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Jun 22 2018, 03:31 AM
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In Lance's 23 years alive, he had had the pleasure of traveling around a bit - mostly across Western Europe and to the UK a handful of times. He enjoyed it well enough, but between the fact that vacation always seemed to move so fast (and real life always came back to haunt him sooner than he anticipated) as well as the pressures of being a "tourist" - agendas, schedules, reservations - he rarely went unless someone else took the reins and planned it all out for him.<p>

And so, lately, he hadn't left France - with, of course, the obvious exception for this last school year, which he had spent at Hogwarts, assisting as a chaperone for Beauxbatons students at SPELLCRAFT.<p>

It had been interesting and fun, but Lance didn't get out as often as he probably should have. He spent most of his time at the school itself, and the quaint village down the hill from the castle, Hogsmeade. He probably should have taken advantage of being close to some famous landmarks in Britain and Scotland alike, but what was done was done, and a sense of regret was left in his playful, but ultimately - lazy - heart.<p>

At least he'd have the opportunity to hopefully make better use of being away from home again - and soon. Lance had only been back in France for less than a week when he packed up for his next adventure - the Quidditch World Cup. Filling his live-in tent with comforts and clothes better suited for Jamaica, on July 1st, he headed towards the listed location of the portkey in Paris, France, and before he knew it, was walking out of a line of trees in the sunny, tropical heat of the host island.<p>

As others poured out of the forest and towards the stadium - and subsequently, the designated camping areas surrounding it - he pitched his tent in a lot that he'd rented for the duration of the event. In one, quick motion, the tent popped up, the outside of it small and blue, rather unassuming. The inside, of course - like most tents belonging to magic-folk - was spacious, and more closely resembled the entire first floor of a good-sized house. He considered taking a nap, but in the spirit of not wasting his time here as he (mostly) had at Hogwarts, decided that the least he could do was sleep on the beach, versus a tent he'd stayed in hundreds of times before. Instead, he put on a pair of trunks and threw on a plain white t-shirt, and wandered out of his temporary abode.<p>

There were quite a few travel assistants posted around the area, considering it was the first day of the event, and people were excited to start to see Jamaica. Besides, the actual Quidditch games wouldn't begin for a few days, and once they did, everyone's attention would likely turn to that instead. Grabbing up a brochure about the island, Lance started glancing through, hoping to find a beach that looked inviting.<p>

What he landed on, instead, near the last page, was an image of a gorgeous, pristine watering hole with a small set of falls. Most people seemed fixated on the beach, anyway - perhaps if he checked out this destination first, he'd get to see it before it got too popular and crowded. Without much else convincing needed, he set off to find the waterfall, boasting amazing views and crystal clear waters. Thankfully, the ICW had the foresight to <i>also</i> place portkeys conveniently near points of interest around the island itself, and did not just assume that visitors were going to get there entirely themselves. Following a few short directions to the portkey that would get him closest to the spot he had in mind, he grabbed on and was tossed back out - again - at what seemed like the edge of the rainforest.<p>

After a half hour or so hike east of the portkey, using the help of the guide in his hands, Lance began hearing the faint trickle of water. Another forty-five minutes walking, this time at a slight - and eventually, steeper - incline, the waterfall came into view. He'd never seen anything like it before, only in media - not with his own eyes. France certainly didn't have anything like <i>this</i> - there were a few waterfalls of course, but none that looked as warm, clear, and inviting as this one. Stripping himself of his shirt and shoes, Lance laid his belongings on a nearby rock and headed towards the pool at the bottom of the falls, wading in without hesitation.<p>

The water was warm, but it still felt cool wrapping around his skin, the perfect reward after a hike. After a moment of standing waist-deep and adjusting to the water, he crouched down and leaned back, falling backwards, allowing the surface to catch him - and he just floated, relaxing in the peaceful tranquility and quiet that was just him, his thoughts, and the sounds of water cascading down from above, over the rocks and into the pool. At this moment, he was glad that he had come here instead of napping.

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Apr 5 2018, 01:18 AM
day 1 - maybe later
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