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Jun 7 2018, 12:33 AM
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Normally, Kenna would <i>love</i> a good school event, such as a dance - but this year was anything but "normal" for the Ravenclaw girl.<p>

For starters, she was sharing the castle with three other schools - which started out as a fantastic concept but had increasingly become annoying to her as she found certain favorite things overtaken or preoccupied with others - like her favorite beanbag in the study lounge, her preferred table by the window in the Library. She felt "off" in general as a result - like her studying was less productive or satisfactory. Or, maybe she was just anxious about her upcoming NEWTS at the end of the year.<p>

Even her extra-curricular activities had been affected. With more bodies in the school, that meant more eyes on her - and more potential loose lips to tattle on her. The final straw with that had been when some Beauxbatons Prefect had decided it was in <i>her</i> jurisdiction to tell Kenna that she couldn't be in the Courtyard after 8 pm. To be fair, the girl wasn't wrong, but Kenna didn't much enjoy being forced to forgo her late-night Animagus practice down by the Black Lake, <i>especially</i> by someone not even from their school.<p>

The icing on the cake was the rumors that she had been hearing about Tyler Poletti. Their relationship had been strained pretty much ever since he, the twins, and Liam Gaines had road tripped and camped prior to the start of the school year, and Kenna wasn't entirely sure why. Ok - so to be fair, she wasn't <i>stupid</i> - he'd advanced on her a few times during the trip and, <i>Merlin</i> how she wanted so badly to press her lips...her body against his...but she just <i>couldn't</i>. Her fear of ruining a good thing and losing him seemed to cause just that to happen.<p>

If the rumors were true, then her Hufflepuff friend was pulling a Liam. If that were the case, then he was as good as gone to her.<p>

She was pissed at Tyler. Somewhere inside her, deep inside her, it was subconsciously - at herself - but it was so much easier to put the blame on <i>him</i>. She was angry that his actions had such a profound impact on her - it tore her up inside, ate at her, left her feeling vulnerable and exposed and upset, and she <i>hated</i> that. Her seventh year was supposed to be fun, and here she was, miserable, stewing, and for fuck's sake, she couldn't even study for her Ancient Runes exam in her favorite God damn bean bag chair.<p>

In an ironic twist of events, it was actually <i>Kenzie</i> who had convinced Kenna to get out tonight and come to the Yule Ball instead of blowing it off and staying in the Ravenclaw Common Room in sweatpants. Kenna agreed, though now that she was here, she wasn't sure why she had done so. She wasn't even attending with her <i>sister</i> - talk about weird. The group was so fractured at this point, though - and the twins together would only risk drawing Liam and Tyler to them, which honestly, neither of them needed.<p>

Gazing across the floor of the Great Hall where students had gathered - some talking, some dancing - she spotted her twin with her date, Lucas Vanetti, along with their fellow Gryffindors, Cooper Santiago and Gabrielle Sauveterre. Well, maybe Kenna could join up with them at some point tonight after all - Merlin knew that Cooper and Gabby were Liam repellant, and maybe with no Liam, there would be no Tyler. For now, though, Kenna decided to truly put this whole "going stag" thing to practice, and wandered onto the dance floor.<p>

As difficult as it was - even when a song that she particularly liked came on - she started to sway to the music, though her eyes flitted around the Ball and its' attendees. She didn't want to admit that she was looking for Liam, if only to spy on him for Kenzie's sake - and she <i>definitely</i> didn't want to fess up to seeking out Tyler. <i>And yet</i>, her eyes floated around, knowing that the end result would likely end up in more terrible feelings and rigid emotions. It was a shame she couldn't just take her own internal advice. Hopefully, someone would come and distract her soon...even if just for one night.
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(OK SO., MY NOTES ON THIS... my hopes for this thread are basically that Kenna dances with/maybe leaves with a cute guy, half to try and make Tyler jealous, half to distract her from her feelings. I'd prefer him to be from another school, if possible. If they leave together, they can start to get up to no good, but she's not going to go all the way, and instead, is probably going to be all crying and awkward >.> if you are interested or have questions please PM me))
Jun 6 2018, 11:47 PM
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&& Tyler Poletti

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As the embers began to die down, so did the conversation, and before long, the twins and the boys alike were exchanging final laughs, hugs, and parting ways. It wasn't goodbye forever, obviously - they still had their final day of school tomorrow, and would be afforded the next few days to pack up their belongings before boarding the Hogwarts Express for the final time. Still, it left Kenna with a pang of emptiness. She was ready to graduate, and yet, she still felt like so many things in her life were yet unresolved.<p>

She could hardly sleep on that - and so, she wandered down to her favorite place on the entire campus - perhaps one of her favorite spots in the <i>world</i> - and sat down next to the edge of the Black Lake, legs crossed in front of her, arms stretched back behind her, her neck hanging backwards, eyes admiring the stars above.<p>

Not that she necessarily wanted to be alone, but Kenzie couldn't be bothered to be up much longer - she was always more prudent about her bedtime than Kenna (or any of them, really) were. The boys had appeared to be retiring back to the Castle, as well - Merlin knew that Liam probably had a secret tryst scheduled with someone in a broom closet before bed. <i>Just as long as it isn't Kenzie,</i> the Ravenclaw girl thought to herself. She was glad that the gang seemed to have reconciled, and that they were all back together, but that didn't mean that she found Liam to be a good match for her twin sister.<p>

Her head moved every so often, switching between observing the stars above and watching the edge of the Lake gently lap the coast under the light of the moon. She breathed it all in - the kind of long, thoughtful inhale that people often did when meditating. It was natural for her to do so here - this was, after all, her place of zen. Of all the places in and around Hogwarts, the Black Lake was like a beacon for Kenna. She had spent so much time here and made so many memories, both good - and not so good. But even for the bad ones, she had pulled strength from then, and they had made her a better person.<p>

Dang. It seemed as though she had really grown up the last seven years.<p>

As she drowned in the darkness of the night, she considered what laid ahead for her. Short of a disaster, Kenzie was going to pursue Alchemical Studies in Egypt. far away. Liam was likely going to go pro in Quidditch, unless all of the teams weren't willing to put up with his shenanigans (though, if the sport entertained the likes of Aubrianna Edeson or Zoey Collingwood, then Kenna was sure that he'd fit right in). Tyler was probably going to go off and do something equally dangerous and badass. Where did that leave Kenna?<p>

She had no real plans. Transfiguration had always been <i>her</i> thing, but what was there to do with that? Sometimes, she felt as if she'd be stuck here forever, eternally living in the moment of her Hogwarts days. What was out there for her beyond this place? <i>So much</i>, she knew was the answer, but she simultaneously felt so unsure and undecided.<p>

The sounds of movement behind her caught her attention and drew her mind away from the thoughts that had left her so anxious in recent weeks. Turning her head to look, she could just barely make out Tyler's figure in the soft glow of the moonlight. Aha, it turned out that he hadn't gone back up to the Castle, after all. Kenna theorized that Liam had, indeed, probably ditched him to go get laid. No matter - it wasn't like she wasn't glad to see him, especially now that things had seemed to be...well, maybe not back to <i>normal</i> but at least smoothed over. <b>"Hey, stranger. I haven't seen you in a while,"</b> she laughed, teasing. <b>"Decided to be a night owl, too?"</b> she asked, patting the ground next to her, inviting him to join her under the stars.

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Apr 6 2018, 01:31 AM
day 1 - maybe later
Dec 11 2017, 04:10 AM
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463 words<br>
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In line with the rest of the excitement that Kenna's seventh year had offered thus far, December was no different in delivering surprises and fun. Christmas was soon approaching, and in what seemed like just in the nick of time, near-blizzard conditions had enveloped Hogwarts and the surrounding area, coating the grounds in a thick blanket of thick, wet snow.<p>

The brunette Ravenclaw girl would be lying if she said she didn't prefer summer over winter - it was her favorite season, after all, considering conditions for swimming were optimal, the water sport being one of her favorite pastimes - but winter had its' own perks, including cute, soft, fuzzy, and warm clothes, hot cocoa, snowball fights, and one of Kenna's other favorite things - ice skating.<p>

It may have been a little known fact that Kenna enjoyed donning a sleek pair of blades and hitting the ice - but really, it should have come as no surprise, considering it was...well, somehow still related to a body of water. If Kenna couldn't swim in the Black Lake in the month of December, she would sure enough skate it, if conditions were optimal.<p>

And right now, they were.<p>

Thanks to this being a particularly cold and snowy last month, and now, with the latest snowstorm, the lake was in perfect shape to be glided across in a pair of skates. Donning warm clothing, including a hat, scarf, and mittens, Kenna happily trounced through the several feet of snow towards the Black Lake, a travel mug of cocoa in one hand, and holding a pair of skates over her shoulder with the other hand.<p>

She'd sent out an impromptu invitation to join her parchment to her twin sister and friends - the usual suspects, of course - Mackenzie Alexander, Tyler Poletti, Liam Gaines, and Laney Poletti - and proceeded to transform each note into an origami bird to fly to its' designated receiver. Onward she went, however, not waiting up for any of them - if any of them came, then great - if not, she'd enjoy the Lake all on her own (or with whomever else realized the great opportunity the snowstorm had provided).<p>

At the very least, if the storm picked up again and the conditions turned into a whiteout and she couldn't be found or went missing, a handful of people knew where she'd planned to go, and could (hopefully) rescue her accordingly. Reaching what would usually be the lapping lake's edge, Kenna looked out across it, planting herself on a rock to switch out of her boots and into her skates. She shuffled to the start of the ice, and glided out across it, not minding the additional cold created by the breeze.<p>

Gliding across what once was water was almost as good as gliding through it. Almost.
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Nov 6 2017, 01:52 PM
Kenna wasn't 100% sure of what to do with the news that she'd just received from Delaney Grace Poletti - normally, she would bite her tongue and keep a secret, especially for a friend - but what about when it involved her best friend (and was that even all that he was?)'s little sister...Kenna felt a sense of urgency to fill him in and keep him in the loop.

But Merlin, the drama that would come with it.

Honestly, had it been any other guy in her story, Kenna would have honored Laney's privacy and left their girl talk at just that - girl talk, strictly between the two of them - but this was no random boy that the Gryffindor girl had mentioned. It was Liam Robert Gaines , who was supposed to be Tyler Zachary Poletti 's best friend. Now, Kenna didn't know exactly what their brocode entailed, but Kenna was pretty sure, knowing Tyler, that it didn't have a "you can bang my sister" clause.

Typical Liam, trying to find every loophole he could for his own personal gain. Kenna often wondered why Liam wasn't in Gryffindor house. Moments like these were a good revalation as to why the Sorting Hat had tossed him into Slytherin. He was ambitious - you had to give him that - albeit rather self-serving, even willing to risk his friendships, apparently. Kenna shouldn't have been surprised - it was no secret that the Beater had little to no shame.

Although staying out of the middle of it and letting sleeping dogs lie was the easiest way to handle this situation, tattling on Liam seemed like the most moral thing to do. As much of a friend as Kenna considered him, he was a sleaze when it came to females, and she felt it was only right if Tyler knew that Liam had attempted to add his own sister to all of the notches in his bedpost behind his back.

It was a toss-up as to where Tyler could possibly be right now, but after careful deduction and remembering that the Hufflepuff boys' favorite pastries were the featured dessert on this evenings' dinner menu, she figured the Great Hall might be a good bet. Dinner was already over, but if she knew anything about Tyler - and she liked to think that she knew everything - it was probably that he was treating himself (and likely a case of the munchies) to his favorite indulgence.

Most others had cleared out when she entered the Great Hall, but dinner was still being served for those stragglers or anyone wanting seconds...thirds...fourths. Kenna spotted Tyler at the Hufflepuff table chatting with some of his housemates and approached, clearing her throat to draw attention once she was near. Curling her arm around Tylers' on his free side, Kenna tugged on him. "I need to talk to you."

She noticed the curious glances and raised eyebrows from his housemates whose conversation she had interrupted, and briefly allowed herself to bask in the presumption that he'd talked to them about her at some point. "Privately," she added, flashing his friends a suggestive smile. There was probably little to gain from doing so, but Kenna had her own flaws - one of those being that she enjoyed being talked about, and always entertained a good rumor about herself.
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