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 The Ties That Bind Us, Hog's Head Tavern - Constantine
Jessie Jameson
 Posted: May 2 2018, 01:31 AM
Puff Queen30Easternmature? Yes •
Hogwarts: Gryffindor
Half Blood
Sixth Year
Gryffindor Quidditch Chaser
Dueling Club Member
Mighty Morphers Vice President


A New Kind of Animal

Jessie very nearly lived for Hogsmeade visits. Don’t get her wrong, she loved school, but sometimes she just needed to get off the grounds completely, hence her love of the Hogsmeade visits. Usually she would go all around town, to all the normal haunts with her friends. Honeyduke’s, Three Broomsticks, even the Shrieking Shack that was said to be haunted. She hadn’t yet gotten a chance to investigate the shack, but it was totally on her todo list. Maybe Liam would up for a good scare and then some fun, maybe she could find some new blood too.

She thought about going to the Three Broomsticks, but she also kind of wanted to drink, and the employees at the Broomsticks knew her all too well and refused to serve her anything stronger than butterbeer, but maybe The Hog’s Head would. It was supposed to be a rather sketchy place, the kind of place you’d go to get a job done, and not just the grocery shopping, or buy something that wasn’t quite legal. Maybe she could find someone looking for a bit of fun, someone who wasn’t older than dirt though, or Liam. It wasn’t that she didn’t enjoy Liam Gaines, but she would like to expand her options.

The Hog’s Head was a bit more of a walk than any of the other shops in the village, but she didn’t mind. It was warmer than she’d thought it was going to be inside. She moved towards the bar, pulling her coat off, and then turning more than a few heads, including the man behind the bar. She draped her tan leather coat over the a bar stool, feeling the cool air on her bare shoulders, and the eyes that followed.

”What ya got back there?” She asked the bartender.

”Whatever your little heart desires,” he said, staring a bit.

”Fire whiskey, on the rocks.” A glass with some whiskey stones hit the counter in front of her, followed quickly by three fingers of amber liquid. She reached for her purse, but the bartender stopped her. ”This one is one me.” Jessie flashed him a smile before picking up the glass and turning around to survey scene. One lone young man caught her eye; mostly because he was just about the youngest person in the joint. She picked up her jacket and began making her way over to him.

000 words | Constantine Frost

Constantine Frost
 Posted: May 5 2018, 05:53 PM
Crystal27CSTmature? Yes •
Half Blood
Underground Fighter
Death Eaters Member

After being in the U.K for several months now, Constantine was finally beginning to appreciate it more. Exploring new locations had become a pastime of his. When he wasn’t fighting or hanging in a bar, the young dark-haired man was doing what he could to learn his way around. To uncover each location that was worth visiting and spending time in. Having a sense of freedom was rejuvenating, and there were days he wished he would never have to return home. That he could ignore the mission his father sent him on, living on in blissful ignorance and living a life full of pleasures he sought after for himself.

But there was always a nagging voice lingering in the back of his head. A crippling fear of upsetting his father into dangerous territories. The monthly owls the man sent didn’t help to ease that. As he continued to send back information detailing a lack of progress, Con found his hand growing more stiff and anxious each time his quill hit a piece of paper. He was half tempted to evade answering anymore, at least until he picked up on something. Made some progress on investigating. That would work, right? Besides wasn’t it always better to remain silent rather than repeating the same old lack of information over and over again.

To escape the stress he had decided to visit Hogsmeade. The village had proven to be larger than he’d anticipated when he’d first heard of it. It was unclear why, but a part of him had wanted to envision it as being smaller. Smaller and with not as many adults running around than could be seen. His wanderings were without purpose, as dark eyes sought out a location to holed up in a few hours. The Three Broomsticks looked promising or would have if it wasn’t filled with students meeting up with friends to share drinks and gossip.

Walking up to the Hog’s Head, he found himself more drawn to the establishment, enticement only growing as his feet hit the floor of the bar. Upon initial impressions, it appeared to be more up to his speed. A place that attracted shadier individuals, someplace where information might be gathered if one were to listen closely enough. If Constantine were lucky, perhaps he’d learn something to appease his father for a short while. If not then he’d kick back, have a few drinks, and enjoy the rest of the day as he saw fit.

First stop was to the bar counter, where he eyed the shelves for a few moments while waiting for the bartender to approach him. “Pure Malt Whiskey, on the rocks,” he said placing his order immediately as soon as the other man approached him. Fingers tapped the counter as he waited for his beverage, eyes looking around, observing what it was that went on around him. Not much was happening. It was quiet. Not too busy and no one of real interest was seated in the joint.

Constantine accepted his whiskey as it was handed to him, and quickly made his way to one of the empty tables. Seated alone he sipped from his glass while looking out to watch for anything to catch his interest. A girl entered not too long after he had sat down, ordering a firewhiskey for herself. From her dark hair to the way she was dressed, there was no denying that she was rather sexy. An attractive lady who seemed out of place in a bar meant to attract shady individuals. But then perhaps that was what had attracted her to the establishment.

Turning back to his drink, Con didn’t look up again until he noticed her moving forward in his direction. Approaching him was a bold move. In a bar filled with strangers, there was no telling what kinds of people you could run into. She didn’t know what kind of person he was. But then he could agree that there was something intoxicating about danger, about taking risks especially when it came to meeting attractive individuals. “Hey there,” Constantine greeted with a slight smirk, taking another swig from his glass. “What brings you here? Do I look like someone who owes you money? Or are drawn to one of the few people in here who isn’t a creepy, old dude?”

Jessie Jameson -- i struggled so much trying to decide on what he should say xDD
Aleksi Vasilyv
 Posted: May 5 2018, 06:33 PM
Lacey28Centralmature? Yes •
Durmstrang Staff
Pure Blood
Durmstrang Combat Professor

tranquil as a forest on
fire within
Hogsmeade weekends were a delight, Aleksi had discovered. Durmstrang didn’t have an equivalent, the nearest civilization being quiet a trek away. He did sometimes make older students go there, but that was more a survival assignment than a delightful trip to town. This little wizarding village, however, was very quaint, and it was very enjoyable to visit when he had the time.

Today, he would very much like to be visiting on purely social terms, walking through the town arm in arm with @[mikaela sokolsky]. Unfortunately, he was on chaperone duty today. Instead of a day off for himself, he was to walk around and make sure the students weren’t up to anything. Well, that was alright. He did like to walk, and mostly he found students up to the normal sorts of things.

He did have to shoo away some randy fifth years inquiring at the inn about renting a room for the afternoon. Christ, some children just wanted to grow up way too fast. Still, Aleksi could remember being that young and stupid, so he sent them off with just a few points deducted and a warning.

Next on his list was the Hog’s Head Inn. Many of the other professors didn’t care for it, but Aleksi didn’t mind so much. It was usually quieter there than the Three Broomsticks, and sometimes it was nice to have some quiet solitude with your drink. He walked in the door, scanning for students.

There was one girl he recognized; a Gryffindor, he believed. He approached her table, picking up what was very clearly a firewhiskey - Aleksi was acquainted with this beverage at this bar - in front of her. “Ms. Jameson,” the big Russian professor intoned in his thich accent, nodding at her. He held up the glass. “Detention next Saturday. I’ll see you there, yes?”

Without bothering waiting for a response, he turned away with her alcoholic drink still in his hand. “Bartender,” he called out loudly over the low conversations happening in the bar. “No more drinks for this one. She’s underaged,” Aleksi instructed, indicating Jessie Jameson. He then walked away, looking through the bar for other students breaking school rules.


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