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Dec 11 2017, 04:22 AM
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Usually, December was a month to be jolly - but as of late, December or not, Laurel found having a good time more and more difficult. As the year neared to an end, she found herself reflecting on 2021...and realized that she couldn't wait for it to just be over. This was a particularly difficult year. At the start of it, she'd been denied a promotion within her department - but that wasn't the worst of 2021...oh, no, not by a mile. Just when Laurel was ready to pick herself up and move on from one loss, she suffered another - losing her love, Blythe Arden to her co-worker and friend, Olivia Arden.<p>

Laurel wasn't sure how to move on with her life after that. She'd been with Blythe for...years. He was her first kiss, her first intimate partner, her - and she didn't just lose him, she lost him to Olivia. Blythe and Olivia gained one another, and Laurel lost them both. Of protect she and Blythe's secret, she hadn't really lost Olivia - she still tried to remain pleasant with her, especially since they were co-workers still - but it was so strange going from friendly and having lunch dates to...not. Laurel couldn't act as if nothing was wrong, it hurt too much - so instead, she distanced herself from Olivia without any explanation. Which, in all honesty, was probably just as hurtful.<p>

Now...Blythe on the other hand...Laurel technically hadn't lost him, she supposed. They still met in secret, and he still told her that he loved her, but...things were changing. As time went on, Laurel felt that it might be true that Blythe loved her, but she was beginning to doubt that it was only her that he loved. Olivia wasn't a terrible person - and she was gorgeous to boot - and Laurel was certain that Blythe was beginning to see it. She couldn't blame Blythe, but that didn't mean that she was any more prepared to accept the situation.<p>

Normally, Laurel would spend the holidays with family and friends - but this year, so caught up in her emotions and general life drama, she had begun to channel all of her energy into work, if only to keep her mind off of things. Besides...she...didn't want to have to explain anything to her family over the holidays. Preferring to keep to herself, and in an attempt to be productive, Laurel picked up an extra shift at St. Mungo's on Christmas Day. Her co-workers graciously accepted her offer.<p>

Keeping herself busy at work, nothing seemed amiss to Laurel, and she avoided the pang of loneliness and sorrow that she feared experiencing if she had made plans otherwise. The last thing she wanted was to sit around her fireplace and tree, alone, with nobody to share presents, food, and memories with. As she'd find out, however, spending her holiday at the hospital was about to be just as unpleasant, if not worse.<p>

Eight hours into her ten hour shift, Laurel received a patient who had suffered severe lacerations and burns following a spell gone wrong. It was tragic, seeing someone go through so much misery on a holiday of all days. Laurel worked diligently towards trying to help her emergency patient, alongside several other fill-in staff members - but after an hour and a half of attempting to stabilize him, he had passed. Even in magic, death was sometimes inescapable.<p>

Laurel's shift ended shortly afterwards. Shocked, guilt-ridden, and struck with grief, she was clueless as to how to proceed, where to go, what to do. She wasn't really a party girl, nor did she fall back on chemical intervention to numb the mind often - but between the fear of not wanting to be alone in her flat and the events of today, she wound up traveling to the nearest bar in Hogsmeade, just a few blocks from St. Mungo's. Ordering a hot mulled cider with an extra shot, Laurel retreated to the furthest corner of the bar, turned her back to the door and the few patrons that were in there, and quietly cried (aside from the few sniffles that escaped her).<p>

This was aboslutely the worst Christmas that she had ever had.
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