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Jun 26 2018, 05:06 PM
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Jesper loved Argentina this time of year. Not that there was a particularly bad time to visit this beautiful country, of course. But the cold dusting of snow made the Andes look lethally gorgeous, which he had an appreciation for. Besides, hunting for cursed tombs was pretty equally uncomfortable in the cold and in the heat, and at least in the cold he could find a way to warm up.

<p>The cursebreaker was <i>not</i> deep in the mountains looking for a forgotten tomb to break into, but rather in a town at the base of the mountains. He’d been called here by a contact he’d made several years ago to handle a relatively minor situation. Some crotchety wizard had cursed an old, historic building in town, scaring all the locals into believing it was haunted. The wizard who had called him knew the truth, but lacked his skill in removing such things and so had reached out. Jes would have done it anyway, especially if they were paying, but he happened to owe the fellow a favor, and so had come through to take care of it.

<p>It hadn’t been a particularly hard challenge to remove the curses the wizard had left behind. That accomplished, he walked back to the motel in town, intending to stay a day or two. He paused, looking up at the foreboding, frozen peaks. He was sure that there were <i>hundreds</i> of forgotten tombs along it’s 7000 kilometers. More maybe. Probably not all cursed; it was just old timey wizards that did that, not your average person. And probably most with nothing but bones and traces of their former life. But the potential for a challenge, for risk, for reward was there. Jes loved it every time his job called him into these mountains.

<p>He had a few days to himself. He was sure if he poked around enough, asked the right questions to the right people, he could probably pick up a lead on something really worth his time. It was a seductive thought, and one he would likely endulge.

<p>However, today was not a day for a trek into the wilderness. It was getting on toward evening, and there was a snow storm in the making. No, tonight he’d head back to the room he’d rented and see what interesting stories he could buy with a drink in the bar. See if he could shake anything loose. He resumed walking, dusting snow off his coat before entering the bar attached to the motel.

<p><font color=#328383>“¿Cómo te va? Sí, ¿puedo tomar una cerveza, por favor?”</font> he asked the man at the bar, who nodded and got him his drink. While he waited, Jes scanned the room, doing a double take when he spotted someone he recognized. Well, holy shit. <font color=#328383>“Lo siento, ¿puedo obtener otro?”</font> he addressed, the bartender, who complied easily.

<p>Taking both drinks, Jesper crossed the room and sat at the table opposite one Esther Mustonen. He slid one drink across the table toward her.

<p><font color=#328383>“What a surprise, eh?”</font> he asked, switching to English. <font color=#328383>“You disappeared so fast after last time, I never got to buy you a drink for saving my life.”</font> Jesper grinned, unironically pleased to see this particular pain in the ass.

<p><font color=#328383>“Not that I’m not pleased to get that chance now, but what are you doing out here?”</font> he asked curiously. Jesper was 100% sure that she wouldn’t tell him, or at least lie about some of the particulars, but he didn’t mind.

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Nov 10 2017, 02:43 PM
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Jesper loved cursebreaking. Everything about it was thrilling for the Spanish wizard. The anticipation of doing his homework and legwork before breaching the tombs, caverns, ruins and other places bespelled to keep their treasures safe within, the heart pounding excitement of finding and disarming the traps and tricks bespelling the treasure he sought, the satisfaction of a job well done.
Today, he was in northern Chile. Gringott’s had given him the commission of a rumored Incan ruin that was suppose to be lost in this jungle somewhere. It was Unplottable, so likely magical in nature, if it still existed. If it hadn’t been destroyed or plundered already, there was meant to be enough gold within it to make it worth Gringott’s attention. If he could find it for them, he stood to make a pretty hefty commission, though the challenge was more interesting to Jesper than the money.
He’d spent the last few days in villages nearby, talking to locals about the urban legends surrounding the area, trying to figure out fact from fiction. A guide took him as far as the locals thought was safe to venture toward the ruins, and then from then he was on his own. He knew from his research that it would take him days to travel through this jungle to the village on the other side, but he had a hunch the ruins were closer than that. The locals didn’t go too far out because of the spells on the ruins, and the one that did got caught in it’s curses. If it were further out, they’d be free to travel further.
Having hacked his way through the brush, he had found the ruins this morning. They looked undisturbed, which was good for him. He found a potential entrance - these things sometimes had multiple. They were practically mazes on the inside - and set about studying the spells on the door so he could get in without setting them off. Finally stripping them off, he wedged the big stone door open firmly. He’d once gotten stuck in a tomb when the door closed behind him and reset the spells on the door. They had been much harder to take off from the inside.
Settling his pack on his shoulders, Jes muttered lumos to light his way and headed into the dark corridors. He moved cautiously, looking for curses or boobytraps before he set them off. Every so often he tapped the tip of his wand against the wall briefly to leave a mark that would show him the way back out. He could, of course, figure it out without the marks but it was rather easier to retrace one’s steps than work out the puzzle of another corridor.
He came across a few traps, easily breaking the curses so they wouldn’t harm him before moving on. After finishing disarming one, he paused, thinking he’d heard a noise. It wasn’t very common to use beasts to protect these things, but it happened. He whispered nox to extinguish his light and plunge the hallway in darkness. He didn’t move and listened hard, and after a moment heard the noise again.
He definitely wasn’t alone.
The noise seemed to be coming from another hallway, one that connected to his up ahead. Jesper crept along a few feet, hoping he didn’t blindly set off a curse. He waited at the corner as the sound drew closer, and when he thought it was about even with him sprang out and illuminated his wand again.
To his surprise, he actually recognized the person lit up by wandlight. Esther Stefania Mustonen was a cursebreaker, like he was, but strictly freelance. She was also a huge pain in the ass who had wrecked things for him before. To be fair, Jesper had beaten her just as often, but that didn’t bother him a bit. <font color=#328383>”You! What are you doing here?”</font> Jesper demanded, frowning at the woman in front of him. He rather thought he already knew. <font color=#328383>”Gringott’s has claims on this find; it was one of their cursebreakers who found the lead. You shouldn’t be here.” </font>
Of course, everyone knew you could only claim things you found first, and his predecessor on this job hadn’t been able to actually find the place. That’s why they’d sent Jes; he was better. Jes could confidently say he’d breached the door he entered through first, but Essi had come from another direction so he had no idea who had been here first. He was hoping that she’d buy his bluff and get lost. But he wouldn’t bet money on it.
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