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The third SPELLCRAFT Trial has begun here. Champions get ready for a physical challenge!
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Laurent Sauveterre

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Apr 15 2018, 07:14 PM
So this is mostly going to be a list of things I'd like to do with my characters, but I'm open to other things too. Basically, I'm down for some good drama, yo.

Laurent Sauveterre - Okay so I have two major things in mind with Laurent. First of all, he had a basically arranged marriage when he was younger. I have an adoptable for this woman up, but if anyone wants to take on the role with a current character, I'm down to rearrange some history. Basically they got married because their families wanted them too, things were going okay, and then the trouble started because they weren't starting a family. Which they found out it's because Laurent <i>can't</i>. So things started being cold between them, and he left France to teach at Hogwarts and they've been estranged for like, ten or so years at this point. AGAIN I am down to reworking stuff to fit timelines better. So basically, I'd like this woman to just manipulate him, twist him around her little finger, whatever. This is not a healthy relationship, dudes.

Secondly, I'd like for him to actually find a lady to fall for. Someone who will give him the gumption to finally say enough is enough with woman number one and break it off and go for finding happiness with this new lady love.

Bastien Argente - Hmm, well Bastien is divorced if anyone wants to be his ex-wife. If so, I can think of lots of things to do there. But other than that, he is a single gent and could be on the look out for new love. Someone who would accept his werewolfism is a must.

Speaking of werewolfism, in his free time Bas is a werewolf activist so like, anyone who is anti werewolf can come at him, or anyone who IS a werewolf who needs a good guy to help them out, he's your man.

Maggie Clarke-Santiago - I mean, since I'm including past relationships, if anyone wants to sign up to be Cooper's bio dad, I'd be down. But other than that, I'm mostly looking for someone to give Maggie the push she needs to go for that promotion. Alternatively, someone she can mentor, people who want to be healers or who already are, sign me up for that stuff yo.

Aleksi Vasilyv - In the newest episode of "Lacey writes in crazy romantic backstories," Aleksi once dated a woman who got pregnant. Though he was down, she elected not to keep it and dumped him. If that very specific backstory fits with yours, come on down. But other than that, I'd like to see him get some pressure from the dark side. He is a pureblooded wizard who trained at Durmstrang, so he knows some dark arts. Don't come at him all at once with the Death Eaters stuff tho because he's going to stay away ultimately. But I want him to go through the temptation.

Jeremiah Murray - needs more OotP stuff to do kids. Hit me up.

Piper Hadley - someone could have been the person who turned her into a werewolf. She hates that person so much, man. I think it was between 5-7 years ago, so I'm flexible.

Alaric Greymark - someone could also have been the werewolf who turned him about... twentyish years ago? OR he could have turned you about 5ish years ago. Maybe longer, I'd have to check. Yes, I'm aware I have the solution to both him and Piper's problems, but I'd like to leave it open if anyone else wants the honor. He could also use some hookups, because he uses sex - often with strangers - as a way to get out frustration and aggression. OR people to fight because the same reason.

Gage Bancroft - Okay so Gage definitely needs a lady to fall for. Maybe a little obsess over. He's a passionate musician, so whatever relationship he has is probably going to be full of him getting in deep fast, and probably lots of fighting and then make up nookie.

Batuk Parekh - just needs people, yo.
Nov 7 2017, 03:22 AM
A few days after the welcome feast and the announcement about who the SPELLCRAFT champions were, each of the eight champions received an embossed invitation inviting them and a guest to a private dinner in their honor. It was a chance for the eight of them to get to know each other, as they would likely be working together and against each other for much of the year. And just in case anyone was shy, they had the option of bringing a friend or a date to the event along with them.

The staff lounge had been converted into a small dining room for the evening, with a long table that had several of the gold plates that were found in the Great Hall on it. Currently empty, though food would appear shortly after all the champions arrived.

Laurent was there to greet them, shaking each of their hands and greeting them warmly by name. Though on a personal level, he hoped to see Lucas Grant Vanetti do well in this competition, as deputy headmaster and a judge for this thing, he was keeping it fair and wished all the champions well.

After everyone had arrived, Laurent smiled at them all. “Well, that’s everyone. I’ll leave you then. Dinner will be served shortly, and the space is yours for the evening. Please be back in your dormitories by curfew, but other than that, enjoy and have fun.” The Charms professor nodded at them and then left, closing the door behind him.
Nov 6 2017, 11:21 PM
It had been a hell of a summer. Laurent had spent part of it at the summer program, running it and teaching Charms. At least, he had until his family had been rather publicly murdered. No doubt word of it had reached most of the people he knew, if the stack of mail in his flat in Hogsmeade was anything to judge by. Having just arrived this afternoon from Poland, he hadn’t had time to sort through it all yet. There had been too much to do to prepare for tonight.

One of the things on his list was of a personal nature. Word of Gabby’s death would have likely made it through the student body. If she had chosen to leave behind her life, Laurent had had an idea of leaving letters to two specific people to let them know the truth with Agent Murray. He could make them secret keepers if it posed too much a risk. However, since she had chosen to stay herself, they had decided together that while most of the student body would figure it out when she showed up to the feast, there were two people she didn’t want to surprise like that.

Laurent suspected it was because she could be flippant toward everyone else about not believing what you read, but these two were so far into the walls she kept up that this was bound to be emotional for everyone involved. And emotions embarrassed Gabby to no end.

Regardless, Laurent waited until he saw the two Gryffindor boys. It was easy to spot Lucas Grant Vanetti ; he was taller than most of the people around him, and even the habitual way he leaned down to catch whatever Cooper Felix Santiago was saying to him failed to disguise that. Laurent moved through the crowd to catch the two boys and ask them to come with him.

He led the boys to a room off the entry hall, opening the door and holding it open for them to enter ahead of him. Inside, nervously worrying her fingernails, was Gabrielle Louise Sauveterre , very much alive and looking nervous to see them.
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