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 Adult Clubs & Organizations
Finite Incantatem
 Posted: Oct 29 2017, 10:01 PM
Corinne & LaceyAdult-ishHST & CSTmature? Yes •
Pure Blood
Each Other

Your Lord and Master

adult clubs & organizations
Info about current clubs and organizations for school students, including current membership lists, can be located in this thread.

We provide both official and unofficial clubs and organizations here. Official clubs and organizations are recognized by an establishment (such as a place of work, business, etc.) and have some form of structure or hierarchy. Unofficial clubs and organizations may not have as much structure and are seen more as potentially smaller groups sharing the same hobby.

For example, a Diagon Alley Neighborhood Watch would probably be recognized on an official level due to there possibly being a large interest in it. A casual book club, however, may lean more towards "unofficial" as they do not have strict membership requirements, meeting schedules, and are member-driven versus corporate.

In order to join a club or organization, leave a club or organization, or change your position in the club or organization, please use the code below. If you are requesting a special position, please state so in the description of the request, otherwise, we will just assume that you wish to be a regular member.

[b]Name:[/b] [b]Joining/Leaving/Editing?:[/b] [b]Club or Organization(s):[/b] [b]Brief Description of Request:[/b]

If there is a club or organization not currently on Incantatem that you wish to see, please let us know below by using the form provided.

Members submitting new club or organization ideas have first dibs for roles within, such as President, Vice President, Leader, etc.

[b]Name:[/b] [b]Name of Club or Organization Requested:[/b] [b]Official or Unofficial?:[/b] [b]Description of Club or Organization (mission, goals, values, etc.):[/b] [b]History of Club or Organization?:[/b] For example - did your character create the club a few days ago, or has it been around for years? [b]Position requested if approved?:[/b]

info about the DE's here

Not all Death Eaters know each other, due to the secrecy of the group. All, however, should know the founder, or know someone in the DEs who brought them into it. This should be reflected in your history/application.

• [ Leader ] Raleigh Augustine
• [ Second-in-Command ] Aurelien Roux
• [ Members ] OPEN
Constantine Frost
Mnemosyne Sinclair
Nikolai Vaselava
Pierre Gardinier

ootp info here

The Order is still a young, secret group, so all members of this group should be brought in by someone already within the group. This should be reflected in your history/application.

• [ Leader ] Jeremiah Murray
• [ Second-in-Command ] OPEN
• [ Members ] OPEN

info here

• [ Leader ] OPEN
• [ Second-in-Command ] OPEN
• [ Members ] OPEN

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