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Emmeline Bancroft

Hogwarts: Ravenclaw

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Nov 7 2017, 03:47 PM
Emmeline woke up with a song stuck in her head. It was one of her Uncle Gage Mason Bancroft ’s that had been popular lately. Technically she wasn’t suppose to listen to all of Uncle Gage’s music; her dad said there was way too much in there that young ladies her age shouldn’t be exposed to. Em thought her dad probably didn’t realize that she knew what sex was, but she wasn’t going to burst his bubble yet. Sometimes she thought he didn’t realize she was twelve now, thank you very much. Besides, a lot of her friends listened to Dementor’s Happiness Below. At least the songs on the radio.

”You say you don’t want me, I think you’re a liar,” Emmeline sung under her breath as she skipped down the stairs leading to and from Ravenclaw tower. She dropped into humming when she saw some older students approaching, not wanting to be the weird kid that appeared to be talking to herself. Her book bag was slung over her shoulder, and she was on her way to the library to study before dinner.

Emmeline supposed she should try and study more. Her grades were top notch last year, but she’d hardly put in any effort. Her grandmum Irene had had her IQ tested after hearing about her boredom and the resulting misbehaving. The results had come back to say she was gifted, maybe could even be some kind of genius if she applied herself. Which sounded like a yawn to her. But Grandmum and Dad had been very proud of her, and she didn’t totally want to let them down. So she’d study - sometimes - and try to be a good student.

Emmeline set her book bag at an open table and started to pull her books out. The reason she was studying in the library instead of her room was that she needed some library books in order to do it. And after last year’s fiasco with borrowed library books, Emmeline was lucky the librarian even let her in the doors. She left her books on the table and headed into the stacks to find the books she needed. She found the first one easily. The second was harder, but she eventually took a step back and looked up and up and up and FOUND IT. On the top shelf, naturally.

Emmeline looked around, but she didn’t see a librarian. Neither did she see someone tall she could pounce upon and make help her. Wow it would be nice to have a super tall friend. She made a mental note to try and find one soon. Well, Emmeline wasn’t much of one to go for help when there was a perfectly obvious solution. She climbed up onto the lowest shelf, then the next shelf. She made her way up the bookcase, eventually reaching what she thought was high enough to reach the book. The third year Ravenclaw stretched up for it and nabbed it. But in the process, managed to over balance herself. She fell off the bookcase, knocking over lots of books as well.

Of course, some poor soul would choose that moment to walk down that aisle and have several books and a twelve year old girl crash into them. “Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry,” Emmeline gasped as she registered that she’d hit another person.
Nov 7 2017, 03:35 PM
Emmeline spent most of History of Magic class staring out the window. Her desk was right near it, which most teachers should probably have realized was a mistake by now, and it afforded her a nice view of the grounds. During the summer, the grounds would probably largely be filled with students studying. As it was only February, most of the student body preferred to stay indoors. Scotland, right.

As the professor droned on about goblin wars, Em daydreamed a bit. She couldn’t wait until it was warmer and she could spend time outside. But the winter cold be fun too. Maybe she could get a snowball fight going. Or charm some snow to stay cold until she could do something mischievous with it. She wasn’t sure what yet though.

Belatedly, she realized her classmates were packing up and that class was over. Thank goodness. Emmeline gathered up all her things, leaving a roll of parchment out. That she took up to the professor, cheerily plopping it on their desk. “I finished the essay due next week,” she chirped, smiling brightly before heading out herself. In fact, the second year Ravenclaw had finished the reading for the whole unit on goblin wars the same day the professor had assigned it. It had been fascinating - at least, until they spent the whole next week talking about it in class. Little Em’s brain moved faster than that, and by now she was bored of the subject.

She kind of couldn’t wait until next year, when she could take electives. That for sure would keep her interested, right?

Classes were over for the day, so Em goofed off by taking the long way back to Ravenclaw Tower. Once she solved the riddle and entered the common room, she glanced around to see who was hanging out. That was when she spotted Adelaide Rose Montague , her personal hero. Emmeline wanted to be head girl some day, just like Addie. Plus she was really pretty and seemed well liked, and Em knew she was SUPER smart.

Em smiled brightly and skipped over. “Hi Addie!” she said, perching on a seat nearby without being invited. The second year peered at the books the older girl had with her. “Whatcha studying?” she asked curiously. Addie’s classes always seemed SO MUCH more interesting than hers.
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