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Iveta Stoichkov

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Nov 7 2017, 01:40 AM
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Iveta had been on Cloud 9 ever since the school year began. Alright - it probably started when she had received her letter prior to the start of the school year, announcing SPELLCRAFT and the fact that she would be studying at Hogwarts, but she was extremely hesitant to believe the contents of the letter until she saw it happen with her own eyes. Iveta's last several years at Durmstrang had been strife with taunting and being the subject of jokes due to her...differences over a lot of her schoolmates, so she had every reason to believe the letter was a joke.<p>

But. This. Was. No. Joke.<p>

She was actually at Hogwarts! It wasn't Beauxbatons, which would have been her preferred school - and it wasn't as glamorous as she had dreamed it to be - but it was not Durmstrang, which meant it was AAAAAAAMAZING. Iveta's wish had finally come true. She wanted out of Durmstrang so desperately, and in its' own little way, her seventh and final year had come along with a granted wish.<p>

One of the first orders on her agenda was a Kevala Rudhira meeting with members of the other schools' chapters. Keen on meeting other Pure Bloods from across the globe, Iveta arrived to the meeting early, a certain spring in her step as she entered the room. The brunette girl greeted everyone with a cheerful, thick-accented "Hello!" as she came through the doorway, pausing to meet the eyes of those already there.<p>

So far, there was a rather cute boy who seemed to have been the one to call the meeting, and a gorgeous blonde-haired girl sitting next to a ridiculously handsome blonde-haired boy. Iveta slid into a seat next to the other girl in the room, and immediately began schmoozing. "Your hair and makeup are gorgeous! Don't tell me you them it yourself. OMG if you did, you must teach me," Iveta exclaimed in a bubbly, chatty manner. She didn't really care about the content of the meeting - she was a member strictly to appease her father. What she was interested in were all things fashion, and this girl seemed like a good candidate to converse with on that topic.

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