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Jules Ellison

Hogwarts: Slytherin

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Nov 6 2017, 08:52 PM
Walking into the so called study area, Jules couldn’t repress the smile tugging at her lips when she caught sight of Delaney Grace Poletti . Not because it was a surprise; they had plans to study together this evening and Jules was a habitually late person. No, the Gryffindor girl just had that effect on her these days.

Before the winter break, Jules had finally come clean about how her feelings toward the Gryffindor girl weren’t completely platonic and that she had indeed been trying to hit on her with all those offers to hang out. Which, Laney was a pretty cool person and Jules would have still wanted to hang out if Laney had turned her down romantically. Of course, then they both had to go home for the holidays before anything could really get going.

Jules and Laney hadn’t let that stop them from talking though. They’d exchanged a ton of letters in the few weeks they were home, and once they were back at school had picked things right back up. They were taking it slow, which was practically a foreign concept to most Slytherins, but Jules found it was a lot of fun to casually hang out and have a little flirt and a little kissing than rushing straight through the little things and just hooking up.

That said, if the study area stayed deserted until dinner time, Jules totally planned on talking Laney into skipping dinner and making out with her on one of the sofas. Hey just because she liked the taking it slow didn’t mean she wasn’t pretty much constantly wanting to kiss the pretty Gryffindor next to her.

The Slytherin girl headed to the table Laney had claimed in the otherwise empty study area, setting her book bag on the table. Since the room was otherwise empty, Jules leaned in and pecked Laney on the corner of her lips. “Hey babes, sorry I’m late,” she apologized, like she wasn’t late to literally everything in her life. She probably was late to her own birth, honestly, and Laney without a doubt knew this by now.

She pulled her Charms book out of her bag but didn’t immediately open it. “Hey, so I want to ask you something,” she started, fidgeting with her quill.
Nov 6 2017, 08:50 PM
December had brought about a whole feeling of change on the Hogwarts grounds. The Lake was frozen for ice skating, fairy lights were strung from trees (except the whomping willow), and hot cocoa and coffee were being handed out as the grounds filled up for the tree lighting ceremony that was going to take place when it got dark. It was beautiful, the perfect date atmosphere.

Unfortunately, Jules wasn’t sure if her date realized that was what was going on. Again.

Jules had originally asked Delaney Grace Poletti out on Halloween. Unfortunately, her Gryffindor friend had thought she wanted to attend the fall festival as friends. Kind of insecure about rejection, Jules had just gone with it. Better to go as friends than not at all. They’d had a great time, and since then had continued their friendship. Jules had kind of ramped up the firtiness since then, and when she’d asked her to tonight, she’d definitely meant it as a date.

The only thing was, Laney’s answer this time hadn’t given her a clue as to whether she accepted a date or as friends. Jules was kind of stumped, and too stubborn to break down and ask Laney for clarification.

Mostly she was just kind of hoping something would happen that would give her a clue or opening. In the mean time, she was just going to be happy with spending time with the Gryffindor girl. She was kind of Jules’ favorite person, so it wasn’t like that was hard.

Jules sat on a bench at the lake’s edge with Laney lacing up their skates. Jules was a pretty good skater, so she was looking forward to it. “Let’s skate around until we’re too cold, then go get cocoa,” the actress suggested. She grinned at the other girl, and stood up. A step later she was on the ice. Jules glided in a circle, coming back to her. “Come on Laney,” she said, grabbing her hand and pulling her up.
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