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 Official Rules of Finite Incantatem
Finite Incantatem
 Posted: Oct 29 2017, 07:22 PM
Corinne & LaceyAdult-ishHST & CSTmature? Yes •
Pure Blood
Each Other

Your Lord and Master

site rules
Well, that's sort of an open-ended header now, isn't it? Who we are as far as Finite Incantatem goes - we're a friendly, established community of avid roleplayers. Incantatem was created in August 2016 and officially opened in September 2016 with members in mind - we're all about the story here. We just want to post and chew bubblegum, and we're all outta bubblegum. We're a ragtag group of pretty chill, fun people - the rules might seem like a lot, but they're not, we promise. It's mostly all things that should go without saying. We just want to have fun! On Incantatem, members tend to aim for quality over quantity; we don't have a set word count, though we do encourage members to post-match if and when possible. We're a bright, creative group, so if you can't always manage a 500+ word post, don't worry - just give us content, and we should be able to work with it.

As far as the Admins go, we've got Admin Lacey and Admin Cor here to assist and answer any and all questions that you might have along your journey with us - and we do hope that you join us!

Finite Incantatem strives to be a drama-free zone, where members can come to relax and do what we all (presumably) came here to do - roleplay. At the end of the day, we all just want to plot our characters and write their stories. Please treat everyone equally! Welcome new members with open arms. Try to branch out and plot with everyone - you'd be surprised what you might find! Don't steal content from other members and/or the site. We do understand that we're all human, and not everyone always gets along - so should any problems arise, please attempt to address them via private message or off-site. If you require a staff member's assistance, feel free to reach out to Admin Lacey or Admin Cor - that's what we're here for.

While we are pretty lax about the age limits of our members, we do follow Jcinks' TOS in that you must be 13 years or older to register. That being said, the majority of our members are adults (18+).

We do have a Jcink Premium subscription, which means that we have a wide berth of content freedom. While most of the content that you will find on our site is what is considered "2-2-2" or PG-13, we do understand that some people find roleplaying "3-3-3" (more relative to rated-R or NC-17) threads preferable. Since we're not going to forbid or shame adult content, we go by the higher rating classification. Basically, we have a very "you do you, boo boo" attitude around here, so long as it does not make other people uncomfortable or violate Jcink Premium's TOS which you can find (and should familiarize yourself with) HERE.

On the note of comfortability levels, please remember that not everyone will have the same exposure or experiences that you might have. Every member is required to answer a "yes/no" dropdown in their profiles as to whether or not they are comfortable with mature content. Furthermore, members are encouraged to post in our Member Preferences thread with a more detailed description as to what they are and are not comfortable roleplaying. Coercing, pressuring, and/or forcing members into posts, threads, and plots containing content that they are uncomfortable with is extremely unacceptable and will result in a ban from our site.

ALL threads containing mature content MUST be marked with an [M] or [TW] in either the title or topic description. Jcink Premium has a built-in Restricted Tag that hides adult content to anyone who is under 18 years old or has not verified their birthdate.

In applications with adult content, the bulk of the application may be posted outside of the tags so that you may still have the opportunity to plot with others, regardless of mature preferences and/or age. Any content that may be questionable, offensive, or sensitive in nature must be hidden behind the restricted bbCODE tags (pro tip: there is a button built into the forum that inputs the code into your post!).

For threads containing adult content, the ENTIRE post is required to be hidden behind restricted tags.

These preventative measures help to avoid from any guests (since we cannot verify their age) and underaged members from gaining access to forums that they should not be privy to, and is a quick, easy, and courteous way to warn any adult members uncomfortable with mature topics to steer clear of that thread.

Administrators reserve the right to edit any and all topics within the forum to add [M] tags and trigger warnings, to hide adult content behind restricted tags, as well as to request that the posting member edits or removes certain sections of posts if they are deemed to be in violation of Jcink Premium's TOS. If there is something that you are unsure of and would like assistance in determining if your post might contain content warranting a [M] or [TW] and restricted tags, please contact Admin Lacey or Admin Cor, and we will be glad to help you sort it out.

First and foremost, none of us would be here if it weren't for the brainchild of J.K. Rowling that is the Harry Potter series. All things wizarding world are credit to her, with no claim to her original works, and no copyright infringement intended. The original basis of the site plot is copyright to Admin Cor. Finite Incantatem is, however, a sandbox roleplay - which basically means that the direction of the plot is member-driven. As new things are created, discovered, etc., members will be credited as appropriate. More information in regards to Site Credits, such as (but not limited to): layout, coding, graphics, suggestions, other concepts, and more can be found < HERE >. Stealing another user's character or posts is considered plagiarism, and plagiarism is strictly prohibited. We do understand that some characters may wind up being alike or similar - some plots may even run similar storylines - but word for word or reusing extremely unique ideas will likely come under scrutiny and will warrant a discussion with the Administrators. Ripping templates or any other codes from resource sites and using signatures from graphics sites without crediting the creators are both also a grounds for a warning. We will attempt to rectify situations to the best of our ability; blatant violation of the rules will result in a temporary or permanent ban, dependent upon the severity of the situation.

When creating an account, please register with your character's name in the following format: First Last. This will become both your user tag (@[name]) and display name.

Be sure to use the appropriate application - either a student or an adult. Links to the templates can be found in several locations on the site, including the sidebar under the "Links" header. If you are not quite finished with your application, please indicate that it is unfinished by putting (WIP) in the thread title. All WIP applications must be completed within two weeks of the thread being posted, or it will be moved to the archives. Face Claims will only be honored once the character is accepted. While we do not currently impose a character limit, we do ask that all of your characters be active before posting a new biography. "Active" constitutes as a post having been made in the one (1) month preceding the creation of your new biography. After submitting your application, please allow the Administrators two days (48 hours) to decision your application before poking or reminding them. We usually tend to them quicker than that, but hey, sometimes real life stuff happens.

We are a non-canon site - what that means is that we follow the world of Harry Potter...without the characters. Please do not create the characters (or relatives of characters) from the books/movies - this includes trying to sneak exact replicas of canon characters in with new names. Please refrain from using common surnames found in the books/movies - this includes Potter, Weasley, Granger, Longbottom, Malfoy, etc. We do realize that some of these are common last names in some of the settings of our site, but disallowing them altogether helps alleviate confusion.

Keep it real! Not everyone is perfect - even the prettiest, richest, purest of Pure Bloods have flaws. Be sure to incorporate them into your character. Characters with seemingly no limitations will likely be rejected during the application process - of course, we would be happy to take a second look once you can prove to us that your character isn't, in fact, perfect. Please do be sure to follow HP-verse; while we aren't canon in the character sense, we do still follow the wizarding world in most terms - such as how not everyone can master wandless magic, or how a first year would not be able to conjure a Patronus Charm (not even taught until NEWT level). On the note of special abilities, due to past abuse, we must enforce a site-wide rule that your first character may not have a special ability. If they wish to learn a teachable skill (such as becoming an animagus) after one (1) month of membership on the site, then they may begin learning at that time. Any roleplayers' subsequent characters may be applied with a special ability, so long as there are sites per ability, and per roleplayer.

We are first and foremost a HP-verse site, which means that characters need to fit the HP-verse mold. Please do not try to fit characters from other lores and verses. We don't want the site to become a teen city roleplay, a Game of Thrones roleplay, a royals roleplay, or some other sort of genre. Drawing inspiration is one thing, but breaking canon and being historically inaccurate and/or non-believable is a whole other subject that will likely get your application rejected. On our site, especially since the basis of our plot revolves around the political events of 2016, real world also equals canon. Therefore, do not alter anything known in the real world. Do not create characters that are meant to embody an existing real-life person, whether past or present. You may also not create a presently existing person and give them "magical properties." For example: don't substitute Prince Harry for your character, because Prince Harry exists in the real world, but also do not make Prince Harry himself, and then suddenly say he's magical and went to Hogwarts. We also do not allow characters that are related to or are descendants of real people in history. For example, we know in the real world that Queen Elizabeth II has four children: Charles, Anne, Andrew, and Edward. Do not claim to be her fifth illegitimate love child named Petunia that has been hidden away for the last fifty years - we won't allow it.

Members may feel free to return to their applications at any time to update information as needed, such as life events (and subsequent personality traits that might make sense after such events), where they live in the event of a move, etc. Users are strictly forbidden, however, to do a complete overhaul of their character without an Administrator's approval. Characters found to have been drastically edited will have their user rank removed and will be forced to go through the application process again.

On Finite Incantatem, we realize - and respect - that real life comes first. Because of this, hassling other members for posts is HIGHLY discouraged - you never know what someone might be going through on the other side of that computer screen. While we don't require our members to be online and posting every single day, we would certainly love it if you can manage it! Whether you're popping by daily or are a weekend warrior, though, we love you all the same. That being said, we do have a few limits in the way of activity. Please try to at least log in with your characters once a month. If you need to be away for an extended period of time for whatever reason, please post an absence to let others know. Doing so will also protect you from losing certain positions, abilities, and Face Claims. If no absence is posted or no attempt to contact the staff has been made, your accounts will be considered "forgotten" or "abandoned," and any claims that you have become fair game for other members to scoop up.

Bi-annually, we will hold activity checks on the site. When one is posted, you will have one month to provide a link to an in-character post made within a month of the date that you posted. If a character is not saved and subsequently deleted from the site, members will be required to go through the application process again should they wish to bring the character back. (The secret password is Nargles.) Please be aware, if your character is deleted due to inactivity, you are at risk of losing positions, face claims, special abilities, etc. to other members should they wish to stake claim on them.

[ DO's & DON'Ts ]
While posting, please keep the following in mind:

- DO respect all of your fellow roleplayers, both in character (IC) and out of character (OOC). Please DO NOT use characters as a device to "get back" at a roleplayer for something OOC. Bleed is NOT cool, and can get you banned. If you have an issue with another roleplayer, please try to resolve it amicably OOC. Don't be shy to involve the Admins to mediate if you have to - we're reasonable, and want to get everyone back to being on the same page and having a blast.

- DO NOT godmod or powerplay! Presuming what another roleplayer's character might think, say, do, etc. is a bannable offense, and should not be happening under any circumstances, unless permitted by the other character's roleplayer.

- DO use [M] tags in the thread titles of posts containing questionable or mature content. This includes violence and sexual situations. Not everyone likes reading bloody gore or sensual smut - if you think it might make someone else cringe or blush, then please label it as a mature topic. Trigger warnings should be highly visible preceding the content of the post in question so that there are no incidents where one might accidentally come across sensitive subjects that they don't want to see.

-DO write your posts in third person past tense. This is a common writing style on roleplaying forums and is the preference of the majority of both staff and members of the site. To avoid confusion and to keep everything uniform, please abide by this rule in both standard in character posts, but also in anything that might utilize your character's voice or thoughts - such as owls, journals, etc.

Users may feel free to create personal plots at their own free will. While we encourage involving a broad range of characters with your own, we do understand that not ALL characters fit with every other. That being said, don't be afraid to try new things! If you have a question about plotting or need motivation, contact Admin Lacey or Admin Cor for some assistance. As far as the site plot goes, we do have an outline (the "setup," if you will, to get the ball rolling). Please feel free to incorporate it into your own plots, as well as to build off of it. Our plot is member-driven, and therefore relies on ideas, comments, and suggestions from YOU! Short of things that would seriously break the direction of the plot or alter history as we know it, we're pretty open. (And if you ever have any questions, don't hesitate to ask Admin Cor.)

One thing that we ARE strict about in terms of the site plot is retconning. No one can be expected to keep up with the history of deleted characters on the site or reading through hundreds of old posts - therefore, if a character is deleted either by staff or their player, their contributions to Incantatem's history are considered forfeited, and will be void. The exception to this rule is if a character is killed off due to plot related reasons and/or a plan was set into motion between the roleplayer and Administrators involving the character's disappearance/death/deletion. These circumstances will be featured in the < SITE PLOT & TIMELINE > for everyone to use as plot fodder.

To not only keep things realistic, but to also spice things up a bit, there are several posting permissions granted to specific user groups on our site that all users should be aware of - because while we all like surprises (or, you should, anyway - otherwise you might be in the wrong place!), we don't like it when they ruin our plots. The most important ones to be aware of are as follows:

• ALL site events and/or group threads are open to the possibility of a RANDOM EVENT occurring. Random Events may also be specifically requested for closed/private threads. For more information on Random Events, please visit THIS THREAD.

• ALL school staff and student leaders (Head Boy/Head Girl or President/Vice President) have the ability to "interrupt" threads of others, within reason. Threads that qualify are ones that are located anywhere within the staff member's or student leader's jurisdiction - aka respective school grounds and respective surrounding wizarding villages during the school year ONLY. If you do not wish for your thread to be open to interruption, you must indicate that somewhere in the OOC notes of your post. All qualifying threads without such a note is considered to be open to interruption/fair game. That being said, if you do forget to notate your thread and a school staff member/student leader does happen to interrupt, and it is detrimental to your plot, please first discuss with the school staff member/student leader about editing or removing their post. If the conflict cannot be resolved, please contact either Admin Lacey or Admin Cor. More information on Interruption Privileges and examples of when and where this power may be used can be found HERE.

• Common Room permissions ARE open on the forums, meaning Hufflepuffs can post in the Slytherin Common Room, Flegmatiques in the Sanguines, so on, and so forth - however, this is NOT a free-for all. Students may ONLY visit another house's common room under any of the following three conditions:

1.) If they follow a friend in (your post MUST reflect this - and sure, so that this isn't limited to only one or two members on our site, we WILL allow said "friend" to be NPC'd if necessary)

2.) If they are an identical twin with knowledge of the Common Room's password

3.) If they use Polyjuice Potion to resemble a member of the house's Common Room they are sneaking into and have knowledge of the Common Room's password. (Note: Straight from HP Wiki, Polyjuice Potion is described as "a complicated and challenging potion that even adult witches and wizards struggle to brew correctly. The potion is incredibly advanced and has two separate parts that contain steps for each part, when brewing is complete the potion has to stew for a month before usage." If this is the method that you choose, PLEASE make sure that it is within reason for your character. Anything unrealistic or that may be considered powerplaying/very "Mary Sue" of your character may warrant a reminder or warning from the Administrators).

Please be aware that posting in a Common Room that is not YOUR OWN is considered SNEAKING and that there are RISKS attached to it! Those risks include the ability to be caught by a grumpy painting that might quickly run into a frame in the Headmaster/Headmistress's office to tattle, being caught by a Prefect of the house whose' common room you've snuck into, or being caught by that house's Head of House. These threads are NOT immune to the interruption privilege listed above! You may ask nicely in the OOC notes of your post, of course, to not be caught or to not have your thread interrupted - but your request does not necessarily need to be honored. The bottom line is, if you post in a Common Room not your own, you must follow one of the three conditions listed above, and you do it entirely at your own risk.

Hotlinking is not allowed! Please host your images on photo hosting sites such as Tiny Pic, Imgur, or Photobucket. If you are using a signature, please ensure that it is no more than 500px wide - anything larger may stretch the forums. Give credit where credit is due - if you are using a graphic or graphics that you did not make in your signature, you are expected to credit the creator.

While we do not require post codes, hover trackers, sliders, doo-dads, bells, whistles, zippers, and yaddayaddayadda, a lot of our members do use them. If you need assistance finding or using one of these codes, contact Admin Cor and she'll be happy to help you out. All original credit must be left on graphics and codes; if a member is found to be in violation of stealing graphics or coding for themselves or stripping credits off of things, the Administrators may take action against the violator, including a warning and/or ban.

The rules of Finite Incantatem apply to the CBox! Consider it an extension of the site. Please refrain from sensitive topics, respect your fellow members, respect YOURSELVES (venting is one thing - excessive apologizing, self-depreciation, and derogatory comments about oneself will NOT be tolerated), and welcome and assist Guests/Visitors.

SPOILERS ARE EXTREMELY FROWNED UPON - whether Harry Potter related or not! A lot of us have similar interests and frequently read the same books, watch the same TV shows and movies, etc. Please be mindful when discussing common media that not everyone viewing the CBox might be on the same page or episode as you. Administrators reserve the right to delete excessively spoilery comments from the CBox, as well as any other posts, comments, remarks, etc. that may be deemed as rude or inappropriate.

Users are encouraged to register their CBox name by clicking the "Profile" link and selecting a password.

Icons/avatars may be used in the CBox, and can be done so by placing a URL to a square ratio (i.e. 100x100, 200x200, etc.) image in the "e-mail / url" field. Gifs are OK.  (Remember, NO HOTLINKING!)

Please remember that the CBox is a privilege, and Administrators reserve the right to temporarily or permanently ban users depending upon the severity of the situation.


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