The third SPELLCRAFT Trial has begun here. Champions get ready for a physical challenge!

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Nov 7 2017, 04:13 PM
Brooke Hardwick

International movie star and musician Katia Ana Vaselava has been seen out and about for the fourth time this year with a mysterious man. We've learned exclusively that his name is Jesper Martin Angelov , and a source close to Vaselava calls him “a close family friend.” They certainly haven't been photographed engaged in much PDA yet, but he certainly appears to be a favorite plus one for the delightful Ms. Vaselava. We'll definitely be keeping an eye on these two.

On the other end of the PDA spectrum is Casey Fin O'Doyle . The actor has been caught in flagrante again, this time in a public park. The lady in question is an unidentified brunette, and O’Doyle had no comment on her identity at this time.

Dementor’s Happiness Below, Britain’s number one wizarding rock group, have returned home after a long summer traveling internationally to various music festivals. According to frontman Gage Mason Bancroft , they're set to work on a new album, and are “fresh and inspired from all the amazing artists we've gotten a chance to know.” But that's not the really juicy gossip. While it's usually the singer’s love life in the gossip mags, it was bassist Aeron Lloyd Drummond who was noted to have been keeping company with an unidentified blue-haired beauty this summer. What do you think, festival fling, or is love in the air for this perpetual party boy?

Speaking of love in the air…. I've learned exclusively of a secret elopement that rivals that of Romeo and Juliet. And just who are these star crossed lovers? None other than Wesley Connor Morello and Kathrina Portia Lane . Their Quidditch teams, the Wasps and the Arrows, have an infamous, bitter rivalry, so it's no surprise that the two would keep their nuptials a secret, but rather that these two managed to fall for each other in the first place! Details are scarce, but what we do know is that these two were wed in Las Vegas last month, and have kept the secret from just about everyone. Then again, Vegas is the world capital of bad decisions. What do you think, readers; true love, or drunken mistake? We'll find out and keep you updated.

Elsewhere in the Quidditch world, the Holyhead Harpies have landed themselves a new manager. Theodore Quincy Montgomery , who also owns the White Wyvern Pub. Little could be dug up about this new manager, but one thing's for sure: all eyes will be on him as he takes on this new challenge to see if he has what it takes to lead the Harpies.

And you didn't think you were getting out of this article without hearing about the SPELLCRAFT did you? The Daily Prophet will be your number one source of coverage for this event. Stay tuned as we bring you interviews with the champions, as well as details on their first Trial in the next issue!
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Nov 9 2017, 01:25 PM

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