BIG UPDATE AHEAD! First things first - the Fall 2021-Spring 2022 school year is officially over! Effective June 17, 2022 (IC), students are out for summer break. Please be sure to visit the 2022 SCHOOL YEAR ADVANCEMENTS & GRADUATIONS thread to either advance your student up to the next year, get held back, or graduate into their field of choice! Additionally, if you're interested in a Quidditch, Prefect, Representative, or Head position, be sure to reply to the FALL '22-SPRING '23 STUDENT POSITIONS APPLICATION thread!

Students need not head back home just yet - the school boards have all come together to throw a end-of-the-year carnival/festival that spans from the Friday evening until Sunday afternoon (June 17th-19th, 2022). Find out more about the Summer Shindig Festival HERE! Students will then be transported back to their respective schools and may head home from there.

Additionally, the ICW has made an official PRESS RELEASE regarding the 2022 Quidditch World Cup, which will be held next month in Jamaica! Details on the festivities leading up to and surrounding this wizarding worldwide event can be found in the press release. Quidditch players wishing to be signed to the national teams competing in the Quidditch World Cup are encouraged to sign up HERE!

Don't forget to support your team in the Hogwarts vs. Ilvermorny Quidditch match.

The third SPELLCRAFT Trial has begun here. Champions get ready for a physical challenge!
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Apr 14 2018, 12:31 AM
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<font color=#8cb0c7>“Triiiiis,”</font> Lydia called as she waited outside the door to his - and the other seventh year Sanguine boys’ - room. Her tone was a curious mix of pouting, wheedling, and commanding that you really didn’t find anywhere else but when the middle Vaselava child wanted something. <font color=#8cb0c7>“Come on out, I’m sure it’s great,”</font> she requested, shifting her weight. She was trying to not be impatient, but was rapidly losing that battle.

<p><font color=#8cb0c7>“Tris, you promised you’d help me,”</font> Lydia pointed out to the door, starting to hedge into full on pout mode. She bounced on the balls of her feet, seriously contemplating just busting in, whether he was dressed or not.

<p>As if sensing her potential intent, the door flung itself open, and one of her dearest friends stood in the doorway, looking less than pleased at her. Lydia, on the other hand, looked <i>delighted</i>. Her face lit up and she clapped her hands together. <font color=#8cb0c7>“Yes, just as I thought! You look <i>très beau</i>. Come on, we’re losing the light.”</font> The dark haired girl grabbed her much taller friend by the hand and started literally dragging him out of the Beauxbatons wing and toward the west tower.

<p>Tristan had probably not realized what he was agreeing to when she asked if he would help her with her photography portfolio. Lydia wanted to work as a photographer after graduating, or something similar anyway. And while the SPELLCRAFT was marvelous in a number of ways, it also meant that this year was pretty much a wash when it came to working for the Bulletin, getting experience, and adding to her portfolio. As a result, she was asking many of her friends to pose for her in a variety of “candid” and posed shots. Really, it was the best idea she’d had in a while. She’d get to really show off her range, much better than if she’d just taken the photos the Bulletin needed.

<p>Lydia imagined that Tris assumed she wanted his help <i>as an editor.</i> He did have a good eye, and she’d probably take advantage of that. But she needed his tall, dark, and broodiness in some photos first. He hadn’t seemed thrilled by that. Or by the clothes she’d wanted him to wear. But seriously, she couldn’t let him wear his uniform. Or worse, his own clothes.

<p>Basically ignoring him until the got to the destination she had in mind, Lydia lead him up some stairs into a specific hall. The setting sun pooled in through the windows in a way that made for some fantastic lights and shadows. Letting go of his arm, Lydia positioned him more or less where she wanted him, and then started unfastening her camera bag.

<p><font color=#8cb0c7>“Good, right there. Maybe tilt your head down a bit more. And do that broody, grumpy thing your face does,”</font> she instructed, taking the lens cap off and bringing her camera up.

</div><div class="sangth2g" style="margin-bottom:4px;"></div> Tristan Fontaine
</div></div></div><div class="th2i"><a href=""><i class="fa fa-pencil"></i> marv</a></div></center>
Nov 10 2017, 02:53 PM

It had been ages since Lydia had been shopping in Paris with her big sister. Okay fine, it had been earlier this year. But the middle Vaselava daughter wasn’t particularly fussed about things like details. The fact was, she’d barely seen her at all since Katia Ana Vaselava had graduated and started pursuing her acting. Insert classic Lydia pout here. Of course if she was being honest she’d have to admit that it was just as much her fault as Katia’s, maybe even more so. She'd been rather distracted this summer, what with all the socializing she'd had to do before getting back to school.

Lydia was about to go into her sixth year at Beauxbatons. That was part of why she wanted to go shopping with Katia so much. A girl needed a new back to school wardrobe. Even if she DID have to wear uniforms most of the time. There were times when she didn't, and Lydia liked to dress to impress.

Plus, today was about sister bonding. Katia was four years older than Lydia, and the middle Vaselava daughter practically worshiped her big sister. So she’d called Katia and wheedled her way into a shopping excursion. Just the two of them, of course, none of the boys, or little Danica, allowed.

Since it was easiest, Lydia flooed to Paris herself rather than making Katia come all the way to Bulgaria to fetch her. Maman had insisted she try and get Katia to come home for dinner, of course. Lydia met her sister outside this cute boutique they both liked. It was more in Katia’s price range than her own, but what was life without a little splurging. Besides, she could always play dress up with her big sister; dressing her siblings was another of her favorite past times.

“Katia! I’m so happy to see you!” she greeted her older sister. Even in five inch heels, Lydia had to stretch to hug and kiss her sister’s cheek - most of the Vaselavas weren’t tall, but Lydia was the shortest of the bunch, while Katia was the tallest. Lydia linked arms with her sister and sashayed into the shop.

“Oooh, look at this,” she said, leading the other girl over to a display that had caught her eye. She held up a dress to Katia’s body, looking at it with her head tilted. “I would kill for your legs, сестра,” Lydia said, her tone tinged with playful envy. “You definitely have to try this on.” The middle Vaselava daughter started poking through racks, looking for other things for the two of them to try on. “So, do you want to gossip about our lives first, or our brothers?” she asked, winking at Katia.
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