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Just like that...another school year seemed to rapidly be approaching its' end. The Ilvermorny boy had thoroughly enjoyed his seventh and final year at Hogwarts, and, while sad to see it coming to a close, didn't want that fact to put a damper on his last few weeks. He intended on living it up with what little time he had left, vowing to explore and enjoy every aspect of the castle - and its grounds - that he had not already.<p>

Although summer had yet to arrive, let alone peak, the air was already warming up around them. Well, as warm as it could get, he supposed, in the UK during the month of May. For a boy who had grown up in and spent all of the time that he <i>wasn't</i> at school in Florida, there was something to be desired, but he supposed that compared to the tall peaks of New Hampshire where his soon-to-be alma mater was located, it was pleasant.<p>

Perhaps not <i>so much</i> as to define prime swimming conditions, but, as the Thunderbird had swore to himself, he wouldn't allow opportunities to fade away if he could help it. That was precisely why, following a rather boring Herbology lesson and directly preceding a free period, the older of the two rambunctious Richardson brothers ventured out into and then past the courtyard, down a small hill, and rested his belongings upon a rock at the Black Lake's edge.<p>

As he always enjoyed adventure amongst others more than solo, he had invited a handful of people to the lake with him - including his brother, Owen Richardson (and a plus one, who, if he could take a wild guess, would be Astrid Coutemanche as his Wampus brother had taken quite the liking to the Beauxbatons girl over the year), Malia Wyatt, a frequent partner in crime, and Jessie Jameson, his former Ilvermorny-friend-turned-Hogwarts-attendee.<p>

Of course, the majority of them were far more reasonable than he was, and had met his invitation with curious glances and a few <i>"no way, the water's going to be way too cold!"</i> responses (or, you know, along those lines). In the end, he'd not really gotten any clear answers or RSVP's from any of them. No matter - while he'd have preferred their company, he wasn't going to let their absence deter him from striking an item off of his "Hogwarts Bucket List."<p>

Despite his determination, he waited at the water's edge for a few minutes, wandering in circles, skipping a few stones - burning some time, if only for the (low) possibility that any of them might actually show up so that he wouldn't have to suffer the consequences of his rash need to take a dip alone. In his meandering, he spotted a lonesome figure, just a stone's throw away, lying in the grass. Gazing up towards the school and seeing none of his comrades making their way down, Caleb decided to go investigate who the other person - down here during what was <i>technically</i> still school hours - was. If nothing else, a conversation would help give his pals some more time to show up.<p>

<b>"Hey,"</b> he called out casually, waving a hand at the boy as he approached, curiously sizing the boy up as he did. Once closer, Caleb stuffed his hands into his pockets and dipped his toe into the ground, almost bashfully. Despite his proclivity to random tête-à-têtes with unknown people, and the fact that he was not <i>actually</i> a shy person (he was a Thunderbird, after all), he'd learned over the years (with the coaxing of his mother) that projecting some sort of apprehension or softness was usually better met than flinging himself in a domineering manner at people upon the first exchanged word. And so, for now, he kept it to small talk. <b>"Nice day, huh?"</b> he initiated, before plopping down into the grass next to the boy.<p>

For that action, his mother would have shook her head. While practicing great restraint to avoid from being rowdy and jumping straight into inappropriate conversations or dreaming up adventures with someone he didn't know, he'd failed to heed her reminders that so boldly inviting himself along or into situations could be misconstrued as rude. Or overbearing. Whoops.
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