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Nov 9 2017, 03:24 PM
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Graduation was quickly approaching in a couple months. Most of his classmates were celebrating, getting ready to take their NEWTs, and preparing for life after Hogwarts. Tuk, however, wasn’t as excited as a lot of his peers. He’d received another letter from his father, full of expectations and commentary about Tuk’s wishes versus those his family had for him. There was quite a gap between those two things, and the usually obedient son was at a loss.

<p>Batuk was not a rebellious teenager. His whole life he’d pretty much done what his family wanted. It wasn’t hard or onerous as it sounded; his parents didn’t have crazy expectations of him for the most part, just that he be a good son and devote Hindu. And as he was naturally those things, Tuk didn’t have any reason to rebel. Even his engagement to Asha Kali Patel wasn’t something he had a problem with; he’d known his whole life that he was going to have an arranged marriage.

<p>But when it came to his professional future, Tuk found himself for the first time in a tough place. The usually practical boy had very unpractical dreams, and that didn’t sit well with his parents. They wanted their logical, obedient boy to become a logical, steady man. Tuk understood why, but that didn’t change his desires.

<p>Deciding to take his frustrations out on the Quidditch pitch, Tuk took his bat and broom out to the field. He really just wanted to hit bludgers, though, so he left his broom on the grass. The beater kicked open the box holding the Quidditch balls and released a bludger. It zoomed up, then, since he was the only living thing on the pitch, careened back to him. Taking a firm grip of his bat, Tuk backhanded it away. It flew on that trajectory for a minute, then, as he knew it would, came back at him again.

<p>Tuk spent several minutes just hitting the bludger back and forth, working harder as the bludger worked harder to try and hit him. So long as he was alone, it kept coming back as planned. The first clue he had that he wasn’t alone was when the bludger took on a new trajectory. Without looking to see who exactly had come up behind him, Tuk acted. He rather doubted they were prepared to deal with a rogue bludger, so as it passed him, he threw himself on it, wrestling it to the ground. It fought him, but he managed to get his arms around it and force it back into the box.

<p>Tuk wiped his forehead with his sleeve and turned to look and see who had come upon him.

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