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Laurent Sauveterre

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Nov 10 2017, 10:38 PM
Hogwarts always had an air of anticipation as dawn broke on September 1st. Everything was tidied, the dorms readied and warmed for the students’ arrival. Massive amounts of cooking was going on in preparation of the feast. Professors had arrived, readying their classrooms. And then, of course, there were all the changes that had been made for this year.

Hogwarts had the honor of hosting the first SPELLCRAFT event. That meant they’d be hosting rather a lot of students this year; not only their own first through seventh years, but the fifth, sixth, and seventh years of Beauxbatons Academy, Durmstrang Institute, and Ilvermorny School. Arrangements had had to be made.

A whole area of dungeons, in disuse for a couple hundred years, had been cleaned up and made cozy for the students from Durmstrang. Each house had it’s own… block, for lack of a better term, which were located around a large, currently inviting common area. Additionally, they’d repurposed the West tower for their friends from the west. Ilvermorny’s dorms could be found there now, with each of the floors being designated for a specific house. It’s common area was actually at the top of the tower; a large multipurpose room turned into a lounge, with excellent views from the balcony. Lastly, a mostly unused wing of classrooms had been turned into dormitories for their Beauxbatons guests. It too was broken up into houses, with each hall being given over to each. A cozy study area had been turned into their common room.

Each new dorm area had been closed off and given it’s own password, to be given out to the students by the prefects that came with them. All in all, it was a tidy set up, and hopefully all their guests would be comfortable.

The Great Hall had also seen some renovations. Tonight, it was done up with four longer tables than normal, each with a school crest hanging over it. This year wasn’t about houses, but about schools, and they had wanted all the schools to sit together amongst themselves as the Champions were announced. Tomorrow, however, the students would come down to breakfast to find many small tables instead of the normal length ones. This competition was also meant to get students to get to know each other, which would be a lot easier if they didn’t keep them strictly to their own schools.

The school was ready, the students were arriving. Welcome back to Hogwarts, everyone.

Laurent stood in the side hall he always waited for the first years in, ready for them to arrive. It had been a near thing, honestly, whether or not the Deputy Headmaster would return to Hogwarts this year himself. He had only arrived an hour or so ago, and had had to get things ready for them quite quickly. He did make a quick trip to the main hall, taking care of a last few things of personal business before leaving it to itself and heading back to meet the first years.

Leading them into the Great Hall, the rest of the students had already assembled. He presided over the sorting ceremony as usual, but this year all the first years joined the same table. Putting the Sorting Hat away, he returned to the front, clearing his throat. “Welcome, everyone, to Hogwarts. I am Deputy Headmaster Sauveterre. For those of you returning, we are so very glad to have you back. For those of you who are visiting us, we hope you enjoy your time with us. As you all are aware, this year Hogwarts has the honor of hosting the SPELLCRAFT, and therefore have the privilege of hosting students from Beauxbatons, Durmstrang, and Ilvermorny. I hope you all take this opportunity to get to know each other and learn about your peers from other schools.”

“Before we get to the Feast, there is the small manner of Naming the Champions. Your headmasters and professors thought long and hard about who would best represent each of the four schools. They looked at not only your test scores and magical abilities, but your character, your determination, and your heart. The eight students chosen to be Champions of their schools represent the best each school has to offer, and have the chance to compete for honor and glory. Now. When I call your name, please join me on the dais.”

“Representing Beauxbatons Academy… Chi Nolan Liao and Daisi Francine Prewitt .”

“Representing Durmstrang Institute… Isaac Harrow and Morana Aleksa Vlcek .”

“Representing Hogwarts… Lucas Grant Vanetti and Asha Kali Patel .”

“Representing Ilvermorny… Aiden Grayson Thomas and Skye Floretta Morris .”

Once all the applause died down and each student got their recognition, Laurent turned and addressed the eight students assembled on the dais. “Good luck to each and every one of you this coming year. Make us all proud.” He indicated that they could rejoin their peers. Once they had, the tables before them flourished with the feast that had been prepared.
Nov 7 2017, 03:29 AM
The end of the school year was almost here again. Students were most of the way through their exams, and looking forward to Summer. For his part, Laurent vastly preferred the school year. He liked living at the castle, especially when it was full of students. There was nothing quite like the liveliness and energy of a castle full of kids.

Certainly not his childhood home, the Sauveterre estate, where he was often expected to be during his summers for family events. It was a pressuring, unwelcoming place for him. And definitely not the flat in Paris that still had his name on the title despite the fact that he hadn't set foot in it in ten years. If his childhood home was cold, the home of his young adulthood was downright frigid.

When he wasn't at the school, he called a small cottage in Hogsmeade his home these days. It was everything those other homes had never been; warm and comforting and welcoming. He had a study, for working on his inventions, and a spare room for when his niece came to visit.

Speaking of Gabrielle Louise Sauveterre, he has seen a lot more of her over the last month. She hadn't explained why, just showed up in his office during her free time and had continued to do so. It hadn't really taken him long to figure out why she was no longer joined at the hip with Cooper Felix Santiago and Lucas Grant Vanetti. “Cabby’s” break up had quickly made the gossip circuit. Laurent had tried to broach the topic to her once, only to be met with an angry “I said I'm fine!” and a door slamming behind her. Since then, he'd let it lay, figuring she'd open up when she wanted to.

He glanced up from the papers he was grading too look over at where Gabby was pretending to read a book. “End of the year's coming up. Do you have any summer plans you're looking forward to?” Laurent inquired conversationally in French.
Nov 7 2017, 03:26 AM
For the first time in Laurent's memory, he was very upset with his niece. No, not just upset. Upset made it seem like his feelings were hurt, and that didn't even come close to accurately describing how he was feeling about having to drag his niece into his office like this. No, he was angry.

“Shut the door,” he instructed Gabrielle Louise Sauveterre crossly as she entered his office. The deputy headmaster paced near his desk for a moment, trying to find the words to say. @alexis would be getting a similar meeting to discuss her part in all of this, but this was undoubtedly the more difficult of the two. Because even though Laurent was handling in his role as a Hogwarts professor, he was also more to that to Gabby. They were family, and if he was being honest, she was the daughter he’d never had. He wished he had a capacity and skill to compartmentalize his emotions when it came to Gabby, to just be her teacher right now. But he didn’t think either of them had the emotional maturity for that.

This was the first real time that he was having to do this, to punish Gabby. Oh sure, she had the occasional problem here or there. Sometimes her grades slipped until she noticed and redoubled her efforts, or she copped an attitude with someone. And of course, this past year she’d occasionally been caught out of bed after curfew with Mr. Cooper Felix Santiago .

Oh, yeah, he heard about that. And he wasn’t pleased. But...

“Fighting?” Laurent practically growled, looking at his niece with raised brows. He leaned against his desk and crossed his arms across his chest. “Do you have anything to say for yourself right now, young lady?”
Nov 7 2017, 03:24 AM
The Jedi Temple on Tython was much more peaceful than the one that had been destroyed on Coruscant. A lot of the younger Jedi didn’t remember it, but Jedi Master Laurent Sauveterre did. Coruscant was a busy planet, and the temple had been… opulent. After it’s destruction, the Jedi had returned to the planet their original temple had resided on, Tython. It was a beautiful, verdant world and the Force was strong there. Coming here had felt like coming home way more than any brief visits to his home world Scarif ever had.

Laurent was meditating in his private chambers, awash in the gentle glow of the Force. He took this time to himself every day to reflect on his own path and connection, making sure he was solidly set on a path on the light side of the Force. When he finally opened his eyes at the end of the hour and rose, the Jedi Master felt refreshed and serene. The perfect mindset for dealing with either the council or padawans and younglings.

As he both occupied a seat on the Jedi Council and took time to train the children who would one day become Jedi, Laurent had much to accomplish today. Though Tython was a mostly peaceful world - sometimes some of the natives caused trouble, but nothing a Jedi couldn’t handle - Laurent clipped green-bladed lightsaber to his belt before leaving his rooms. You never knew exactly what the day might bring.

He decided first his day would take him out to the training grounds. There were several individuals he wanted to check on the progress of. Later today he had a meeting to attend, and some work in the library that needed attention, but the morning was a good one for lessons.

The Jedi Master folded his hands behind him as he strolled through the Temple and out onto the grounds. The temple contained many classrooms used for studying the force, but a lot of the physical training happened out here. He would take a quick peruse around to see if any of his particular students or peers were about before heading back in to check on the progress of others.
Nov 7 2017, 03:22 AM
A few days after the welcome feast and the announcement about who the SPELLCRAFT champions were, each of the eight champions received an embossed invitation inviting them and a guest to a private dinner in their honor. It was a chance for the eight of them to get to know each other, as they would likely be working together and against each other for much of the year. And just in case anyone was shy, they had the option of bringing a friend or a date to the event along with them.

The staff lounge had been converted into a small dining room for the evening, with a long table that had several of the gold plates that were found in the Great Hall on it. Currently empty, though food would appear shortly after all the champions arrived.

Laurent was there to greet them, shaking each of their hands and greeting them warmly by name. Though on a personal level, he hoped to see Lucas Grant Vanetti do well in this competition, as deputy headmaster and a judge for this thing, he was keeping it fair and wished all the champions well.

After everyone had arrived, Laurent smiled at them all. “Well, that’s everyone. I’ll leave you then. Dinner will be served shortly, and the space is yours for the evening. Please be back in your dormitories by curfew, but other than that, enjoy and have fun.” The Charms professor nodded at them and then left, closing the door behind him.
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