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When the Quidditch World Cup had been announced, and the ICW had invited musicians from the wizarding world to come to play and entertain the event attendees on the makeshift stages set up around the camping areas surrounding the stadium in exchange for standard seating tickets to the big event, the choice was obvious for DHB: hell yeah, they were going to go. Pretty much free publicity, spreading the good word that was their music, Quidditch, partying on a tropical island - what more could they ask for, really?<p>

Aeron had been here for a little over a week now, and absolutely loving it. At a first glance, he probably didn't immediately strike many as the paradise-loving sort of guy - but he'd traded his usual darker shaded shirts, long pants, and boots for beachwear, and had zero regrets. His Ray Bans were still applicable, so of course, he kept those. His mohawk, however, was not really agreeing with the amount of time he'd spent in the ocean thus far, so he found it easiest to give in to a haircut and wearing it down for now. It would grow back - it always did.<p>

The cherry on top of Aeron's trip to Jamaica, however, was the fact that a certain blue-haired girl was also on the island. He hadn't seen her yet, but having stayed in contact with Malia Wyatt since meeting her, he was not only aware that she was here, but she had secured herself a gig at one of the local bars. There was no question as to whether or not he was going - the answer was <i>yes</i>, abso-fucking-lutely.<p>

The hardest part was probably getting away from Gage Bancroft and Kaydence Gilliam without sharing with them where he was going. They had hit the town almost every night since being here, so when he indicated that he was going solo tonight, it raised questions. He lied about not feeling well - sun poisoning, maybe (which, to be fair, his skin was practically virgin, and the sun had baked him over the last few days) - and waved them off, suggesting they go have fun without him, hoping to be ready for tomorrow night's shenanigans.<p>

Thankfully, it worked. It wasn't that Aeron didn't want them to see Malia and hear her music. To be fair, he hadn't even really heard much himself, clips here and there that she'd occasionally text him - but certainly, not a full set, and not <i>live</i>. His secrecy as to his true agenda for the evening was more the fact that...well, to be frank, he hoped to get some alone time with the girl - especially after not having seen her for what felt like ages (she had seemed to drop off the face of the Earth between last September and June, sending so few texts in-between which was super weird, but Aeron shrugged it off - maybe she was seeing someone and didn't want to talk to him?).<p>

Once the opportunity to sneak away presented itself, Aeron did so, heading to the town that Malia was playing in. A cab ride and some help from some locals on the streets, he finally was directed to the venue that she had named to him in her text message. Ordering himself a Rum and Ting and some pork nachos from the bar, he grabbed the closest high-top table that he could to the stage, looking around. He fondly recalled playing bars like this when DHB was first starting a way, he sometimes wished they still could. He made a mental note to discuss doing a string of secret shows...once he was back to being open and honest with his bandmates.<p>

Aeron grew excited, not just to <i>see</i> Malia and hear her, but he became excited <i>for</i> her as the bar was quickly filling up. A couple of random strangers joined his table as the options for seating quickly diminished, and he casually chatted with them about the island - turned out, they were tourists too. After receiving a few tips of places to check out from them, the lights dimmed, and a hush fell over the crowd as they awaited the performer to come on stage. Holding his breath, he grew dizzy, though finally released it and smiled largely at the familiar sight of the girl who had captivated him around this same time last year, eager to finally see just what she was made of.

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Apr 2 2018, 03:35 AM
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