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Jan 15 2018, 10:50 PM
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There was no doubt about it, this year was blowing all previous ones out of the water. Alison was enjoying being at Hogwarts to the fullest. Did she miss France and Beauxbatons? Of course, but Hogwarts was bringing so many new opportunities. There were so many cool people from different schools gathered under one roof. More importantly there were tons of hot guys, most of which all open for Alison to try flirting with. She was confident to say that her game felt strong this year. Made better with her stellar introduction earlier in the year where she made sure to let everyone know that she was down for a good time.
Besides the people, the grounds of Hogwarts were lovely. Alison found herself wanting to wander around and explore at every available opportunity. Even the cold, wintery weather couldn’t stop her as she exited the large doors leading from the castle. Boots on her feet, and a cute, light blue coat protecting her from the chill, Alison practically skipped as her feet hit the snow-covered ground. Other than the blanket of white on the ground the weather wasn’t too bad. The skies were clear, and she thought she’d seen the sun trying to peak out from the clouds. It was an excellent day to be outside.
Alison didn’t waste any time making her way to the lake. She wasn’t sure what she wanted to do, except maybe walk around and take in her surroundings. Classes were over and there was still plenty of time before dinner, so there was plenty of time to kill. If anything she’d use it as an excuse to make new friends, or accidentally bump into any cute boys who caught her eye. Not that she expected to be so easily distracted. There was hope, but she wasn’t in need of the company that badly.
The more she walked the more it became obvious that she wasn’t the only one who wanted to sneak outside for a bit. She passed by a surprising amount of students on her path to the lake, but no one caught her eye immediately. Most were already busy doing their own thing or hanging with friends already. Catching sight of a familiar head of blonde hair, a wide smile crossed her face. Was that her cousin? It felt like it had been awhile since she’d last hung out with Rebecca, so the two of them were desperately due for some cousin time.
<b>“Salut, Rebecca! Salut!”</b> Alison called out to the other girl, just as her feet began running forward to meet up with the other girl. When she was by her cousin’s side, Ali smiled brightly while meeting her eyes. <b>“What’s up? You up for walking around, hanging out with me?”</b> The question left her mouth before she knew it, not that she regretted it. She could get excited for hanging with family. It would help them grow closer and bond and all. Family was important, and she wanted to friendly with everyone who was a part of hers. <b>“If not, that’s cool. I just thought it’s been awhile since I hung out with my favorite cousin.” </b>


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Rebecca Levesque │ cousin fun timez 8D
</div><a href="" style="font: bold 8px/20px calibri; opacity: .5; text-align:center; display: block;">BY MITZI</a>


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Nov 7 2017, 05:02 PM
The summer months were always amongst Alison’s favorite. She enjoyed the warm weather while exploring the city whenever possible. Usually, she was stuck in her hometown of Le Havre. It was a wonderful city no doubt, but France was a country filled with culture; she wanted to explore it all. Not to mention Paris was one of her favorite cities. Whenever she could find an excuse to go, Ali would jump on the opportunity like a rabbit.

And since her father was an editor for a well-established fashion magazine, at least in the muggle world, he often traveled to the city to conduct interviews or research the latest fashions. Alison always loved those trips. They allowed her to bond more with her Papa, while sometimes letting her gain information as to the latest fashion trends. Being into fashion was practically a requirement in her family. She was around it so much, that she found herself more interested in the intricate details of the industry more than others might be. It was all super fascinating, particularly after learning how some of the famous designers thought. There were many things she remained clueless about, but hearing her father talk about the industry fascinated her. There was a lot more that went into it than just creating pretty clothing.

Alison wandered through the streets of Paris, while her Papa was away doing an interview with a new, up and coming designer. She was wearing a cute summer dress that she had purchased just the other day, and the weather was perfect for her to take the outfit for a spin.

As always, the streets were crowded with different people going about various activities. It was simple enough to separate the tourists from the locals and frequent visitors, yet the excitement in the air was refreshing. Paris was one of the best cities in Europe. So many places caught her eye, from one of the many art museums in the area to all the stores that lined the streets. Deciding where to go was always a tricky topic. It depended on her mood, not to mention how much time she had to spend there. With only a few hours to spare before she had to meet her father, that would leave most department stores out. No new clothing from her, which was a shame even if she didn’t feel a need to get anything. The mall was also out of the question, if only for the fact that there'd be no getting her out for several hours once she stepped foot in.

Which left the smaller stores. So many to choose from, but one, in particular, caught her eye. It was a small shop that specialized in selling different types of athletic equipment. True, it wasn’t the kind of location that normally caught her eye, but this one, in particular, was known for having a variety of gear ideal for dancers as well. She knew she was in desperate need for some new equipment, maybe a new outfit or two as well. Without thinking much more, Alison quickly headed toward the store in a haste eager to check it out.

Alison pushed open the door and immediately sought out the dancing section. The selection wasn’t the most ideal, but it was surprisingly impressive for a store that focused primarily on what was deemed more traditional sports. In her mind dancing was indeed a sport, a claim she would fight for against anyone who tried to say it wasn’t. Her eyes locked on a cute pair of street dancing shoes, and her eyes lit up instantly. They were perfect. She was in desperate need for an ideal pair of shoes to get more into street dancing, so the find couldn’t have come at a better moment.

Picking them up, she looked over them for a few seconds before deciding that they were ultimately perfect. The price was a bit steep, but she could already see herself getting so much use out of them. Alison picked up the box and turned to further explore the store. She might have found something she wanted, but there was plenty of time to spare. It seemed like a good enough time to check out the rest of the store, and do a little browsing. Besides, it wasn’t like she had anything better to do.

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