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Nov 7 2017, 02:51 AM
The location of these things changed pretty often; they weren’t exactly legal and no one wanted the cops to get wind of it. Nevertheless, word got around to Alaric just about every time there was a fight he might be interested in. Usually it was someone at the gym seeking him out to casually ask if he’d heard about this fight or that. Alaric didn’t owe any of the fight organizers money or anything, so his presence wasn’t required. But he was a good fighter who the organizers made a lot of money betting on and against, so it was never a surprise when someone he’d never seen before came up to him in the gym with the location.

He didn’t owe money, but the money he made doing it definitely didn’t hurt. The Wizarding community knew he was a werewolf, thanks to his rather public incarceration, and he’d found it hard to get a job before saying fuck it and finding a muggle job. He also lived in muggle London, and basically tried to have as little to do with the wizarding community as possible. Hey, they’d turned his back on him first; he’d gladly return the favor.

The crowds at these fights, he knew, were mixed. Magic made this stuff easier, and one of the usual organizers, at least, was a wizard. They also used to have a pretty blonde ring healer, though Alaric hadn’t seen her in a while. Not since that bloke had apparently torn apart the office during a healing. Girl must have gotten skittish. The new guy wasn’t nearly as pretty, but he got the job done when Alaric needed more healing than his first aid kit back home could handle. Truth be told, Alaric trusted the first aid kit more than healers, so he was prone to just going with it anyway.

Alaric was fighting tonight, but wasn’t up yet. He wasn’t sure who he was fighting tonight, actually, but he was looking forward to it. It was about a week until the full moon, and he felt wound up and tense. A good beating - either receiving or dishing out - would relieve much of that. In the mean time, he was in the crowd, watching the current bought dispassionately. Brutal right hook on that bloke; Alaric stored it away in the hope that he’d never get on the receiving end of it.

Moving around a bit for a better view, Alaric knocked shoulders with someone accidentally. “Sorry about that, mate,” the werewolf apologized, looking back to see who he’d collided with.
Nov 7 2017, 02:50 AM
Alaric closed up the gym he worked at when the last member left for the evening. There were a lot of nights that he’d stay and work off the tension and aggression that built up over time as a result of his feelings regarding his condition. That was the best thing about working at a gym; unlimited after hours access to the equipment. He could, and often would, work out until he was too tired to be angry at the world anymore.

And if that didn’t work, Alaric had other ways of fighting his inner demons. The underground fighting matches that sprung up around London were always looking for fighters who didn’t particularly care about their personal safety. That made the best matches, when the fighters would give it their all and caused a little bloodshed. Alaric didn’t know of any matches going on tonight, but neither was he really looking for one. Tonight he had other plans in mind.

Alaric walked through the snowy street to a local bar he liked to frequent. He wasn’t always a misanthrope, and occasionally wanted to seek out socialization. He liked this pub because it was a low key place he could come to unwind. He could drink alone, or find someone to chat with. Have a flirt maybe, with whatever man or woman struck his fancy. Maybe even take them home if he was feeling it.

Sometimes that was his whole goal of coming out, but tonight he was just in the mood to see what the night brought on. The young fighter didn't have a lot of friends he could just call up to hang out, which was mostly on purpose. Alaric was a very private person, and kept most of the people he knew at arm's length. Occasionally he did get closer to an acquaintance or hook up, but he also just enjoyed the ability to have a chat or flirt with someone who didn't know him every so often.

He shed his coat at the coat rack by the door, then headed over to the bar. Alaric sat at the bar instead of hiding away in a booth the way he did when he didn’t particularly care for company. He ordered a beer and got it quickly, then sat and scanned the room curiously.
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