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Dec 2 2017, 05:32 PM
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<div class="evelynlyrics1">when</div>
<div class="evelynlyrics2">you would take me over, show me I'm not alone You say that needing help, don't mean you not strong Soon as the sky is falling and all that I had is gone Oh, I fear no hell since you came along</div>

<div class="evelyn">

Evelyn enjoyed the holidays. She wasn’t one of those who dressed in ugly sweaters from the start of the month until the end, who decked everything she owned in lights and tinsel, and who generally annoyed every scrooge within a fifty mile radius. But she always made a point of taking some time to just enjoy the season and spread a little holiday cheer.

<p>Sitting in her small office within the Department of International Magical Cooperation, the brunette was debating just that idea. It was nearing the end of the work day, so she knew she didn’t have a lot of time to think about it, and yet she was doing just that. On the one hand, she could just go home for the evening. Trade her sky blue sweater - the one that really made her eyes pop, that she knew she was striking in, even if she wouldn’t admit to that outloud - for some comfy sweats and have some coco by the fire.

<p>Or, she could walk down the hallway and deliver the box that she was purposefully avoiding looking at wrapped in silver paper that sat on the corner of her desk

<p>Oh, grow up. It’s just a small gift, she told herself, making the decision. She grabbed her coat, so she could claim to be leaving for the day (because, well, she was. Evelyn was not great with excuses.), and the gift she’d brought in that morning, tossed her hair over her shoulder, and headed off down the hallway. Hey, who knew, maybe he’d already be gone for the day and all her butterflies were for naught.

<p>Of course, the second she got outside his office, she could see that wasn’t the case. The door was slightly ajar, so Evy knocked lightly, pushing the door slightly more as she did so. A timid, awkward smile briefly flashed across her lips as she made herself known to the office’s occupant, Garrett Holmes. Thankfully he was alone, and appeared to be not wrapped up in something.

<p><font color=#961396>”Hi,”</font> she greeted, before flusteredly thrusting out the gift box in his direction. <font color=#961396>“I brought you this,”</font> she said, rather unnecessarily. <font color=#961396>“It’s just some holiday sweets. Fudge, peanut brittle, you know, that kind of thing. No big deal. Just a thing that I do for coworkers sometimes. For the holidays.”</font> Okay, seriously stop talking now. She flashed him another brief, awkward smile.

<p><font color=#961396>”Well, have a good evening,”</font> she said, deciding to bail before she really got off on a rambling roll.

</div></div><a href="" target="_blank"><div id="evelyn-bottomright2"></div></a></div><br></center>[/dohtml]
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