect’s Lounge, Andrei paused and stared in awe at the sheer coziness of it. It was definitely a step up from the study hall, which didn’t provide much in the way of comfort. Unlike the hard, cold, wooden tables and chairs there, the Prefect’s Lounge was inviting, warm from the orange glow of the fireplace. Plush chairs welcomed him into their embrace, and an assortment of juices and pastries were offered on a sturdy table in a kitchenette area, complete with counter space and a sink.<p>

Spotting what appeared to be a paper hanging on the wall near the pastries, Andrei wandered towards it, grabbing a cinnamon bun on the way. Casually biting into it, he began examining the list, finding that it was in fact a schedule of rounds – who was expected to patrol what areas, on which days, and who their partner was. Scanning through the names, Andrei finally found his.<p>

Andrei Vaselava – November 12 – 6 pm to 9 pm – Courtyard and Grounds<p>

He frowned a little, glancing back towards the fireplace longingly. Outdoors was not exactly where he wanted to be. Not only was it perhaps the most dangerous location to be assigned…but it was also the coldest. Andrei wasn’t exactly…muscular or beefed up like a lot of his peers were. Some people were more well-equipped for the cold of Scandinavia; Andrei was not one of those people. He often ran cold, requiring several layers. The school seemed to have prepared for this; nearby the fireplace, Andrei noticed a coat rack from which several large…animal pelts hung. Now was a perfect example of how or why Andrei didn’t feel cut out for Durmstrang.<p>

Turning his attention back to the list, Andrei looked to see who was going to be paired with him. Certainly, they wouldn’t throw him out into the cold by himself, would they? Or maybe that was the plan all along? Those negative thoughts didn’t have long to manifest, as right below his name, Andrei spotted one that caught his attention. Leyla Kovachev.<p>

Mindlessly, he took another bite of his cinnamon roll before reading her assignment. Before he even had, he preemptively decided that somehow, some way, he would conveniently show up during it. He was…pretty good at those sorts of things.<p>

Leyla Kovachev – November 12 – 6 pm to 9 pm – Courtyard and Grounds<p>

Mid-swallow, Andrei suddenly began choking on his cinnamon roll once the realization sank in that she literally had the same assignment. Holy Merlin’s beard. Did that possibly mean – oh, well of course that was what it meant, why would he think otherwise? Coughing repeatedly, trying to dislodge the chunk of pastry currently stuck down the wrong hole, Andrei stumbled towards the table and grabbed a small cup of juice, hurriedly tossing it down his throat. Hearing someone enter the door behind him, Andrei quickly straightened, still coughing from the residual discomfort and tickle where the cinnamon roll lie, though thankfully, he was no longer actually choking.<p>

Glancing up to see who had entered, he felt the color drain from his face as he spotted his crush – and fellow enforcer for the evening - coming in. <b>"H-heya, partner,"</b> he attempted to joke in a Western American accent, like he’d seen in the cowboy movies. His Bulgarian accent was just too thick, though, and combined with his nerves, it probably sounded awkward. But hey, awkward was his life. He should have been used to it by now.
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