BIG UPDATE AHEAD! First things first - the Fall 2021-Spring 2022 school year is officially over! Effective June 17, 2022 (IC), students are out for summer break. Please be sure to visit the 2022 SCHOOL YEAR ADVANCEMENTS & GRADUATIONS thread to either advance your student up to the next year, get held back, or graduate into their field of choice! Additionally, if you're interested in a Quidditch, Prefect, Representative, or Head position, be sure to reply to the FALL '22-SPRING '23 STUDENT POSITIONS APPLICATION thread!

Students need not head back home just yet - the school boards have all come together to throw a end-of-the-year carnival/festival that spans from the Friday evening until Sunday afternoon (June 17th-19th, 2022). Find out more about the Summer Shindig Festival HERE! Students will then be transported back to their respective schools and may head home from there.

Additionally, the ICW has made an official PRESS RELEASE regarding the 2022 Quidditch World Cup, which will be held next month in Jamaica! Details on the festivities leading up to and surrounding this wizarding worldwide event can be found in the press release. Quidditch players wishing to be signed to the national teams competing in the Quidditch World Cup are encouraged to sign up HERE!

Don't forget to support your team in the Hogwarts vs. Ilvermorny Quidditch match.

The third SPELLCRAFT Trial has begun here. Champions get ready for a physical challenge!
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Apr 13 2018, 01:22 AM
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Gio couldn't believe that he was officially into his tenth year as a Professor at Hogwarts. Time had flown by, and provided him with a plethora of fond memories to look back upon. He had so many successful students grown up, doing great things with their lives, and making something of themselves. Of course, he had a handful of not-so-prosperous former students, as well, but, hey, that was sort of the name of the game when you directed an elective class that some kids took just for the hell of it, he figured.<p>

Over the last ten years, while he had his share of ups and downs, Gio couldn't remember a year as fun and action-packed as this one. He was grateful for the International Confederation of Wizards and their creation of the Inter Scholastic Competition. It was a great opportunity to meet students and Professors of other schools, to join together and strengthen the bonds between wizarding communities of other countries. Especially after the attacks on France the previous summer, Gio felt that the show of unity couldn't have come at a better time.<p>

As far as the competitions themselves went, Gio was having a wonderful time watching - and cheering on - the champions. He was, of course, partial to Hogwarts. Asha Patel and Lucas Vanetti were putting up an amazing fight, representing their school well. He was particularly proud of the Ravenclaw girl - after all, not only was she one of his Dueling Club faithfuls, but he had a mean streak of Ravenclaw pride - and her being a Ravenclaw made her status as champion all the better. She was, for all intents and purposes, an international symbol for the greatest Hogwarts house ever. Gio practically glowed any time she was brought up in conversation.<p>

The SPELLCRAFT was definitely the star of the show this year, but the other competitions had been enjoyable to see. Gio's own son, Mason D'orolione had put on one hell of a show during the music portion of the talent show, leaving the man with an immense sense of pride that <i>that</i> amazing boy was his child. Though, Mason wasn't really a child anymore, Gio supposed. He was going to be going into his seventh year before the year was through, after all.<p>

Sigh. Yep, time was flying.<p>

That was what happened when you were having fun, right? It could've been worse...they could have been miserable and it be just another regular year. Instead, they had been granted this awesome chance to meet new people, learn new things - and for the visitors, to experience a land that perhaps some of them had never been to before. Being rather well-traveled himself, Gio knew that seeing things firsthand was the best way to gain an understanding for foreign both the literal and figurative sense.<p>

In an effort to further unify the masses, Gio conversed with the staff supervisors of the other schools' Dueling Clubs, hoping to have one large, joint meeting. Who said the SPELLCRAFT champions were the only ones allowed to congregate and fire off spells at one another and have fun? Thankfully, the Combat Club supervisor at Beauxbatons, as well as the staff in charge at Durmstrang and Ilvermorny's respective clubs all thought it was a great idea, and a plan was set in motion.<p>

The Dueling Chamber at Hogwarts had seemed to expand by four times its' regular size, in order to accommodate both the regulars of each school, but also any interested newcomers who might like to sign up for their schools' Dueling Club (or its' equivalent). Standing with his fellow staff supervisors atop the dueling run in the center of the chamber, Gio greeted students as they filed in at the designated date and time of the meeting. Once enough had arrived, he held his wand to his throat and both amplified his voice. The kids were chatty with excitement, after all - who could blame them?<p>

<b>"Welcome, all, to the first inter-school Dueling Club meeting! Some of you may call it something else at your schools, but ultimately, we are all here for the same reason. To responsibly and effectively learn the skills of magical combat. Of course, we wish that you never need to use the things you learn here in the real world - but if you do - then we hope that you do so amenably. That's why we're here - to help guide you. Now...we don't want to bore you too much with talking, so we'll get right to it. First things first, let's pair up. Find a dueling partner - with one catch - they must be someone from a different school."</b> Gio smiled and waved his hand as he finished, urging the children to move along and find their partners.

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Apr 5 2018, 12:49 AM
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