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 Special & Rare Abilities
Finite Incantatem
 Posted: Oct 29 2017, 09:58 PM
Corinne & LaceyAdult-ishHST & CSTmature? Yes •
Pure Blood
Each Other

Your Lord and Master

special & rare abilities
Occasionally in the magical world, a witch or wizard will possess a special or rare power that sets them apart from others. To have any one of these gifts is a truly exceptional feat - which is why we do have limits as to how many of each category the site can accommodate. Whether born or learned, each ability is a unique talent that can either be viewed as a blessing or a curse.

Due to the limited number of positions, we currently ask that members have no more than two abilities per character, and no more than five total abilities across all of your characters. Creatures do not count towards this total. Dependent upon demand for positions, Administrators reserve the right to adjust these totals at any time - though don't worry - even if the limits are lowered, we will never remove someone from a position they've already claimed (unless in the event of inactivity).

We also ask that if this is your first character on the site, that you refrain from selecting a special ability during the application process, as we would like to see you in action first. This doesn't mean that your character can't learn a special ability after joining the site, just that we would prefer it if you didn't start with one.

A rare branch of magic dating as far back as A.D., Alchemy focuses on the study of and practice of transmutation of substances. A highly skilled Alchemist may master the art of transforming common metals into gold or silver, create a cure for a disease, or discover new elements in the world altogether. A perfected Alchemist may even possess the ability to prolong life indefinitely. True Alchemists are rare; many practice for years, and still cannot have enough time in the world to learn everything. As a result, most Alchemists are practicing - and do so for the majority of their lives.

[ ALCHEMISTS -- 2 / 3 ]
Eliana Ostergard (In-Training)
Mackenzie Alexander (In-Training)

Animagi are taught - not born. A skill that requires a whole lot of dedication, time, and practice, anyone who masters it may morph into an animal at will. One cannot choose the animal they will become - it is determined by each individual's personality or traits. To become an Animagus requires not only a lot of training, but perhaps the most painstaking part of the entire process is that one must hold a mandrake leaf in their mouth for a month. Transforming can be done with or without a wand once the skill is mastered. Most Animagi have some sort of identifying mark in their animal form that is a result of something on their human body - for example, a scar, birthmark, etc. might manifest itself as a different shade of skin or fur on the animal. Animagi are required to be registered with the Ministry of Magic - but that doesn't necessarily mean that everyone adheres to the rules. Unregistered Animagi are subject to a sentence in Azkaban if caught.

McKenna Alexander - River Otter (In-Training)
Milen Fedoruk - Moose (In-Training)

Jessie Jameson - German Shepherd (In-Training)
Laszlo Yegorov - Siberian Tiger (In-Training)
Shaundi Severin - Lynx (In-Training)
Stanimir Kovlov - Timber Wolf

One who can enter someone else's mind and read and interpret the target's thoughts and feelings is considered to be a Legilimens. A learned skill, mastering the art of Legilimency is known to go as far back as the 11th century. A particularly skilled Legilimens may invade their target's mind without uttering an incantation - an exceptional Legilimens may do it both without a wand or an incantation. The opposite of Legilimency is Occlumency. Legilimency typically occurs with the initiator going undetected, except for in the cases where the target may be an Occlumens. There is currently no need for a Legilimens to register their ability with the Ministry of Magic.

[ LEGILIMENS -- 03 / 15 ]

A metamorphmagi's abilities are not only inherited but extremely rare. Possessing the capability to change their physical appearance at will, Metamorphmagis do not require any sort of potions or spells to complete their transformation. Often manifesting itself at a young age, a Metamorphmagi's ability may start out small - such as just altering one's hair color - and as they grow older and gain more control over their body and mind, may complete full transformations into a wide variety of forms. Unlike Animagi, a Metamorphmagus may choose what - or who they take the appearance of, and even change gender and age.

[ METAMORPHMAGI -- 5 / 5 ]

The opposite of Legilimency, the art of Occlumency is also the opposite, in that it is used to close one's mind against invasions made or attempted by a Legilimens. The primary purpose of Occlumency is to guard ones' mind, thoughts, feelings, and memories - but a particularly skilled Occlumens may even influence or "warp" what an invading Legilimens extracts from the victim's mind. Occlumency is a trained skill, and is not inherited. It does take a considerable amount of time to master, and is sometimes even considered to be more difficult than Legilimency.

[ OCCLUMENS -- 05 / 15 ]
Aurelien Roux
Desmond Passerini (In-Training)
Elizabeth Greene
Ezio D'orolione (In-Training)
Nikolai Vaselava

Parselmouths are individuals who have the ability to speak Parseltongue - or the language of serpents (and other serpent-based creatures). Often a hereditary skill, it is still rare, and does not necessarily get passed down every generation. When a Parselmouth speaks to its' intended reptilian audience, they make a hissing sound, similar to that of a snake. Anyone within the vicinity who can hear will not understand what is being said, unless they, too, are a Parselmouth. Parselmouths may not only communicate with serpents and serpent-like creatures, but may also influence their will, as well, though there is no known Parselmouth to have achieved full control over their target. Parselmouths rarely speak the language at will - it often happens inadvertently when in a situation in or around actual snake-like creatures, or even snake-like objects...such as carvings or paintings. This can lead to some of the tongue, if you will.

[ PARSELMOUTHS -- 03 / 10 ]

Many individuals will attempt to harness their energy into prophesying over their lifetimes, but the only ones who truly can do so are Seers. Not that a practicing Seer is necessarily a fraud - but only true Seers - which are exceedingly rare - can see into the future with their Inner Eye. Historically, any prophecies made by credible Seers are recorded and stored in the Hall of Prophecy in the Department of Mysteries, located in the Ministry of Magic. Most Seers' abilities start of and remain small for most of their lives, and are out of their control - snippets of visions here and there, and other signs indicative of glimpses into the future ("signs," etc.). Extremely well-practiced Seers, however - ones who typically make a career revolving around their ability - are sometimes able to not only control their visions, but call upon them at will. Regardless, most people remain skeptical of Seers and their abilities.

[ SEERS -- 4 / 5 ]

Considered a highly dangerous and mysterious art form of its' own, Spell Invention is literally as it sounds - the invention, creation, and execution of new spells. Only witches and wizards with a great understanding of magic possess the ability to invent new spells. It takes years to see a spell through start to finish, and requires not only a great deal of practical time, figuring out the logistics of the potential spell - but additionally, a great deal of practicing said spell. Once a spell is deemed manageable, all relevant documents and the rights to the spell are often given up to the Ministry of Magic, sorted by type (curse, hex, jinx, healing, etc.), rated, and tagged with a Trace Spell (for any potential underage users). For as long as it takes to create a spell, it is not a viable career for anyone, and is often done as a 'supplement,' 'hobby,' or in the 'free time' of exceptionally skilled wizards wishing to have their name go down in history.

[ SPELL INVENTORS -- 2 / 5 ]
Laurent Sauveterre
Xander Strange (Aspiring / In - Training)

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