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Noella Evans

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Apr 2 2018, 01:58 AM
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char dev!

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Noella bumped into the display behind her clumsily, knocking some of its' contents down. <b>"Opp...opp"</b> she muttered, crouching down to pick things up, alternating her hands upwards to put them all back on the shelf blindly. Grr, freakin' lotion display. Why were there even so many on a shelf? And why was this just in the walkway? Agh!<p>

After a few minutes, once everything was neat and in order, Noella raised back up to a standing position, grabbed her purse up off of the floor, threw it over her shoulder, and started to head towards the exit. She didn't need anything from here, anyway.<p>

<i>"Hold it right there!"</i><p>

Noella whirled around, a look of shock on her face. <b>"Y-yes?"</b> she replied. Was she in trouble for knocking over the display? <b>"I-I'm sorry. I put it all back, as best as I could,"</b> she blurted out. <i>"It's not those that I'm worried about. It's the ones in there -"</i> the shopkeep announced, pointing a finger at her bag, from which two brand new lotions were sticking out of the top. <b>"Oh - oh gosh. This looks terrible,"</b> Noella muttered, then gulped. She hoped the clerk would believe her that this was entirely an accident.

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Dec 2 2017, 07:35 AM
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Ryan Belmont
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636 words<br>
SURPRISE, hope this is ok!

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Noella had to admit...she felt mighty silly for getting a gift for a boy whom she'd interacted with only a handful of times - all of them awkwardly - but when she spotted it in the odds and ends store in Hogsmeade Village the previous weekend, something gnawed at her to purchase it and gift it to him. Merlin...who even knew if he'd like it? Had he ever heard of one before? Used one? What if he hated them, or had bad memories associated with them?<p>

The anxiety and fear built up in Noella, but as she wandered through the halls of Hogwarts, awkwardly carrying around the silver paper and red bow-wrapped parcel, she knew that she needed to allow it to subside. She'd already made the purchase, and was here now, lugging this thing around - so she ought to see it through until the end. Now...where to find the older Ravenclaw boy?<p>

Ravenclaw Tower seemed like a good place to start, or, at least, the most obvious of choices. Her search proved futile, however, when upon inquiring with another Ravenclaw student if he was about, she was told that he hadn't been seen. Descending from Ravenclaw Tower, the heavy package still between both hands, Noella hoped that wherever Ryan was, she found him soon. This thing was getting heavy.<p>

Back in the corridors of Hogwarts, as Noella made her way towards her second option - the Great Hall - a familiar face came into sight up ahead. Swayed by the physical toll that carrying this gift around took on her, she almost uncharacteristically greeted him in a very excited manner. <b>"Ryan!"</b> She called out, drawing eyes of bystanders. Feeling their gaze on her, her cheeks flushed, and she bit her lip, deviating towards the side a bit, as if she were giving the boy the option to associate with her or not. He was, after all, far more popular than she was...she'd understand if he acted like he didn't know her.<p>

Pressing her spine into the cool stone wall behind her, she made way for people to pass by and waited for the Ravenclaw boy to make it the rest of the way down the hall towards her. Oh, Merlin, he was coming still, wasn't he? Or had he turned around in embarrassment? She glanced nervously sideways, seeing that he was closing in upon her. She gulped. Oh, boy, here it was. This was it. No turning back now.<p>

Attempting to flip her hair over her shoulder in a "cool" way to look at the boy, Noella instead, narrowly avoided banging her own head on the stone wall behind her. She winced briefly at her own stupidity before greeting him with a smile. <b>"Hey..."</b> she trailed off briefly, debating how to do this, before her self-realization kicked in and she told herself to dive right in, or else risk making herself look like an even bigger ditz. Or developing a sudden stuttering problem. Or both.<p>

She settled for casual, with a hint of trying to play it off. <b>"I, uh, I got you something. A gift, for the holidays,"</b> she offered, extending her arms - and the gift towards him, more than happy to pawn the weight off on someone else. Exchanging hands, her arms flopped down to her side, and she shook them out half-dramatically, waiting with baited breath for him to open up the present. As the seconds passed, the dread came back to haunt her and leave thoughts in her mind. This was overboard. She was in way too deep, way over her head. It was a bit much. He was probably going to hate it. She had no business buying him a gift. Oh my gosh, were they even friends?<p>

This felt so awkward. She was so awkward. Ugh.<p>

((the gift is a sled btw, the old school kind, like THIS 8D))
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