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BIG UPDATE AHEAD! First things first - the Fall 2021-Spring 2022 school year is officially over! Effective June 17, 2022 (IC), students are out for summer break. Please be sure to visit the 2022 SCHOOL YEAR ADVANCEMENTS & GRADUATIONS thread to either advance your student up to the next year, get held back, or graduate into their field of choice! Additionally, if you're interested in a Quidditch, Prefect, Representative, or Head position, be sure to reply to the FALL '22-SPRING '23 STUDENT POSITIONS APPLICATION thread!

Students need not head back home just yet - the school boards have all come together to throw a end-of-the-year carnival/festival that spans from the Friday evening until Sunday afternoon (June 17th-19th, 2022). Find out more about the Summer Shindig Festival HERE! Students will then be transported back to their respective schools and may head home from there.

Additionally, the ICW has made an official PRESS RELEASE regarding the 2022 Quidditch World Cup, which will be held next month in Jamaica! Details on the festivities leading up to and surrounding this wizarding worldwide event can be found in the press release. Quidditch players wishing to be signed to the national teams competing in the Quidditch World Cup are encouraged to sign up HERE!

Don't forget to support your team in the Hogwarts vs. Ilvermorny Quidditch match.

The third SPELLCRAFT Trial has begun here. Champions get ready for a physical challenge!
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Apr 2 2018, 06:46 PM
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Nov 7 2017, 03:26 PM
Dear Ben,

Hey there friend! How's merry old England? Or wait, you're in Scotland now, aren't you? Sorry it’s taken me a while to respond to your letter, fifth year has started off a lot tougher than I was expecting. I probably should have known, what with OWLs coming up, but for some reason I thought they’d ease us into it. Plus, I have some news! But more on that later.

Well, I’m glad your summer ended a bit better than it started. I know I always hated it when Laura would spend more time with her boyfriend than me, and we aren’t as close in age as you and Cooper. But hey, at least school is back now, and you can be around your friends too. Those Hufflepuffs sound like quite the bunch. Do you think I’d be one if I went there? Or would we have to sneak out late if we wanted to talk like we do in our letters?

So, I told you I had some news about what was taking up all of my time lately. Drum roll, please… I made Quodpod captain this year! It’s probably going to piss off some of the older players, but I worked damn hard for it so they can just deal. I attached a photo my friend snapped of the first practice in all my captain glory so you could see for yourself. I put in a ton of time in October getting ready for this season, but now I’ll have a lot more time to write.

How did your tryouts go for Quidditch? Did you make the team? I know how hard you worked, so I kept my fingers crossed for you for all of September. But hey, if you didn’t then don’t give up. I KNOW you’ll get it.

Speaking of October, what did you do for Halloween? Our school organized this whole field trip to Salem for us. It’s not that far away, but I’ve actually never been. It was all historical and stuff, but they also organized a seance with the witches from back when, which was neat. Also a little weird, I don’t really think they like being dead as much as the ghosts you’ve told me about at Hogwarts do. Maybe they just haven’t had enough time to get used to it.

I’ve got to run to class, but I promise I’ll be more prompt from now on. You better too!



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