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Aubrianna Edeson

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Jul 1 2018, 02:36 AM
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&& Kate Morello
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The fact that Aub had jet setted to France to visit some of her less-insane family, non-purist family members while her roommate and best friend, Kathrina Lane was off in the United States living it up in Vegas probably said a lot about her neediness.<p>

It wasn't that the redhead <i>couldn't</i> live alone - it was that she didn't particularly want to. Aub thrived off of social interactions and relationships - which was also probably an indicator as to why she had a tendency to bed people shortly after becoming acquainted with them. She loved feeling included and wanted - so when her roommate's trip across the pond left their flat quiet and empty, taking a trip herself was a no-brainer.<p>

France probably wasn't her first destination of choice, but one of her cousins had recently owled her and indicated that she missed her, inviting her to come and stay. <i>"Come visit whenever your schedule clears up. P.S. - Go Arrows!"</i>, the letter had read. Despite the Edeson patriarchs' shortcomings - and her mother being batshit crazy (to put it nicely) - Aub generally liked her cousins, and saw no reason to avoid them.<p>

Besides - who knew what else touring France might bring? She hadn't been back in a while - and was curious to see how things had changed. According to the news...quite a bit - in fact, probably not the greatest tourist destination on the map at present time, but it <i>was</i> her homeland. Who knew - perhaps she'd run into one of her former childhood friends who had been in the papers lately. Pierre Gardinier specifically came to mind - if he'd grown up and was looking like anything that the photographs in the Daily Prophet suggested, she sure wouldn't mind reconnecting with them. Then again, she wasn't sure that the new French Minister of Magic would have time to schmooze with a British Quidditch player, childhood friend or not. <s>But, a girl could dream, right?</s><p>

So, to her home country she went, nestling up in one of the Edeson-extension family mansions in the countryside. Her visit was going shockingly well - few nagging questions as to how her father was doing, where her mother was, what Lelia was going to do after graduation. Her cousin even showed her a bit of the nightlife - which, always seemed more glamorous growing up, but now, spoiled by London, was admittedly lackluster. In any case, her trip was better than being all alone in her and Kate's flat.<p>

A particular news article that had been brought to her attention one morning, however, was what ultimately cut the trip a bit short. <i>"Hey, isn't this your teammate?"</i> one of her younger cousins had asked, thrusting the paper at her. Aub's eyes widened in shock, and her expression went through a few stages - horror, anger, and then grief. She packed her bags shortly after and Floo'd home, bursting through the fireplace in the shared living room in a burst of green flames.<p>

Aub hadn't been home very long before she heard the front door click shut. Practically barrelling down to the entryway from her room, she was somehow both shocked and relieved to find Kate - who, according to the papers, was now Kate Morello.<p>

Without even entertaining the thought of allowing the blonde Keeper to settle in, the grilling began. <b>"What in the hell, Kate? You never told me you were fucking Morello!"</b> she began, her tone accusatory. It quickly turned playful. <b>"I mean, is the sex at least good? Better be, to run off and marry a <i>Wasp</i>,"</b> she teased. A brief moment passed, and she started again, her tone quickly changing to upset now. <b>"I can't believe you didn't tell me. I - I thought I was your best friend,"</b> she partially questioned, the hurt evident in her voice. She couldn't tell by Kate's expression - but if this was supposed to be a happy moment for her, she didn't want to ruin it. So, Aub tried to turn the attention from her sadness and sense of betrayal to Kate. <b>"He better have gotten you a knockout ring,"</b> she affirmed, nosily peering towards Kate's left hand for a better look.

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Apr 3 2018, 02:28 AM
day 1 - nooo zzzzz
Dec 11 2017, 02:43 AM
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525 words<br>
thought it was time for another celeb PARTAY
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Aubrianna Edeson was one of those people who loved Christmas time. To be fair, she loved all holidays, most of them pretty equally - probably none of them for any religious or symbolic reasons, but because they were a really, really good excuse for people to get together. The reputable redhead didn't exactly need a solid reason to go out and spend the night at a club or bar herself, but some others apparently needed that encouragement. If she'd learned anything over the last few years of being a partygoing celebrity, it was that the usual person might not turn up on a Wednesday night - but they all seemed to come out around the holidays. <p>

Aub was alright with totally taking advantage of this fact. Not one to let her reputation precede her, the Seeker decided to start a new holiday tradition.<p>

That was why, beginning in the year 2020, she decided to hold the inaugural Merry Mixer - an invitation-only party for Quidditch players in an exclusive nightclub in London. The turnout last year had been good - but this year, for the 2021 Merry Mixer, she'd expanded the invitation to include all celebrities and their plus ones (celebrity or not - just to mix it up a bit) - so she anticipated that this time around, it would be even bigger and better.<p>

Working closely with the nightclub personnel to bring her vision to life, the venue transformed into a winter wonderland, complete with faux snow and a charmed ceiling to make it look like the fresh wintry mix was still falling. Between all of the bodies mingling and dancing on the floor, and the alcohol that the guests would likely consume this evening, the temperature in the club wasn't going to be even remotely cold enough for actual snow.<p>

In the dead of December, things were about to heat up.<p>

One of the first to arrive, the redhead stepped into the nightclub, wearing a short-hemmed, bright red dress. It was rare that she dressed up, but, heck, this was her own party, so she figured she ought to make an effort. It was everything she imagined. From the Christmas lights strewn about the club, to the falling snow, to the furniture made to look like ice sculptures - even down to the menu, which had special holiday meals and Christmas-themed cocktails - it was all so perfect.<p>

As the first guests arrived, Aub took the stage where the DJ was set up, and greeted them over loudspeaker. <b>"Thank you all for coming to the second annual Merry's to many more,"</b> she said, holding up her drink, before taking a sip. Her eyes widened. <b>" sure to try the "Naughty or Spice" cocktail! Or any of the other special drinks from the event menu! Also, don't forget to tip your bartender!"</b> She winked at a handsome tall man serving drinks behind the nearest bar. <b>"That's it...have fun tonight, everyone!"</b> As she stepped down from the DJ's stand, the first beat dropped.<p>

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer - the remix. Even the music, it appeared, was holiday themed - remixes of classic Christmas carols and favorites.

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Nov 7 2017, 12:50 AM
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555 words

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It was one of those rare moments when Aubrianna Edeson was venturing out into the world alone, without someone on her arm. It was often Kate Morello, who was a lot of things in her life – her Captain, her mentor, her roommate, her partner-in-crime, but more than anything, her best friend. Unfortunately, Kate was currently off in Las Vegas, leaving Aub down her best wingwoman. Kate had promised not to have too much fun without the redhead stateside, and even went as far as predicting that the trip would be dull due to its’ professional nature. If Aub knew anything about her blonde BFF, though, it was that she was probably still somehow finding a way to live it up and have the time of her life.<p>

Aub’s next usual go-to was her other teammate, favorite wingman, and friend who was like a brother to her (except for, you know, the occasional flirting), @[Brodie Baxter]. The Seeker had attempted to make contact with her fellow Arrow, but to no avail. She hoped that he wasn’t off having a…casual encounter or anything with that Daily Prophet chick, Brooke Hardwick, or whatever her name was. Part of Aub wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt, but the other part of her was protective over Brodie and didn’t want to see him get hurt. Again.<p>

Realizing that her contacts were dwindling, Aub decided to put on her big girl pants and just head out this evening solo. They were the most intimidating situations, but as social as Aub was, she rarely ever left without having somehow manufactured a good time, with or without her friends. Of course, it was always better with them…but her options were to currently curl up alone and watch some re-run on television or hit the town and try her luck. She was too young and vivacious to settle for the first option.<p>

Though a club sounded fun, there was just far too much work involved in the process. Going clubbing meant she’d have to actually dress up, do her hair, makeup…just…ugh. She didn’t want to dedicate that sort of time to going out tonight. Instead, she opted for skinny jeans, a t-shirt, minimal makeup, and left her hair down. She didn’t look unkempt by any means, but she was certainly more on the casual side – which was fine, because as she left she and Kates’ shared flat, she decided on a rather casual location – The Leaky Cauldron.<p>

Entering the Diagon Alley establishment, Aub’s green eyes did a quick once-over of the place, trying to see if she recognized anyone. She was hardly past crashing someone’s table, after all, dropping in unannounced if someone familiar caught her fancy. At a first glance, however, she didn’t see anyone, so she opted for an empty seat at the bar.<p>

Flagging the bartender, the redhead ordered a Firewhiskey, sipping casually on it once received. Well...if she knew anything from her time spent in bars and from being a bit of a celebrity, it was that either a.) someone she knew would probably come along eventually, or b.) she’d be engaging in conversation with a total stranger soon enough, so she remained hopeful that this evening wouldn’t remain dull for long.

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