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Nov 11 2017, 04:06 PM
It was a cold, snowy evening in late December; school was out and business was slow for Bree’s apothecary. It was a few days before Christmas, so Bree decided to close up shop and head to her parents’ home until after Boxing Day. There wasn’t a whole lot to do at the shop, to be honest. She put up a sign that said closed for Christmas in her girly, curly handwriting, sent the day’s deposit on to Gringott’s, and locked up.

The young Herbologist didn’t live far from her shop, and in fact getting her greenhouse ready for her absence was largely the most work. But even then, she had designed it herself and knew her own needs regarding needing to be in London at a moment’s notice. Her mother had a chronic, degenerative illness and was frequently in the hospital. Brielle always came to London during those times. This time, thankfully, was different. Her mum was fine, and she was just looking forward to spending the holidays with her parents.

Bree packed a bag that would get her through the short vacation, and rather than apparating out of her house, used the front door to leave, carrying the bag. The apothecary owner was terrible at apparating. Dismal, actually. She’d learned how in school, of course, but her few trips solo after that terrified her into not doing it unless necessary.

This was not necessary, so Bree made her way to the cobbled streets of Hogsmeade and threw out her wand arm to hail the Knight Bus. The triple decker purple bus slammed to a stop in front of her. Bree climbed aboard, paid her fare, and found a seat on the lower level. Once she was on board, bang! The bus took off again, appearing to travel down a busy street somewhere far south of her snowy little lane in Scotland.

Bree glanced around the bus curiously, interested to see who she was sharing the trip with.
Nov 10 2017, 03:04 PM
Dogweed and Deathcap Apothecary was situated on the main street of Hogsmeade village, nestled between a bookstore and a coffee shop. It was a cozy little building, full of interesting potion ingredients and paraphernalia. Brielle had bought it a few years ago from it’s previous owner, when she decided she’d rather open her own and have everything just the way she liked it instead of working for someone else. She lived a few blocks away, and the greenhouse in which she grew the herbs she sold was tucking in behind her cottage.

Despite having grown up in London, Bree liked living in Hogsmeade. It brought back fond memories of her time at Hogwarts, plus it was just an adorably quaint town. She liked being able to walk to work, and that her greenhouse was so close. She was excellently suited for small town life.

D&D Apothecary was a lot more prosperous these days then it had been under the previous owner, and a lot of that had to do with Brielle. Not only had students quickly figured out that the nice Herbologist would help them with their Herbology homework if they needed it, but she received patrons from all over. She’d gained status in the herbology and potions professional circles a few years ago with her successful medical trial. While hardly considered a master, she was respected in the field. More importantly, she cared about her work and anything you bought at her apothecary was guaranteed to be made with care and excellence.

Bree flipped the sign on the door to Open as she arrived in the morning, stashing her coat and belongings behind the register. She had a drying room and work room in the back where she could hear if the bell over the door sounded, so she headed back there to start prepping some herbs for sale. Waving her wand at the fireplace, it was soon warm in her space, and she got to work happily while she waited for customers.
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Dec 10 2017, 12:08 PM

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