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Nothing was going right. Nothing had gone right from the moment Caerul ran into the pillar and found himself surrounded by the overwhelming silence of loudness. He could hear the distant noise of people talking, a low hum that told him there were hundreds of chatterings mixing together into something so loud he could actually make it out, but not loud enough for him to pick out words. He hated the fact he could hear, but at the same time not hear, and automatically his hand reached up towards his ear to adjust the hearing aids before it hit him -- he wouldn't have it.

<p>Everything was mostly vague after that. He was told that he'd panicked and had to be comforted, but most of that had been blocked out. School hadn't fared much better from there on. And here he was, staring into the face of a -- not angry, for that would be easy to deal with, but -- disappointed Professor, who had caught him for the third time sneaking into the Care of Magical Creatures paddock.

<p><i>"Sorry,"</i> Cae signed, although he didn't mean it. He would do it again in a heartbeat if he could; animals gave him comfort, didn't judge him like some of the others did. Sure, he couldn't hear, but that didn't mean he was blind, and pointing towards him when they didn't think he was looking was obvious enough for him to understand what was going on. He knew the rumours; he was mute, he was stupid, he was a pity case and accepted for 'inclusion'...

<p>He saw the Professor sigh, a visible deflation that told Cae there was no getting away with it, no excuse that would work -- not that there was one; this was his third offence, and each of the previous times the punishment was the same. Detention wasn't too bad, once he got used to the idea of being punished. His parents didn't know, and Cae wasn't even sure he'd tell them.

<p>They worried enough about him as it was, owls coming every few days asking him how he was and how he was coping. The one time he told them the truth -- that his day had been horrible because some asshat had decided to send him an anonymous howler, fully knowing he wouldn't be able to hear it -- they'd responded with a letter so long it had taken him half an hour to read it. They had tried to be encouraging, but asking him if he wanted to switch schools or have them ask Professors to give him extra help only made Cae feel worse, and so he had stopped telling them of incidents. Why worry them?

<p>The next evening, after dinner, Cae showed up to the allocated classroom and slipped inside, not bothering to knock, eyes downcast as always. As he made his way to his usual seat by the window, he saw a pair of shoes enter his line of sight. Very quickly glancing up and right, his eyes widened a little at the sight of someone there. He'd seen the male in class before, but had never spoken to him or gotten his name before. Instead of acknowledging him with a smile, Cae turned his gaze back down as he walked to the desk and sat, looking to the front of the class as he waited for the Professor to arrive and give them the essay topic; he knew the procedure by now.

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