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Nikolai Vaselava

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Nov 7 2017, 03:13 AM
Time was certainly flying. It seemed like just yesterday, Nikolai had entered Durmstrang for the first time, and at the end of this summer, he'd be in his fifth year. Before he knew it, he was going to be graduating, doing Merlin knew what. Something to do with Quidditch, he hoped - but wasn't quite sure yet. He certainly had faith in his talent, but he was still only fourteen years old, and while he had been practicing Quidditch with his father for as far back as he could recall, he'd only become a part of an officially structured team - Hvergelmir's house team, of course - two years ago - and only just recently this last year had become Beater.

Quidditch was still very much so a toss-up; while he had natural talent, Nik was still trying to find his place in a lot of ways, especially within the team dynamic. He was too young and not senior enough to be Captain, but had promise. His first season spent as a Beater had gone swimmingly - perhaps even better than his first two years playing Seeker combined - but he wasn't committing to it just yet. He loved the power that came with holding that Beater's bat, but Seeking still appealed to him. He wondered if the Professional Quidditch league allowed flex players...hmm. Just in case, he figured he ought to at the very least practice the other position, just to keep up on his skills.

Hopefully there would be plenty of that this summer. Judas Vaselava was pretty reliable as a Quidditch partner and friend, despite being Nik's father. If history repeated itself, Nik would be able to get some hours in with him before the summer was through. The Hvergelmir boy suspected, however, that time with his dad wouldn't be the only Quidditch practice he got - especially this weekend. He, along with several others, had been invited to stay over for a long weekend at a beach house in Albena by an upperclassman Hvergelmir boy. It took some convincing, but hardly one to miss out on the fun, Nikolai had finally convinced his parents to allow him to go.

Honestly, most of Nik's description of the weekend on Bulgaria's Black Sea coast was scant in detail. He, of course, omitted the fact that the host, Viktor Lebedev was a notorious party boy, and that the beach house was likely to be filled with all sorts of sex, drugs, alcohol, and general debauchery. Seeing as Nik was the family's golden boy, and the fact that his sister, Katia Ana Vaselava attended Beauxbatons and therefore couldn't tattle on him, he was totally getting away with it. Before he knew it, the weekend had come, and he was showing up at the beach house without a second glance or thought from Mr. or Mrs. Vaselava.

After claiming a bunk in one of the several rooms in the rather exquisite oceanfront property by tossing his weekend bag on the bed, Nik slipped into some more beach-friendly attire, shedding his shirt and replacing his pants with some swim trunks, and headed down to the beach. He was one of the first arrivals, so it was quiet thus far - but he doubted it would be that way for long. His family didn't always get a chance to travel due to their modest income, so he took a rare moment of peace and quiet, standing on the soft, white sand, looking out across the shimmering turquoise water. He could have remained there forever, looking out at the ocean, if not for suddenly being pegged by a hard, round object in the back of the head.

With an oof, Nik whirled around just as a Muggle object that he knew to be a soccer ball fell to the ground after he'd broken its' acceleration. Scanning the beach, Nik spotted a familiar figure appearing in his field of vision - his fellow to-be fifth year Hvergelmir and pretty much the closest thing he could think of to a best friend, Jesper Martin Angelov . Nik was pretty popular, and had a lot of friends, but Jes was particularly fun to be around, considering the boy was always game to do anything, no questions asked.

The soon-to-be fifth year started to dribble the soccer ball between his two feet - oh, the blessing of being a natural athlete - before kicking it back towards Jes. As his friend came closer and was within speaking distance, Nik called out to him, speaking in his native Bulgarian tongue. "Yes! I knew you wouldn't miss this party," Nik said eagerly, and with a dangerous grin. "Ready for a wild weekend?"
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