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Being accused of stealing wasn’t something Finley was used to. She was sitting in the back of Honeyduke’s, skittish with nerves, waiting to be confronted once more by the owner. In her hands was a package of chocolate frogs. Her fingers clenched it gently, as she fought to hold back the tears from coming. She had no idea how it had wound up in her pocket. While visiting she’d never gone near that corner of the store. It shouldn’t have been there.
Yet it was and she couldn’t fathom how.
Hearing someone entering the room her head shot up; her lips quivering and body shaking more intently. <b>“I...I don’t know how that got there,”</b> she whimpered fighting back tears. <b>“I didn’t want these..”</b> She shoved them at the owner, eyes refusing to look at them. <b>“I do remember someone bumping into me...and...and sticking closer than I’d like…”</b> Whether it would be taken as an excuse or not she didn’t know. Although she was beginning to wonder if a bully had shoved them in her pocket. Or someone who wanted her to get into trouble.


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take it in your heart now, lover ◭
</div><a href="" style="font: bold 8px/20px calibri; opacity: .5; text-align:center; display: block;">BY MITZI</a>


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<h2>i need a secret place</h2>
▩ Dad gave this to me as part of a Christmas gift. That letter I sent confiding in him about some of the things that are happening might have had something to do with. He told to write things down in here. To use it as a record for whatever I wish to write down inside it. I don't know if it'll work, but I'll try. <p>

▩ Am I really ugly? That group of girls keep calling me ugly. Saying my hair is dyed or fake. I know it's not, but it hurts. Then there are others who say the opposite. They tell me pretty. Some boys have even said I was...I was cute. <s> I'm not cute. I can't be cute, not when I feel like I'm always sad. </s> That I don't believe, but it made me feel better. I want to believe them. I want to be pretty, but the mean comments are always louder in my head. <p>

▩ I was slow to leave a few of my classes, hesitating over whether to talk to some of the professors. I thought about opening up. Telling them about the girls who bully me. Yet as the minutes ticked by, my nails digging into the flesh of my hand, I chickened out. I don't know if any of the professors noticed me lingering. If they did they didn't say anything. <p>

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<h1>My Dog</h1>
<h2>Trinket, the cuddliest and best wolfdog </h2>
▩ Dad sent me a photo of Trinket over the weekend. She looks so pretty laying in the snow. <p>


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page four things

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page five things

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page 6 things

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page 7 things

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page 8 things

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page 9 things

<div class="bjcov"><h1>Finley's Bullet Journal</h1></div>
<div class="squabbles"><a href="">thanks evvie</a></div>
Jan 15 2018, 03:30 PM

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Pintrest board

pet -
a Czechoslovakian wolfdog named Trinket
hometown - Blackpool England
Currently resides - Hogwarts, Liverpool, England

1.) Fragile Flower
2.) Shrinking Violet
3.) Hates Being Alone
Dec 29 2017, 10:51 PM
Okay first of all I don’t know if I can call any of these ‘wanted plots’ necessarily, though most of them could be cool to explore and/or try out. Most of these are just random ideas I had at some point, and that kind of just got tossed aside for whatever reason. Usually because I was nervous about asking for some of them, or just didn’t know how to approach people. Cause I am shy and timid xD Still all of are plots I would love to try to play out, if anyone is interested in taking the bait.

But yeah, let’s list these ideas. And if anyone is interested in any of them, then please feel free to hit me up. Or hit me up to throw in your own ideas if you want 8D

Alison Levesque – Obviously she could use people to hook up with, and just general flirting buddies. I also really like the idea of her having a childhood best friend. Like someone who has developed a crush on her, but hasn’t really said anything to her. Like they jealously watch from a corner while she hits on all the guys, but also always has her back when she needs it. They’d balance each other out. And he’d be like some who’s maybe perfect for her, but she doesn’t realize it yet. Maybe never will, until she finds herself on the receiving end of a horrid relationship. On the other side, any guys want to take advantage of her. She could use those too.

Brynjar Hansen – Oh Bryn, how I love you. But I also love breaking my characters, and your so gentle and sweet that I almost feel compelled to break you in some way. Pretty much he’s just a nice guy. Someone who likes making others smile, and is always encouraging. He’s also a secret romantic, and has his own insecurity issues that he never talks about. Pretty much I want him to get involved in a relationship that could leave him heartbroken. Maybe it’s a mistake, and the two really do grow to care for each other but the girl messes up in some way? Or maybe a girl sees his genteelness as something to take advantage of, and use him temporarily for whatever reasons? Honestly, I just want him to get trapped in some kind of dramatic relationship.

Claire Dubois – She’s cynical af, and often parties and lives on the wild side as a way to hide her own insecurities. Like I say, she’s very much an introvert living an extroverted lifestyle. Mostly cause emotions suck. I really, really want someone to maybe witness her more vulnerable side. Maybe become a sort of confident which can lead into a friendship. On the other side, if anyone wants to take advantage of her then I’m always down for breaking her. I love Claire, and I just want more things to do with her. Like seriously, she might be one of my favorite students. -pets her-

Dana Petrov – Dana has always been my character who I can see as going either way. She can easily fall to the dark side, or she can become a badass auror. I honestly don’t know where she’ll go, and she needs some help to be bent either way. This year she’s pretty much in the midst of having a mental breakdown, and coming to the realization that no matter what she does she will never live up to the expectations her father has for her. I kind of want a romance plot for her. I want her to meet a nice guy who is there for her, and offers to let her confide him. Preferably he’d be older (around 20-21), but another student might work. I don’t, we can talk. I just want her to meet a nice boy, and the two of them can have a long, slow burn romance if things work out. Or there can be more than one, and we can play things out until she has to choose. Alternatively, near the end of the year she is going to learn more about her mother. How the woman died, as well that she was half-blood? Which means that Dana herself isn’t pureblood, and her father has been lying to her about that in years. So, she could be manipulated into falling down darker paths. Maybe develop interest in necromancy, in a strange hope to meet her mother? I don’t know. She’s torn between two paths, and I just…I just want things to happen that can help lead down one or the other. Or maybe tear her even further…where she continues to linger in-between, unsure which is the right path for her. cause the gray area feels so right.

Lucas Vanetti – Oh Luke, I’m sorry but I’ve been getting random ideas for you since the day I snagged you up. I love him, and I’m always excited for new plots and scenarios to throw him into. Pretty much I just want to push him out of his comfort zone more. Maybe throw him into a romance plot. Like a girl maybe asks him on a date and he hesitantly accepts? Maybe she’s someone who people think is far from his type, but the two end up hitting it off pretty well? Or he can be set up on several blind dates, maybe even as a prank or someone trying to help him? I don’t know. I’m up for anything. But come on, I think this boy needs to experience some kind of romance plot.

I also have an idea of his father getting released from Azkaban, and him kind of freaking out over that. I don’t know when would be a good time for it to happen, especially with spellcraft this year, but he needs to have a point where he breaks down.

Another idea is for him to have a Professor who takes an interest in him, and sort of helps to mentor him. Like they help him figure out what he should do after school, like what kind of career he should pursue. Of course, it doesn’t have to be a professor, any adult will do if you have other ideas.

Shaundi Severin - This is something I’ve always wanted to play out since I first made her like six years ago. (Damn, I’ve been playing her for a long time) In short, I want her to get involved in a horrible and abusive relationship, one that leaves her broken. It doesn’t even have to be a relationship per say, just her falling for a guy who ends up abusing her and hurting her in some way. I’d also like for her to meet someone else who kind of restores her and helps her to heal. Or multiple people. In the past, I’ve plotted with someone where the character had a crush on her, whereas she never noticed. The character also taught her to play guitar, and the two had a lot of fun together. They were meant to be finals, but nothing ever happened in the end. So, I think it could be fun to maybe try to play out something similar to that. And just see how it goes.

Aliyana Bacardi - A sixth year Ravenclaw. She’s one to frequent parties and can be rather flirty when she wants to be. Yet at the same time she’s crushing hard on one @[Mason D’orolione], even if she won’t admit to herself. Rather I feel she’s denying the truth to herself out of a fear of growing close to another person, especially someone who her parents wouldn’t approve of. So I’d kind of like there to be a boy who flirts with her. They make-out and have fun, but never go all the way. Maybe when she’s about to give in and have sleep with him something in her snaps, and she realizes how stupid she’s being and that she can’t deny her feelings.

Angel Traversa - People to try to be friends with him, show him that trusting others isn’t so terrible. People to bully him or just give him a hard time. Maybe someone can find his comic sketches, and either bond with him over a shared passion or tease him about it.

Arkadi Novak - He needs to get out there. So friends, maybe. People to spar with or even fight if you want to piss him off. I also have it in his bio that he was in an unhealthy relationship with a girl, one where the two of them pretty much used / sought each other out for comfort whenever they were feeling lonely. No real feelings were meant to come from it, just helping the other deal with pain. Maybe she started feeling something toward him? Or she’s pissed that he kind of called it off suddenly. Idk we can talk.

Constantine Frost - He’s quickly approaching having been in the U.K for one whole year, while trying to enjoy his newly found freedom when he can. That said he has always been manipulated by horrible people his whole life (raised in a cult, and pretty much brainwashed by his father). So he needs the bad influences to continue to happen DE to pester him and convince him that their way is the right one. Just continue to manipulate and brainwash this poor boy until he has his awakening where he realizes how fucked up it all is. xDD

He also needs friends, people to party/flirt with. Maybe a best friend who will stick by his side, even if he gets drawn into some serious shit.

Desmond Passerini - Order members. Friends. Work colleagues. People to tempt his darker interests / try to lure him to the dark side. He’s a good person deep down, but finds it difficult to resist the pull of the dark arts. Mostly from growing up in a strict pureblood family, and with a father who had a huge collection of books on the dark arts.

If none of these interests you, then you’re free to throw your own ideas at any of my characters. I’ll probably update this thread from time to time as I remember and/or come up with new ideas. So, if nothing catches your eye right now, feel free to keep checking back. I get random burst of ideas constantly, so it probably won’t be long before I need to update this. So yeah hit me up, you 8D
Dec 2 2017, 05:02 PM
[dohtml]<link href=",700|PT+Sans+Narrow:400,700" rel="stylesheet"><link rel="stylesheet" href="">

<div class="terribleangels">

<div class="inner" style="background: linear-gradient(#fb2e01,#FFF);">
<img src="">
<h1>Deliah Delacroix </h1>

<div class="body"><div class="scroll">
most of her personality is open. What's important is she's quite outgoing, and not quite like Finley. They sort of have contrasting personalities. I have always envisioned her as being passionate and kind-hearted, someone who makes friends easily. She also has a strong love for dance, and is aspiring to become a star on stage one day. I kind of already her as being a rising star, or at least someone who has the media's attention. But she's not there, maybe doesn't even realize how close she is. She could even be like Finley in the sense, that she's always underestimating her own talents.
• History - most of her history is open to whoever takes her, particularly after Finley goes to live with her father. But there are a few crucial things I feel are kind of important to the character. like ....

She started dancing when she was around five, and I feel their mother went to great measures to make sure Delilah had the best instructors.
Their parents separated when Finley was around six years of age, during the winter. So she would have been at Hogwarts at the time. How and when she found out is up to you, as well as how she reacted. I imagine her reaction would depend on how close you would have wanted her to be with their father.
Even after going to live with their father, Finley tried as best she could to keep in touch with her sister. Writing letters and such. So I feel like they might have been able to keep fairly close, unless...
... unless if for whatever reason their mother decided it was best for her to not talk to her father or sister, with the woman doing whatever she could to keep Delilah from keeping in touch with the rest of her family. Maybe Finley's letters never reached her, or maybe if they did keep in touch it was in secret. I don't know, we can always discuss things if you want. But I kind of like the idea of there being some drama because that's always fun to play out XD
After graduating Hogwarts, she went on to train more in a professional dance studio some more before starting to perform professionally. Currently she is a dancer, though I don't think she's really big yet. Maybe a rising talent sort of deal, like someone who people are beginning to take an interest in.
uh... I think that's about it. Most everything else is open, and I'm more than happy to discuss things. ^____^

• I want to let you have as much creative freedom as possible because I hate the idea of holding back anyone's ideas. However, I'd love to talk plots and other things anytime you'd like. You're free to toss her into any plots you may like, or do whatever you want with her. Though anything that would affect Finley (like death, marriage, ect...) I'd like to know about, if only so her sister can be sort of involved.
• Feel free to contact me. I'm on the Tatem discord pretty much all the time, or you can dm me @YoRHaCrystal#0651 on Discord.

<div class="box"><div class="text">
21/22 <br>sister for Finley Delacroix<br>
<div class="inner" style="background: linear-gradient(#dba58c,#FFF);">
<img src="">
<h1>Rasmus Caelum</h1>

<div class="body"><div class="scroll">
So this guy is Helena Caelum's big bro, Rasmus. He's pretty much so open that it's not funny. Like I'm willing to hand over complete freedom over to you because I really want bro and sis to have fun on the site. <p>

As far as his personality goes, I have often imagined him as being kinda moody and asshole. Upon first impression, he probably definitely comes off as an asshole, or at least super closed off. He doesn't really trust people. Doesn't want to trust people, but at the same time, he's not all that bad. Around his sister he opens up a bit more. He loves Elena dearly and will do anything to protect her. I have written him as having severe anger issues before, or at least when he was younger. Maybe he matured a bit after growing up and mellowed out some. I don't know. Honestly, the most important bits is that he is super close to his sister. So as long as he isn't a total asshole around her, then all is good. They're close, and she helps to remind him that he's not all that bad a guy. In other words, Rasmus can probably be described as a big, tough and intimidating guy who's really a big softie once you get to know him. ^-^ <p>

Same goes for his history. I'm leaving a lot of it open, and we can also discuss things as needed. He's about five years older than Helena and has always been rather protective of her. Always watching out for her and stuff. Their parents were killed in a car crash when Elena was eight, so he would have been thirteen. I think. So they were left as orphans and spent the rest of their younger years bouncing back and forth between foster homes. I've had it where his anger issues caused families to decide against adopting him in the past, so no one really wanted to take him in. Naturally, Helena stuck by him, stubbornly refusing to live in a house without her big bro. So in some ways, they were all each other had growing up. <p>

They were both muggles before being turned and grew up in Seattle, Washington. What he did at school is up to you. He can be a high school drop out if you want, or maybe he attended college for a bit. Maybe even graduated. Like I said it's up to you. Rasmus was around 22/23 when he was changed into a vampire while he was in England. His sire is Osgar, so feel free to chat up Shark with ideas and questions as to why he was turned, and all that good stuff. Maybe he was dying, or he just drew the other vampire's interest to him for some reason. It doesn't really matter. What does matter is that he is rather close to his sire? Sire helped teach him how to hunt, control his hunger, and generally live as a vampire. If someone wants to play the Sire, then feel free to discuss things with them. Two years after he was turned, Helena was involved in a nasty fatal incident that should have killed her. Rasmus found his sister bleeding out, and begged his sire to turn her. He didn't want to lose his sister but knew that he was still too weak to turn her himself without losing control. Or at least he thought he was too weak. Sire agreed and turned Helena. <p>

While I don't think they've spent the entirety of their years living together, I mean Helena probably insisted he let her do her own thing every now and then, the two have remained super close. They don't even really live with each other necessarily, but he does keep tabs on his baby sis. He has a habit of scaring potential boyfriends away, and all kinds of fun stuff. <p>

He's just super open, and I'd love to explore their relationship because it should be a load of fun. <p>

I listed Tyler Hoechlin as a potential PB, but you're free to use someone else if you find someone you like better. I just chose Tyler because I like him, and they were sibs in Teen Wolf. gif spam <3

<div class="box"><div class="text">
brother to Helena Caelum<br> 55<br> bartender, or open occupation

<div class="inner" style="background: linear-gradient(#6b7a7d,#FFF);">
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<h1>Evander Sinclair </h1>

<div class="body"><div class="scroll">
Say hello to Nimi's older brother, Evander. A lot of his personality and history is open for your own interpretation. Even his name can be changed if you wish to do. All I ask is that it stick with the Greek mythology theme. It's kind of a tradition in the family, and I'm stubborn and really committed to keeping it a thing. <p>

Other than that he's more or less open. All I ask is that him and Nimi be extremely close. They were both raised by their alcoholic, abusive father. Mother was killed not long after Nimi was born. I don't know how many memories he'd have of her because he would have been four at the time, but maybe he has some vague memories of their mother. I don't know. It's up to you. Father was an abusive asshole, and Evander did his best to protect Nimi as much as he could. He often threw himself in the way of dear dad, taking the brunt of the abuse so his sister wouldn't suffer. He tried to protect her from that. But of course he couldn't always be there. Once he started attending Hogwarts, then Nimi began to experience things that he tried to protect her from. Some of it worst than he might have imagined. <p>

So yes these two are extremely close, even if his personality isn't as extreme as Nimi's is. Just like her, I do imagine he has an addiction to violence but at the same time I see him as being more level-headed. Other than that most of his personality is completely open. <p>
History is also more or less completely open. There are a few times I mentioned him in Nimi's history. Like him being the primary reason why she left a dangerous, dark wizard group a few years back. Pretty much saved her from potentially going to Azkaban. I feel like he'd also be a Death Eater like Nimi as well. If only because of his addiction for violence, as well as to watch out for his little sister. That and maybe he also believes in the cause. Everything else is open. Nimi's bio can be found here, if you want to look it over to help you get ideas and such. <p>

If you're interested in taking him feel free to contact me either on here or through the Tatem discord. I'd love to have him around, just to see what kind of dynamic they might bring to the site. Maybe some good ol' Brother and Sister chaos ;D <p>

Play-by is completely open as well. Suggested is Ben Barnes because I like his look, but you're free to use whoever you may like. So long as he has dark hair.

<div class="box"><div class="text">
28-29<br> brother to Mnemosyne Sinclair<br> open occupation<br> Death Eater

</div><span class="mitzicredit"><a href="" title="MITZI @ SHINE">MITZI</a></span>

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