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Malia Wyatt

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Dec 10 2017, 05:59 PM
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Malia had been at Hogwarts for a couple months now. It was alright; she definitely preferred Ilvermorny school wise, but she couldn’t really complain about her last year of school being filled with so many new people to meet and connect with. There was a fair bit of that going on, probably more than actual school work for Malia.

<p>But there was one boy Malia just hadn’t managed to pin down yet. Her usual way of going about this kind of thing was a lot more casual. You know, just meeting a person and seeing if they got on. But Liam Gaines had the reputation for being the person at Hogwarts who slept around the most. Considering Malia’s own reputation for the same thing at Ilvermorny - well, that was just kismet, wasn’t it.

<p>When she’d first heard of him, she’d been determined to meet him and see if the rumors lived up to reality. And then, well, she’d mostly forgotten to be honest. There was a LOT going on between all four schools and all, and she didn’t think she had any classes with the boy. But she had been reminded a couple days ago when the cute boy with beautiful lips she’d made out with a couple weeks ago had passed her in the hall calling for Liam to wait up.

<p>Oh yeah, she’d been wanting to hit that. Well, now that she knew who he was, it was the easiest thing ever to wait until she spotted him alone and to grab his arm and pull him into a storage room. Malia giggled as she shut the door behind them and looked up at the Slytherin boy. <font color=#edd46b>“Hey,”</font> she said, smiling invitingly at him.

<p><font color=#edd46b>“You’re Liam Gaines, right? I’m Malia Wyatt, from Ilvermorny,”</font> she introduced herself, cocking her head as she gave him a look up and down. <font color=#edd46b>“I’ve heard of your reputation. Have you heard mine?”</font> she asked curiously. It didn’t really matter if he had, but if he had and he was any kind of bright, he’d presumably be able to work out what she had in mind here.

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Nov 7 2017, 02:45 AM
Malia loved music. All of it. Her dad started that. He was a music teacher and played small venues back in Seattle sometimes. He’d brought her up to love the arts, which was a lesson that definitely took.
She was in the school choir, which gave her plenty of time in the music room thankfully. But she was also starting to write her own stuff, with her dad’s encouragement. Though not necessarily with his help, because, you know. True art was writing what you knew and felt, and there were just some things a dad didn’t need to know about his sixteen year old daughter.

Whether she was practicing or writing or whatever, she could often be found in the music room during free time, both with alone and with others. Malia didn’t share her music with just anyone, but she loved to share music with people. Luckily, many of her friends were into the arts as well, either music or something else. She loved it when people were passionate about something and encouraged them to share theirs with her as well.

Today, she entered the space - after making sure it was free and they wouldn’t disrupt anyone - with Félix Nicolas Perrot . Or DJ Tempest as he sometimes called himself. Like her, Felix had a love of music. Only his was more in the form of DJing. Malia thought it was cool. It was half creation half performance, what he did. It had been really awesome to get to see him fully in his element on Halloween.

Malie hopped up to sit on the edge of the piano - which considering she wasn’t exactly tall, was an effort - and grinned at Felix. “Alright Mr. DJ,” she teased playfully, after removing the sucker she’d had in her mouth. Malia’s candy addiction means she’s never without candy most likely. She motioned to the equipment in the room. “Show me something you’ve been working on. Or however you guys do your thing. Do you practice ahead of time, or do you just like, let it move you in the moment?”
Nov 7 2017, 02:42 AM
Malia wasn’t the type of girl to prioritize her education. She had other passions and pursuits than her schooling. She’d much rather spend her time in the music classroom, practicing with one of the multiple instruments she knew how to play, or sitting somewhere writing ideas for her own music. She had goals for after Ilvermorny that had nothing to do with grades.

That said, she wasn’t stupid. She didn’t want to fail her classes. Malia just had such trouble sitting down and focusing on something she really doesn’t care about. It made her fidgety, and eventually she ended up wasting more time than anything. Especially when it came to Potions class. She could never quite get her mind around some of their assignments.

She did better when she had someone helping - or making - her focus. A study buddy, if you will. The other day, she’d waited around after potions class to corner Tarik Seth Farouk and ask him to study with her. She didn’t really have any logic toward her choice, except that he seemed to like potions class. Malia wasn’t even sure what his grade in the class was. But surely if he liked it, he would be a good study buddy, right?

Plus he was all kinds of adorable.

Malia showed up for their study session in the potions laboratory, smiling at the tall Horned Serpent boy. “Hey, thanks for studying with me,” she thanked him, pulling her book out of her bag and flipping it open to the chapter she thought they were on. Maybe. Or were they on another. Shit. ”I hate potions,” she sighed, sounding defeated.
Nov 7 2017, 12:55 AM
Malia sat in the common area of the Thunderbird tower, over by the windows by herself. For once in her life she didn’t actually have any homework to be doing, which was practically a miracle. She was technically working on writing something new, but she was pretty much always working on that. She had a notebook she kept track of the fragments of lyrics that came to her, as well as worked on forming them into actual potential songs. She was currently curled up in an armchair, notebook balanced on her knees as she jotted down a line that struck her.

Dancing in the shadows to a game that can’t be won.

Nothing seemed to flow after that, so Malia dropped her pen into the spine of her notebook and resumed staring out the window. A lot of her housemates - and probably the rest of the school as well - were abuzz with the news of a valentine’s day dance approaching quickly. Like they didn’t have every year. Malia wanted to roll her eyes at the concept. God help anyone who asked her to that thing. Still, it might be fun to go in general. Malia did love to dance.

Eh, a thought for another time. The Thunderbird girl was way more with immediate needs than future ones. She unfurled herself from the chair, stretching in a way that made her over-sized sweater rise up above her hips. She padded barefoot back down to her own hallway, ducking in her room to return her notebook to her desk. Her roommate was off God-knew-where. Malia thought she was dating a Pukwudgie boy. She tinkered aimlessly around her room for a few minutes, before going off to seek distraction elsewhere.

A room down the hall had the door propped open - a usual indication among the Thunderbird Tower that the occupant didn’t mind it if someone dropped in on them. Malia knew that room belonged to Caleb Ethan Richardson , so she wandered down, leaning against the doorframe when she saw that the boy in question was indeed “home.”

“Knock knock,” she announced herself. ”Mind if I…?” Malia asked as she went ahead and entered the room, nudging the door a bit as she passed so that it swung half closed. She had very little concept of boundaries. She came up beside him, peeking over his shoulder at whatever he was doing and running a light hand across his back in a way that was slightly more intimate than appropriate. Seriously, no boundaries. ”What are you up to?”
Nov 6 2017, 10:17 PM
(This is a Summer Mass Event thread, I'm just starting it with Malia for giggles. Feel free to interact with each other or not as you will. You can be in the audience, performing, vendors, whatever. You may start your own threads, but it might be fun to throw people at strangers. )

Summer time meant summer music festivals to Malia. She couldn't go to ALL of them of course, but she hit up at least one every year, and went to more local shows when she could. This year, her parents let her travel down to the hot southern California desert for one by herself. She was seventeen as of two days ago, which made her an adult in wizarding standards. Armed with the shortest shorts possible, a little bit of pot, and a fake id that said she was twenty one, Malia was ready for the weekend.

The Thunderbird girl’s hair was currently turquoise blue, and hung down in long waves with flowers woven into the braids that the front half of her hair was pulled back into. She'd used her metamorphmagus ability to print some pretty tattoos on her shoulder and wrists. Basically, she fit in well with all the other music fans who had flocked to the desert to listen to good music and party with each other and their favorite celebrities.

Her fake ID worked at the first concession she tried it at. Good to know. Malia ordered a drink that was handed to her in an opaque plastic cup, and then started weaving through the crowd. She headed for a nearby stage, liking the sounds that were coming from the stage. The crowd was lively, and there was a lot of dancing going on, so Malia waded into the crush of people. Yesss, this is what she was talking about. Malia sipped her drink as she wove her way into the center of the audience, all of whom were dancing.

Malia loved to dance, so it wasn't too long before she was doing the same. Bopping along to the music on her toes, swaying her hips, one hand stretched up into the air. Spinning around, she lost her balance a bit and bumped into another festival goer. "Oh god, I'm sorry," Malia shouted, giggling as she turned around to look and see who she'd crashed into.
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