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 The Incantatem Bestiary
Finite Incantatem
 Posted: Oct 29 2017, 09:56 PM
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the incantatem bestiary
noun; a descriptive or anecdotal treatise on various real or mythical kinds of animals, especially a medieval work with a moralizing tone.

There are a plethora of creatures that constitute as Beasts or Beings in the Harry Potter universe. While we generally acknowledge all of them in a canon-sense, for our sanity, we decided to pick and choose which ones might be more appealing to a member to roleplay. If there is a creature that you are aware of that is not listed below, feel free to contact a staff member, and we might be able to work something out where we include it, if there's enough interest. Unlike Special and Rare Abilities, creatures, while not necessarily plentiful, are not as rare. There are currently no limitations on Beasts or Beings. Dependent upon demand for positions, Administrators reserve the right to adjust these totals at any time - though don't worry - even if a limit is enforced, we will never remove someone from a position they've already claimed (unless in the event of inactivity).

With the head, torso, and arms of a human and the body of a horse, Centaurs might seem a bit scary at first, but they're quite majestic, especially with the regal manner in which they carry themselves. An extremely proud species, Centaurs prefer to only associate among themselves and other creatures that they deem intelligent enough. Several times over, the Ministry of Magic has offered for Centaurs to be considered Beings due to them being of human-intelligence (sometimes even smarter) - but collectively, the Centaurs have denied. Similar to Merpeople, they cannot fathom being considered of equal status to disgraces such as Hags and Vampires.

When it comes to associating with others, Centaurs must deem the other to be someone (or something) that they can respect. Merpeople typically fit the bill, but the Centaurs rarely find a reason to leave their forest habitats. Wizards are touch and go; most Centaurs believe themselves to be above humankind. They do take a liking to those who share prophetic insight, such as Seers. Most Centaurs are well-versed with at least Astronomy or Divination, if not excelling in both. Other hobbies of Centaurs include archery and music. Living in herd structures, these creatures definitely create hierarchies within their communities. Herds are generally anywhere from ten to fifty Centaurs.


Standing at a maximum of a mere six inches tall and often dressed in all green, Leprechauns are humanoid creatures...that could fit in your pocket. They primarily sustain themselves on vegetation and leafy greens. Though they tend to reside in forests and wooded areas, these Ireland-natives pop up in the most random of places, particularly keen on drawing attention to themselves - even if it's Muggle attention. They have little to no regard for the Statute of Secrecy, instead, just wanting to be seen, loved, and adored by all. While not considered wildly intelligent, Leprechauns are capable not only of speech, but holding coherent conversations with humans. They are also known to have the ability to read.

Mischief is nearly every Leprechauns' middle name. Devious little buggers, Leprechauns achieve pure joy by playing pranks on unsuspecting victims. They do so without malicious intent, leading the Ministry of Magic to refrain from classifying them anything higher than XXX, as they are not believed to be threatening to wizards. They are considered Beasts, but only on the basis that they have never requested to be identified as Beings with the Ministry of Magic.

The Ministry of Magic's classification of Merpeople - sometimes also referred to as Merfolk - as being "Beasts" is at no fault of the Ministry. Several times, they have offered - and been rejected - to switch Merpeoples' status to Beings, considering they are not only of human intelligence, but what most researchers believe to be even higher. Merpeople are a proud race, and do not take lightly to being lumped in the same category as Hags and Vampires - despicable creatures, in their books.

Merpeople are content living in the communities that they create underwater without being bothered by mere humans. Generally regarded as beautiful creatures, Merpeople are often adorned in lovely handmade jewelry, and armed with handcrafted weapons. They adore the arts - everything from paintings to sculptures to music. Merfolk can breathe above water for a limited amount of time, before needing to return underwater. They prefer it down there, really - beneath the blue waves lie highly organized colonies. In larger bodies of water, their creations only become more extravagant, some even appearing to be entire underwater cities. Merpeople even have their own language - Mermish - proving to the naysayers that write them off as 'dumb Beasts' that they truly exceed the intellect of most other creatures, including humans.


Werewolves are created when the blood or saliva of a transformed werewolf comes into contact with a non-afflicted person. This is most often in the form of a bite, but can also come as the result of a deep scratch. Newly created werewolves will encounter their first transformation during the following full moon.

A creature whose classification is often cause for argument, Werewolves fall into a grey area with the Ministry of Magic. In their human form, the Ministry recognizes them as a Being - but in their wolf form, Werewolves receive a XXXXX rating, meaning that they are known to kill wizards, and cannot be trained or domesticated. There is no cure for lycanthropy, but its' effects may be alleviated by using Wolfsbane Potion, if used properly (by drinking a goblet-full every day for the week preceding the full moon). While under the influence of Wolfsbane, the user will still complete a physical transformation during the full moon, but their human mind will stay intact, ultimately preventing any harm from coming unto others.

Perhaps facing the most scrutiny and discrimination of any Beast or Being, Werewolves tend to be feared, even in human form. Society shuns them, and as a result, many known Werewolves find it hard to acquire jobs later in life, facing poverty. Werewolves are required to register with the Beast Division of the Ministry of Magic - anyone who does not faces a penalty of sentencing to Azkaban. Being registered with the Ministry of Magic does not necessarily mean that the person is publicly known as a werewolf, however. Students who are Werewolves are allowed to attend school. Professors are highly encouraged to be sensitive to these sorts of situations, though it does not always happen. In an attempt to assist, however, each school is required by the Beast Division to assemble a team of staff members prior to each full moon to ensure that the students within their respective castle's walls living with this indisposition adhere to their Wolfsbane regimen and get the care that they need.

Alaric Greymark (Registered)
Alison Levesque (Registered)
Andrei Vaselava (Registered)
Bastien Argente (Registered)
Chelsea Lawrence (Unregistered)
Isaac Harrow (Registered)
Jaxton Graves (Registered)
Piper Hadley
Rafael Fremont (Unregistered)
Runa Hagen

Of short stature and known to sometimes be extremely hairy, Dwarves are considered Beings by the Ministry of Magic - and just barely. Hardly considered to be intelligent, and only capable of simple human conversation, Dwarves are not extended the right to a wand, and do not attend wizarding school. Primarily living in the mountains, Dwarves have a keen ability for building, mining, and traversing caves. They are a favored companion among the Cursebreaker community, as they can navigate tombs and tunnels without a second thought, proving to be wonderful navigators and assistants. That's not without proper compensation, however - though not the brightest creatures, Dwarves appreciate repayment in the form of over payment - usually dark artifacts or stolen goods.

Classified as a humanoid, Vampires are creatures of the night and generally regarded to be "risky" by the Ministry of Magic. For years, the Ministry has debated back and forth between whether or not Vampires should be considered Beasts or Beings. Currently, they are considered to be Beings. Vampirism can happen to anyone in the wrong place at the wrong time; while apprehensive, the Ministry of Magic does not deny known wizards-turned-Vampires the ability to carry a wand, ruling that the affliction cannot take precedence over one's natural-born ability.

Blood is the primary diet of Vampires. While some have no reservations over their source of said blood, other Vampires prefer a "vegetarian" approach, choosing strictly to feed off of animals. Such a meal is not nearly as satisfying as the blood of a human, but over time, a Vampire can "train" themselves to make do with non-human sources. The Ministry of Magic is quick to warn, however, that even the friendliest Vampire can succumb to blood lust. Vampires can consume other foods and drinks, but they do nothing besides please their taste buds.

Historically, Vampires wishing to "make good" and co-exist with the wizarding world will form families or covens. Besides being a show of good faith, Vampires tend to use these covens as a sort of support system to manage the struggles of dealing with their malady. Independent Vampires are often viewed as being "rogue." Regardless, all Vampires fall under the jurisdiction of the Council, who then answers to the Ministry of Magic.

Though not wildly popular due to the inherent danger of such a situation, there have been few instances of humans and Vampires having children together. These hybrid children are often referred to as Dhampirs, such as in Balkan folklore. Dhampirs draw most of their characteristics from their human parent, with one exception being that their blood both smells and tastes repugnant to Vampires, providing them a layer of protection. Dhampirs are allowed to have wands and attend magic school.

Vampires are considered to be immortal beings. While garlic might not do any more than just bug them or for their eyes to water, the only surefire way of ending a Vampire's seemingly endless life is by staking them through the heart with an Ash stake.

Often thought of as the sirens of the magical world, those with Veela blood running through their veins possess a trait that sometimes even the strongest wizard cannot fend off - charm. Though Veelas primarily appear to be 100% human, they are classified as semi-human by the Ministry of Magic. What sets them apart from regular humans (besides their astonishing beauty) is that when angered, Veela may take on a harpy-like appearance. In extreme cases, their lips will curl into a beak, they sprout a set of long, scaly wings out of their shoulders, and can even launch fireballs from their palms. Full Veelas seem to have their own trademark of magic; for this reason, the Ministry of Magic disallows them from owning wands. Full-Veelas do not attend magic school.

Over the years, humans have been known to associate with Veelas like regular humans. In some instances, these relationships result in marital unions or even children. When a human and a Veela procreate, the result is a Half-Veela. Half-Veelas inherit their Veela parents' beauty and charm, but cannot achieve a full transformation like their full-Veela parent when angry. Still, they are known to be terrifying in their own right when irate, and in special circumstances, may undergo one aspect of a rage-induced transformation - for example, they might temporarily grow a beak sans wings, or vice versa. This trait is generally weaker with each generation, and can be bred out of a bloodline over time. A Half-Veela is much more likely to experience this than someone who is a Quarter-Veela or Eighth-Veela.

Those of half or less than half-Veela heritage are classified as humans, per the Ministry of Magic, and are therefore allowed to carry wands, as well as attend wizarding school.

Adalaine Moretti (Half-Veela)
Lilian Faye (Half-Veela)
Roman Ozera (Half-Veela)

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