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Jul 11 2018, 12:03 AM
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When news of the Quidditch World Cup broke, young Dalia Farouk was <i>flipping</I> out. She loved Quodpot - and often fantasized about its' European cousin sport, Quidditch. The fact that the prestigious wizarding event would be held on <i>this</i> side of the Atlantic was even more thrilling - not that she couldn't have gone anywhere it was being held, because, <i>hello</i>, portkeys. But come on, Jamaica? It sounded like absolute heaven to her.<p>

To Seth, not so much. Unfortunately, with a Muggle mother who, despite having a seventeen-year-old son who had just graduated after seven years at a so-called wizarding school - and a very busy father who, quite frankly, didn't think it would be appropriate to make a family trip to Jamaica <i>sans</i> the matriarch of the Farouks - Dalia's ability to go on this basically hung on Seth being able to chaperone her. They were hardly going to allow their 16-year-old daughter go to a tropical island <i>alone</i> - so Seth was volunteered. He would have much rather been preparing for his upcoming freshman semester at MIT, but instead, here he was.<p>

In Jamaica. A tropical island. Him, a mostly anti-social, nerdy, pasty white boy. He had never been to an island before, but he knew what it meant for someone like him. Awkward social situations. Sunburn. Possibly drowning in a snorkeling accident.<p>

He wasn't thrilled at the situation, but met his parents - and Dalia - halfway. He'd traveled via portkey to Jamaica with his younger sister, but considering they had er, varying interests - hers being more in the vein of "enjoying and living life to the fullest" - and his being averting skin cancer and sand in places it shouldn't be - they agreed to find somewhere on the island that might satisfy both of their needs.<p>

It turned out that the capital of Jamaica, Kingston, was the perfect place for that. Dalia skipped off happily towards the beach, and Seth strolled into an internet cafe about a block away, both agreeing to keep their cellphones on, contact one another if there was trouble - but otherwise, to meet up for dinner in four hours.<p>

Living in the vicinity of Silicon Valley, CA where most houses came equipped with the fastest, latest and greatest internet, the premise of internet cafes was utterly fascinating to Seth. Especially here - it was a bit rundown, but still somehow full - especially with locals - indicating that maybe internet wasn't a luxury afforded to most like it was where he came from. After paying for access - and a tropical smoothie at the counter - Seth slid into an empty two-seater table, produced his laptop from his backpack, and began accessing the web.<p>

It probably wasn't very kosher that the first thing he did was to find all of the vulnerabilities in the network. Pulling up the command prompt screen, he went to work, curious to see how easy it would be to access any of the other current patrons' computers. As it turned out, it was super easy. Connecting to the first one, he found that its' user was doing some online banking. He grimaced. Ugh, such personal information shouldn't be accessed in such a public place. On to the next one, he found that the operator was on Craigslist, soliciting for a prostitute. Eyes widening, his gaze shifted from his screen to glance around the cafe, curious to see if he could peg who it might be.
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Dec 11 2017, 03:58 AM
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1150 words<br>
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Ahh...winter was here once more, and Seth couldn't be more excited. It was his favorite time of year. California's temperature seemed to stay relatively moderate year-round, but by December, it would at least get down into the 50's - sometimes even the 40's. While Seth had never experienced a white Christmas - and probably never would, so long as he lived in southern California - it never made the holidays any less appealing or exciting. He was just glad that he could wear a hoodie and cradle a warm cup of tea without earning any strange glances from others when it got this cool out. <p>

As if the weather wasn't enough reason to love December, it was also the month of giving - and Christmas. Still yet a kid, Seth couldn't deny that he loved opening gifts from under the tree each year. His parents were always cautious to keep it reasonable, so as to not spoil him and Dalia too much - nor to make them greedy. Besides that, though, Seth was usually reasonable - he was a humble child, and with his crafty mind, tended to make a whole lot out of a whole lot of nothing.<p>

This year, however, was different. He'd asked for a computer - and now that he knew Santa wasn't real, and it was his parents fulfilling his and Dalia's wishes, he wasn't sure if it would come true or not. In his defense, he had never wanted for anything so big or so expensive in all of his life - but he understood it was a huge ask, and so, as badly as he wanted it, didn't get his hopes up. If it helped his case any, though, he let his mom know that he'd learned through recent letters with his cousin, Abel Wright-Hollow that he already had would have been so cool to be able to chat with his favorite cousin across the pond in real-time versus through letters. Hopefully it helped.<p>

Returning home to California from Ilvermorny for the winter break was certainly interesting. He was in his second year now, gaining independence - only to be thrust back into the arms of his parents. It was strange, seeing them again after a few months of being away from home. Maybe he'd get used to it someday - he had five more years, anyway. He hoped it got easier each time.<p>

Remembering all that he missed when he'd left for Maine, Seth spent the next few days at home indulging in his mothers' home cooking, seeing family members that he usually only saw around the holidays anyway, and enjoying the privacy of his own room and bed - instead of having to share a dorm with someone else. As much fun as he was having, time was flying, and before Seth knew it, Christmas Day was here.<p>

Seth and Dalia awoke early - as they did all Christmases - and crept down the stairs to see the gifts their parents (and Santa, for Dalia - as she still believed) had left. Despite his reason-ability, Seth felt disheartened when he didn't see a large, computer-sized box with his name on it. Sigh. Maybe next year.<p>

Adem and Ana soon joined the kids in the living room to begin unwrapping. Seth opened a few odd and end gifts - for instance - Legos that he'd certainly enjoy, a shirt depicting Finn and Jake from the Muggle show Adventure Time, a tornado in a bottle. Dalia, too, opened a handful of random presents, nothing too big. Seth tried to hide his disappointment - he should just be happy that he was home, with his family. Perhaps his parents had fallen on tough times. He shouldn't be upset or hold this against them...<p>

<i>"Tarik, Dalia, can you come upstairs and help me bring down a present for your mother?"</i> Adem asked, a grin on his face. Seth and Dalia obliged, and began trailing behind their father up the stairs. Unbeknownst to them, Ana quietly crept behind at a safe distance - she didn't want to miss out on the expressions on their faces during the big reveal, after all. Adem led his children to the spare bedroom - which neither had known had been locked for the last two weeks, as neither of them ever had any reason to go in.<p>

<i>"I locked it so that your mother couldn't sneak in and ruin the surprise,"</i> Adem revealed the status of the door, before drawing his wand from inside his pajama shirt. <i>"Alohomora,"</i> he uttered, causing the door to make an audible click from the other side. <i>"Alright, I hope you guys are ready - this is a big one -"</i> he teased, slowly opening the door to reveal...<p>

An entire computer room! Seth screamed out loud excitedly, and Dalia followed suit, though she mostly did it because Seth was screaming, and she had no idea why. Running into the room, Seth found that the spare bedroom was transformed into an office space. Two separate desks were set up, with a computer on each one. One was obviously for Dalia - it was minorly annoying that Dalia didn't even ask for a computer, and got one anyway - probably because his mom and dad knew that she'd whine and complain (something she usually did when Seth had something and she didn't) - but he needed to look past that, because MERLIN'S BEARD - the other desk was obviously for him.<p>

He eventually realized that he didn't care if Dalia got a computer, too, as he jumped into the seat in front of his and became so absorbed. His wish had been fulfilled and then some - he had an entire setup with the desk, the computer, a mouse - even a mousepad. It was so much more than he could have ever asked for. While Dalia poked curiously around on her desktop, Seth intuitively found the internet on his own. Within a few short minutes, he had a Google account setup, and was sending an e-mail to Abel on Gmail.<p>

<i>"Guess what I got for Christmas? We'll have to setup something more official and secure later, but for now, this will do! I just wanted to let you know! Merry Christmas! -Seth"</i><p>

Standing in the doorway, watching their two very excited children happily investigating their computers and all of the functions that they had to offer, Adem shook his head and shrugged with a laugh. <i>"I'll never understand the fascination with computers."</i> His wife giggled, and patted his shoulder. <i>"And I'll never understand the fascination with wands, so, we're even,"</i> she teased. Glancing up for just a moment to watch his parents, Seth met them with a huge grin. <b>"This is the best Christmas present ever. <i>Ever!</i>"</b>, he verbalized in an enthusiastic shout - just in case his childlike wonder didn't get the message across clearly enough.<p>

Things were going to change...he could feel it. Seth officially had the world at his fingertips.
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