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 When It Rains, It Pours, Risha
Roman Ozera
 Posted: Nov 7 2017, 08:00 PM
mature? select •
Hogwarts: Hufflepuff
Sixth Year
Hufflepuff Quidditch Captain & Chaser

Roman remembered that movie that him and his sister was watching last week. He didn't really get into the movie, but there was one part that stick out to him. It was the part where a friend was going to his friend's house. Apparently something had happened to make the guy go running over to his friend's house. Of course it was pouring down raining outside as he race to his friend's house. Roman had laughed at this cliche since he had seen it a dozen times in movies. This was no different. When the scene changed, Roman saw why the guy went to the friend's house. He already knew what would happen. Somebody close to the guy's friend was murdered and the guy was there to comfort friend. Again a cliche that Roman laughed about.

Now he was regretting laughing about that movie. Only because he was doing the same thing now. Risha, who was his best friend had called him. From the moment she was on the phone, he could tell something was wrong. She was talking in gibberish and it sounded like she had been crying. Roman immediately told one of his other friends to drive him to Risha's house. He would have ran there, but it had started raining. How ironic was that? It would have been a laughing matter, but Roman wasn't in a mood to laugh. His best friend needed him and he needed to see her. He didn't know what was wrong and Iit was killing him.

He shouldn't have let Risha walk away without him. He should have went with her when she left so quickly earlier today. Roman was still in his thoughts when the car stopped. He quickly got out of the car as he ran towards Risha's house and up the stairs. There was no knocking on the door since it was already open. He skidded to a stop as he took in the scene. It was just like in the movie. The guy sees a bunch of officers and his friend there. The only difference is that this wasn't a movie. It was real life and there were the authorities all around Risha.

An officer was about to put his hand on Roman's shoulder, but he blew him off. "I'm here for her," was all Roman said as he walked passed the officer and towards Risha. He didn't look at the officer. His eyes were only on Risha. "What happen?" Roman had noticed something was off the moment he had walked in. Though he didn't know what it was. He waited for Risha to answer and also embrace himself for what she was going to tell him.
Risha Douglas
 Posted: Nov 7 2017, 08:01 PM
mature? Yes •
Hogwarts: Hufflepuff
Fifth Year
Hufflepuff Beater

Risha had been out gathering ingredients for a thank you cake for her mother with Roman Wyatt Ozera when it happened. She was reaching for a sack of flour when everything went wibbly-wabbly all the sudden. No,no,no. Not here. The floor surged up to meet her and everything went white.

When the scene came into focus, it was her own house, and she was walking towards it. No, this can’t be, but it didn’t stop. She kept moving toward the house. She could see her mother moving around the kitchen. She moved up to the house before blasting in the door.


Her mother turned around with a slight scream before bright white light filled her vision and her mother fell to the ground, dead. When Risha opened her eyes, laying on the supermarket floor, she saw Roman leaning over her, a worried expression on his face. She sat up slowly, the memory of the vision slightly fuzzy as she came back to the present. As her mind settled back into the time it was suppose to be in, her memory came back. She scrambled to her feet.

”I, um...I have to go, okay? I think my mom might be sick. Vision and all.” She gave him a small smile. ”Don’t worry about all the stuff, but i really have to go.” She made her way from the store and then home as quickly as possible. Her mother was just coming down the stairs from getting ready for the day, heading to the kitchen for breakfast. She opened her mouth to tell her mother about the vision when the kitchen door burst open.


Instinctively, Risha launched herself at the intruder, only to be batted away. Her head hit the refrigerator, making her groggy. A kick to her stomach kept her down as the man turned to her mother. Tears streamed down Risha face as she watched her mom try to fight off the man. His fist came up, hitting her in the head to knock her down. Risha tried to get up, but wasn’t fast enough before a loud cracking bang rang through the house. Risha slumped over, holding her ears against the sound, but it still didn’t stop the man from hitting her in the back of the head, knocking her out.

A gentle hand shaking her had brought her back. After she’d recovered a little, they lead her to a different room, draped a blanket over her, and asked if she wanted to call anyone. They brought her her phone and she called Roman. As soon as he answered, she completely broke down. The only thing she could get out intelligently was. ”Please come.”

As soon as she saw him, she bolted up and threw her arms around his neck, sobbing into his shoulder.

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