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Nov 7 2017, 12:40 AM
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Ari was so excited for this summer. To celebrate her younger brother, Quentin's last summer before finally beginning Beauxbatons, as well as to kick off Ari's final year at the prestigious wizarding school, the family was going on a Mediterranean cruise. As the Roussels were not short of funding by any means, she'd gone on many a trip before, but never to these locations - at least not all in one shot - and certainly never on a ship. There would be plenty of shopping excursions, chances to try the local cuisines, and, of course, eye candy. If it lived up to her expectations, it would be a hard summer to beat.<p>

Of course, Ari had to properly prepare for her summer excursion - and what better place to do that than Paris? Ari started her day off with a fancy, overpriced espresso drink and a pastry, before getting a routine hair trim and waxing. Up next was shopping - she needed a whole new summer wardrobe, after all, because she could hardly be showing up on a ritzy cruise with last seasons' threads. Saving the best for last, Ari intended on wrapping up her day and soothing her shopping-exhausted body with a relaxing manicure and pedicure.<p>

Now, though, it was shopping time. Ari had a definite list in mind, including needing a new cocktail dress, a new formal dress, a new sundress, several new tops and bottoms, and, of course, one or two new bikinis. Oh...and she'd probably also need some new shoes, jewelry, and at least three purses to rotate around. This...could possibly take a while.<p>

After nearly an hour of browsing at one of her favorite posh department stores that operated more along the lines of a boutique, Ari finally had a handful of clothing options that would make for a good first round in the dressing room. The seventeen year old began wandering in the direction of them when a dazzling red sequined dress with a high-rising slit on the side (so dangerous, and yet so sexy) caught her eye.<p>

Like a moth to a flame, Ari deviated from her original path and made her way towards the rack with the dress. As she got closer, she noticed there was only one left on the rack in her size. She reached for it, her hand gliding across the fabric when simultaneously, another hand grabbed it by the hanger. Ari's eyes narrowed and without even looking at her challenger, clenched her fist around the handful of fabric that she had, pulling the dress inwards towards her. <b>"I don't think so,"</b> she lashed out venomously. <b>"This is coming home with me,"</b> she announced boldly and with great certainty before finally meeting her opponent's gaze.
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