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Gabrielle Sauveterre

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Jan 5 2018, 11:25 PM
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<h1 style="color:#FF7F24">harp's hoarde of wanted characters</h1>

<table><tr><td class="left">
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<div class="info">addie montague's older brother, werewolf</div>
</td><td><div class="text"><h2 style="color: #B13E0F">lars ____ montague</h2>
If you were ever in the market for a quiet, potentially angsty, protective but forcibly distant big brother figure, Lars Montague could be your dude. He technically has an open face claim, and I grabbed Zac Efron from my imagination, but hey, he's a vague suggestion for what Lars is meant to look like. All in all, Lars is a 25-year old werewolf who was bitten thirteen years ago. He was the eldest son and heir to the small Montague pureblood fortune until he got bitten at 12. Once it became known that he was a werewolf, he was basically cut off from the family and was half-heartedly locked up on his first full moon.

<br><br>Except, Addie was in the house. There's actually a lot about Lars' background and backstory in Addie's bio/shipper, located <a href="">here</a>. In short, Lars and Addie now visit on the downlow, and have been rekindling their brother/sister relationship for the past several years. Now that Addie's graduated and is working within the Ministry, I want to see where their relationship takes them, and once Addie eventually musters up the courage to leave their parents behind, she'll need a place to come stay.~

<table><tr><td class="left">
<img src="">
<div class="info">first gentleman, elizabeth greene's husband</div>
</td><td><div class="text"><h2 style="color: #35586C">thomas ____ greene</h2>
So my lady <a href="">Elizabeth Greene</a> is President of MACUSA, and needs her husband and other children snatched up! If you want any muse or are curious for how this family interacts, watch Madam Secretary on Netflix and I shamelessly say that those are the vibes I'm going for. There's one other little babe on the family tree, and that's Lina's <a href="">Maddie</a>, who's the baby of the family!

<br><br>All in all, Thomas is a muggleborn, where Elizabeth is a pureblood, and there's just a lot of past stuff that I think would be precious to write out, and all in all, I just envision them as the perfect pair now. Not always in agreement, but at the very least, they both come home knowing that they love each other at the end of the day, and that they're best friends. Thomas I think is a mellow, peaceful sort of fellow, who has a sweet sense of humor that balances out Elizabeth. There's a lot that could be up for debate in terms of his career, family, etc., so feel free to give me a nudge if you're interested!

<table><tr><td class="left">
<img src="">
<div class="info">18, open profession, first family</div>
</td><td><div class="text"><h2 style="color: #3B3178">rachel ____ greene</h2>
Basically for the other two of Elizabeth and Thomas' children (I have plans to make the eldest, Jennifer), there are a LOT that are open. Personality, profession, etc. Rachel here would be eighteen, probably about a year out of graduation from Ilvermony. Whatever her relationship may or may not be with Elizabeth, this is, all in all, a relatively close-knit family, so I'd at least to keep that spirit in tact!

<table><tr><td class="left">
<img src="">
<div class="info">ilvermony sixth year, first family</div>
</td><td><div class="text"><h2 style="color: #3D59AB">joseph ____ greene</h2>
The second youngest of the Greene family, and the only boy, Joseph's personality and house are entirely up to his future player! As I said with Rachel, though, this is a fairly close-knit family, and his mother is also President of MACUSA. What this kiddo wants out of life is also entirely up to you.~ He has two graduated older sisters and one younger one also at Ilvermony. Gimme a holler if interested!

</div><a href=""><span style="font: bold 8px/20px calibri; opacity: .5; text-align:center;">BY MITZI</span></a>


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Dec 2 2017, 01:08 AM
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This was probably one of the stupidest nice things Gabrielle Sauveterre had ever done in her life.

<br><br>As she clutched the long package close to her chest, slipping down into the Slytherin dungeons with a rather specific purpose in mind, every step was a second thought as to whether or not she actually should have done this, or if her time would be better spent turning around and giving this package to someone like Lucas Vanetti or Laney Poletti. True, she’d made this purchase with this one singular person in mind, and it probably would feel… inappropriate to randomly regift it to anyone else. This was just dumb. And probably was going to get her nothing but teasing and probably… well, her stomach rolled to think of any sexual innuendos that might get tossed her way.

<br><br>Two summers ago (it felt like several lifetimes ago), it had… come to light within the Sauveterre household, to Gabby, at least, that Alphonse Sauveterre hadn’t always been a remarkably faithful partner. The revelation had come in the form of a letter, a letter from a Teresa Gaines asking for a tiny burst of financial assistance due to Alphonse’s… unique relationship to her son. Except it wasn’t actually all that unique. It had simply turned out that Liam Gaines and Gabby shared a father. Wonderful. It would serve her right that she somehow ended up related to one of the absolute most repulsive human beings she’d ever known.

<br><br>Except… people that Gabrielle Sauveterre was related to had dropped to a very low number. At least, directly so. While the Sauveterre family in and of itself had other branches spread throughout southern France, their patriarch had been Alphonse, and Gabby his heir. But now, it was just Gabby, and her uncle Laurent Sauveterre, and that felt wrong.

<br><br>But not as wrong as this was probably about to feel.

<br><br>The truth was, Gabby highly doubted her father ever would have publicly acknowledged Liam as his son. Her entire life, she couldn’t recall even a single instance when Alphonse had admitted he’d done something wrong. Coming clean about an illegitimate child and the scandal? He never even would have said anything about it to his wife or daughter had Penelope not found the letter, and Gabby stumbled upon their confrontation. Even so, that didn’t change anything, and while Liam was clearly oblivious, Gabby had begun wondering if, perhaps, she owed the Slytherin boy some semblance of familial protection.

<br><br>She hadn’t told anyone where she was going, or what she was doing, or whom she was meeting; not even Cooper Santiago. It was just… an awkward thing to explain, that she was probably somehow related to a boy who’d, until this year, had been one of their biggest rivals and one of the biggest pains in the asses anyone could imagine.

<br><br>Which, when a Slytherin ferociously asked her what she thought she was doing, hanging round near their Common Room, and she asked to see said pain in the ass, Gabby got an odd and curious look that bordered somewhere along concern. But the Slytherin simply told her to wait there, and they’d see if they could find him. She waited there for a solid five minutes before their Common Room entrance opened again.

<br><br>As soon as she saw that familiar face (it actually kind of startled her now, looking at him, and realizing the features she used to recognize in <i>their</i> father), Gabby chucked the package at him and scowled. Yeah, this had been a really stupid, sentimental idea; she shouldn’t have done it. <b><font color="99182c">“Happy Christmas, dickhead. I… bought you that.”</font></b> <i>With an inheritance that is probably rightfully halfway yours.</i>
<div class="marble-bar"><div class="marble-tags">it's a heckin fancy broom bless | for Liam Gaines | <a href="">&hearts;</a></div></div>
Nov 13 2017, 10:39 PM
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The tense silence in which Gabby walked down to Hogsmeade alongside Cooper Santiago was truly not born of any truly negative emotions, but rather a quiet nervousness over not knowing what, exactly, was going to come out of this. When Laurent Sauveterre had suggested getting away from the castle for a day or two, and even going so far to suggest that her boyfriend could go with her if she wanted, Gabby genuinely hadn’t known what to think. Mostly, she hated that it was that obvious that things had been… hard, since coming back to Hogwarts, and harder still with so many <i>additional</i> bodies around.

<br><br>Still, despite her mounting anxiety, she walked close to the boy beside her, pressed against his side for warmth in the biting chill of an early November afternoon in Scotland; snow dusted the ground, and the frozen breeze that stung her face promised more later. No, her anxiety wasn’t for being close to Cooper, not really, because after she’d come back, being around him was legitimately the easiest thing to settling back into normal life. It felt natural, and good, to be around him and Lucas Vanetti and to see her old friends again. It was just… literally everything else, that made it so hard, and she was <i>frustrated</i> that even three months, almost four, after the “fire,” her sleep was still riddled with nightmares and people still asked her questions about it.

<br><br>None of that was the reason she was anxious, though, either. As they made their way to the edges of the village, where some of the denizens offered the two students (their Gryffindor scarves probably made it obvious) odd looks for clearly being here alone, Gabby’s shoulders went tense as her heartrate picked up a little.

<br><br>The fact of the matter was, her relationship with Cooper wasn’t exactly the same as it had been before she’d… well, ruined it, and before this summer had happened.. They used to get up to all kinds of mischief, mostly the sexual kind, and now… <i>she</i> felt ruined. Gabby hated it. Ever since they’d picked back up in being boyfriend and girlfriend (being called his girlfriend, actually, didn’t bother her at all like it had before), there were things that they <i>hadn’t</i> picked back up. Like the sexual kind.

<br><br>To her, that’s what this venture to Hogsmeade had to have been about. Why else did teenagers (well, they were <i>adults</i> now, she guessed, gross) get an overnight stay in Hogsmeade? It’s why she’d gotten them a room last May for his birthday. Why would this be any different?

<br><br>But that was just it. Everything was different, but that obligation to do something for him given everything was ever-present, and was all that occupied her mind as her uncle’s flat door came into view. Gabby swallowed as she glanced in Cooper’s direction, and flashed him a nervous smile. He was still just as beautiful, just as attractive, as he had been last spring, and while she <i>did</i> want to, it just… didn’t feel right, exactly.

<br><br>As she pulled out her key (Uncle Laurie’d had one made for her when it had become clear that this would be her new home once they’d returned), Gabby steeled herself. She’d <i>make</i> it feel right, because there was a small part of her that couldn’t imagine that Cooper had come along for anything else. The larger part of her just wanted to make him feel good, give him <i>something</i> for these endless months of her being… weird, for lack of a better word. She wanted to be a good girlfriend, a good partner, for him, and Gabby honestly didn’t know of another way to do it.

<br><br>Which was why, as soon as she’d shut the door behind her, Gabby swallowed and turned around to face Cooper to take his hands in hers. She offered what she hoped was a mischievous smile, the kind of invitation she used to offer before everything had happened, but she was pretty sure it just came across as something nervous and small which was dumb as hell. Giving a small tug, she wordlessly pulled him from the small living room and through the short hallway that led to the room Uncle Laurent had given her.

<br><br>The room itself was painfully bare, which in and of itself was probbaly a stark reminder of how much had changed. Gabby’s few belongings involved a bookshelf (that she barely used), a lamp, a decently-sized bed, and a closet that had only sparing clothes hung up inside, and maybe a singular pair of shoes. There weren’t many decorations, no pictures, no messiness. But none of that was Gabby’s focus as she pulled Cooper in close and wrapped her arms around his neck; hesitantly, as if giving him space and time to pull back if he wanted to, she eventually stretched her neck up to him and fervently pressed her lips to his, pressing her body against his in tandem. If she could just make this like it used to be, she could make it happen and it’d be over with as soon as possible.

<br><br>It was when her hands started to roam, though, and she felt his hands gently wrap around her wrists, that Gabby pulled back from him, frowning. She opened and closed her mouth twice before asking, quietly, <b><font color="99182c">“You didn’t… you didn’t want to to do this?”</font></b> The confusion, but also dumb relief, were painfully obvious in the question itself as she looked down, embarrassed.
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Nov 11 2017, 05:54 PM
It wasn't very often that Gabby got letters from home, but when she did, it was just one of those odd things that she always wrote back. Perhaps there weren't many that understood it, but despite all the problems that Gabby had at home, all the arguments she'd get into with her parents and all the times she'd been scolded... there was a part of her that would always love them. And, even if she’d never admit it out loud, that same part of her wanted them to love her back. She was sure that they did, in their own way, she didn't really doubt that too heavily, but...

Having spent the summer having Cooper Felix Santiago over her estate, and then later getting invited to his house in turn and spending time with the Clarke-Santiago family, Gabby had quietly come to realize what a real family looked like. How a real family behaved. She'd gotten to see how Cooper was with Benjamin Isaac Clarke , how siblings were and how they played and have fun together. She'd seen how nice dads could be through Mr. Clarke, who'd even been incredibly nice to her even though she wasn't a member of the family. And she'd seen what actual nurturing was like through Maggie Clarke-Santiago - all in all, Gabby'd never felt more like a part of a family than she had with Cooper's. So maybe, just maybe, if she tried hard enough, she could try and establish something similar with her own.

With a letter tucked in her pocket and some treats in the other for dear old Roche, Gabby was making her way up to the Owlery with gusto. The first weekend of the school year, she'd go down after this and probably go running around on the Grounds with Cooper Felix Santiago and their mutual friends, so she wasn't planning on this taking too long. Just go, cuddle with her owl for a minute or two (and make sure nobody could see, nobody needed to see her be all mushy with her owl, even though he was the best), send off a letter, and be on her way.

But, hey, things were never really that simple. It was as she was ascending the stairs that she first heard the signs of distress - not like fighting or trouble kind of distress, but the much more uncomfortable kind. Was someone crying? Or, uh- Gabby paused on the stairs, and glanced behind her. The thoughts played out on her face, even though nobody was there to see them - did she want to deal with this? Crying and emotions and all that jazz, those had never been her forte. But if she waited, she'd have to wait to send her letter. And not only did she not want to cut into the time she spent with her friends, but she wanted to be a good, dutiful daughter and get this sent off right away. Gabby bit her lip. Maybe if she made it quick...

The sixth year darted up the steps, trying to make it as obvious as possible that she was coming. A warning, per se. She'd just be fast about it, and she could always come up to snuggle with Roche once he'd gotten back, the grumpy old owl. So as long as she could just slip him a few treats and get him to deliver this letter, everything would be just fine.

Except, as soon as she opened the door and realized who was inside, Gabby knew it probably wasn't about to be as quick and easy as she thought. "You really don't look that great," she blurted out to Delaney Grace Poletti , blinking as she took in her team-mate with a mixture of sympathy and discomfort. The pair of them had never really been close friends, and Delaney was a year younger than she was, but they were still team-mates. And that meant something to Gabby, who'd never actually had a group of close friends before she'd come to Hogwarts. Even though comfort had never actually been on her list of skills (in fact, it was probably on her list of weaknesses, to be honest), Gabby swallowed and knew that she probably had to try. "Is, er... is everything alright?"
Nov 11 2017, 03:35 PM
winter 2020, this past christmas break

“Gabrielle, mon cherie, your father’s asking to see you in his study.”

“Alright, Maman, I’ll be down in a minute.” In the way that Gabby doesn’t get up from her bed, scribbling with pen on a playful and friendly letter intended for Lucas Grant Vanetti , it’s clear that ‘a minute’ probably means much longer than a literal sixty seconds. She makes no moves to go downstairs, and after a moment, she hears her mother’s soft throat-clearing from the doorway.

“Gabrielle. I think he meant now,” Penelope Sauveterre tells her, voice a little sterner. “And you know how he gets when he has to wait.”

“A tragedy, having to wait for his own child,” Gabby finds herself saying in a monotone voice, even though she puts the pen down and pushes herself up and off her bed. Her mother remains, clearly waiting to make sure she gets on her way in a prompt fashion, and only the weary expression on her face keeps Gabby from making a bitter remark. When her father is disappointed in her, it’s one thing. It’s expected. When her mother gets frustrated with her, it’s something else entirely, something that makes Gabby’s stomach twist.

The venture down to her father’s study feels more like a dirge than a walk through the house. Gabby knows this feeling all too well; Alphonse Sauveterre only ever calls his oldest daughter down into his study when he wants to have a serious ‘talk’ with her, a talk that generally only ever ends in yelling and the overpowering urge to hit something. She’s pretty sure that he just likes feeling important, pacing around behind his big desk like he’s the Minister himself, but whatever. To each their own, right?

She wishes it was that simple. Gabby doesn’t even knock when she reaches her father’s study, just pushing open the door and already wanting this conversation to be over. She has a letter to write.

Her father is, as predicted, standing behind his desk, like he’s been waiting for her entrance, and is standing hunched over what looks to be a series of papers. When Gabby comes in, he looks up, a hardened look of what is probably annoyance on his face. Then again, Gabby figures that he always looks annoyed.

“Gabrielle,” he says in way of greeting, pressing his lips together as he gives her a lookover. Whenever she’s in the same room with him, it’s almost impossible to shake the feeling that she’s being judged, and being judged negatively. She shifts uncomfortably, but says nothing, There’s a part of her that wonders whether or not there will ever come a day when he doesn’t look at her like that, when he might actually be proud of her and want to praise her instead of berating her. But based off the look on his face, that day is not today.

When he catches on that she doesn’t seem to be interested in starting the conversation, her father clears his throat as his mouth twitches into a frown. “What’s wrong with you?” he demands to know. “You can’t spare a moment of your Christmas break to speak to your father?”

“You can’t spare a moment to come up to my room and talk to me, instead?” Gabby blurts out before she can stop herself, bristling at his tone.

She should just shut up and let her father speak over her. She knows this. Life goes much easier in the Sauveterre household when she does, but Gabby’s never been very good at that. She doesn’t like laying down and taking the condescension; her mother often says it’s because she’s proud like him, but the thought makes Gabby a little ill. She doesn’t know at what point she came to the realization that when she gets older, she doesn’t want to be like him. It’s there, though, and as she watches the stone cold mask of anger take over her father’s face, Gabby feels her resolve strengthen.

“I have important business that actually matters,” he snaps, “Which is partially what I wanted to discuss with you, actually. I was hoping it’d be civil, but of course nothing’s that easy with you.” Making a dismissive, frustrated noise, Alphonse gestures to the chair sitting in front of his desk. “Sit.”

Gritting her teeth and giving her father a mutinous glare, Gabby complies and sinks into the aforementioned chair. She feels like a dog obeying its master.

It takes a moment for Alphonse to speak again, as he looks down at the papers on his desk and lets out a tired sigh. Gabby recognizes this as his routine, the things he always does when he wants to have a serious talk. Maybe he’s trying to work up the courage to speak, or the patience, whichever one, she just wishes he’d get on with it. Except, as soon as he opens his mouth, she wishes just the opposite.

“Monsieur Moreau and I were talking at the Christmas ball about setting a meeting up between you and his son this summer.”

“Wait, what? Why?” It doesn’t click for a moment, as Gabby blinks in confusion at her father. What is he talking about? “Who’s Monsieur Moreau?”

“A man I work with, he’s a councilman to the Minister. The Moreaus are mostly based around Paris, but they’re a significant pureblooded lot-”

“You-” The word pureblooded blares like an alarm in Gabby’s head, as she suddenly sits rimrod straight and stares at her father in horror. “Wait, Papa, are you talking about meeting to try and set up a-” She chokes on the word. “A marriage?”

“What else would I be talking about, Gabrielle?”

For a second, she sputters, opening and closing her mouth in a mixture of awe and horror, and there’s a part of her that wants nothing more than to run back to her room, slam the door, and text Cooper Felix Santiago about what just came out of her father’s mouth. But she stays, transfixed, knowing that anything other than standing her ground would be an act of weakness and cowardice. With her father’s confusedly irritated gaze on her, she knows that whatever she says next will be judged. Maybe she could have managed saying something eloquent, something that would make her father smile and laugh and maybe even acknowledge that she’s right, but instead all that comes out is,

“I’m not marrying anybody.”

The moment she says it, she can see the annoyance turn into anger on her father’s face, as Alphonse grits his teeth and gives her a glare. “That entirely childish interjection aside, do you realize how old you are?”

“I’m seventeen, Papa, and I’m not marrying someone when I’m just-”

“Do you honestly think I expect you to meet the boy and have a ceremony on the spot?” At least her father has the decency to sound disgusted. “The fact of the matter is that you’re of age, child, and we have to start thinking seriously about your future. If you hadn’t bollixed up your education at Beauxbatons, you’d be graduating in less than six months. Have you even given any thought to what you’ll be doing with your life?”

Gabby presses her lips together, because when she really thinks about it, the answer is a solid no. She had never been someone who stresses about the future; she lives in the moment, takes things as they are now and deals with consequences later. Thinking about something as permanent as a career or marriage had never been at the forefront of her brain. But she knows that answer wouldn’t satisfy Alphonse. In fact, it’ll probably just make him angrier. So she says nothing, which gives her father the leeway he needs to make a frustrated noise and continue,

“My eldest child isn’t going to spend her life being some wayward drifter with no purpose and nothing to her but my name. What do you want to do? What do you like to do? If you don’t want to get married, what career do you want? Do you want to work in the Ministry? I can try to make that happen.”

“I-” Gabby bites her lip, knowing that she’s caught in what’s probably some kind of trap. But, for just a moment, she wants to be honest with her father. So she is. “Well, I really like playing Quidditch, and I mean, I’m dating Cooper, I guess, I-”

Alphonse chuffs. “Don’t get me started on that boy,” he growls. “Do you actually think you can have a career as a Quidditch player? From what I understand, you’re mediocre at best-”

“I’m good! Uncle Laurent’s seen all my matches, he-”

“My brother wouldn’t know a good Quidditch match even if he were at the World Cup,” her father scoffs, rolling his eyes. “I’ve seen the records from Hogwarts of the matches, how many goals you’ve scored.” (This actually surprises Gabby a little, she honestly hadn’t known that her father had taken any interest at all in her life at school.) “You have a good match here or there, but you’re certainly not stellar enough to become a professional. You need to be realistic about your chances. A job at the Ministry would be perfectly suitable for you if you wanted to try working in the sports department-”

“I don’t want to work at the Ministry,” Gabby answers stubbornly. The thought of working in the same building at him makes her want to jump out of a window. That, and having some desk job at the Ministry sounds boring. Even more boring than homework. “Why do we have to talk about this right now? I still have another year of school, and I-”

Her father raises a hand to silence her, the angered tension becoming almost tangible in the room. Gabby tenses in her seat, as Alphonse clears his throat. “Gabrielle, I understand that you want freedom to live life however you please,” he says, as though he’s trying to be diplomatic, “But what you have to understand is that you’re the heir to the Sauveterre name. You just make something of yourself, and you certainly won’t do that by eloping with some foolish halfblood boy with no prospects and running off to be an average Quidditch player.”

Immediately, Gabby feels her veins flood with anger. “Don’t talk about Cooper that way,” she snaps. Her father can speak about her however he likes, he always has, but when Cooper gets involved, it’s an entirely different story. “He’s going to be an Auror! I like him, and he makes me happy.”

“I saw the pair of you last summer, believe me, that isn’t real,” Alphonse scoffs once more, shaking his head. “Two teenagers always just wanting to dart off to be alone and mess around? Don’t be so naive. He may be your friend, and the pair of you might have sex, but he isn’t serious. Neither are you. You’ve never been serious about a thing in your life.”

Gabby’s face goes red as she hurriedly looks down from her father and down at the floor. She supposes that she and Cooper hadn’t exactly been subtle last summer, but she hadn’t realized that either of her parents had actually noticed. And if either of them had, she would have guessed it would have been her mother, yet neither of them had ever said anything.

But underneath the bewilderment over this realization, is a sinking pit in the bottom of her stomach, something that she doesn’t know what to deal with. She had never given much thought to her and Cooper’s relationship, mostly because she never wants to for the fear of coming to the same conclusion that her father apparently had. Gabby swallows, shifting around uncomfortably. She wants to say something, wants to fight him on this, but she stays silent, finding that she doesn’t know what she’d even say if she spoke. When she finally does speak, her voice sounds almost broken (which she hates) as she questions,

“Why does it have to be me? I never asked for all this pressure.”

“Maybe if your uncle’d ever had children, you wouldn’t have to be in this situation,” Alphonse remarks, unimpressed by her sudden lack in resistance. “But he didn’t. Whether he wouldn’t or couldn’t is up for debate, but…” Gabby scowls when her father snorts. “Regardless. The mantle of the family falls to you, so you’d better start thinking about the longterm instead of your own childish fantasies. If you want to put off making those decisions, then fine, go ahead and shirk your responsibilities for a while longer. But I, nor the world, will wait forever, Gabrielle.”

Gabby swallows.

“Go on, then. I have nothing more to say to you.”

The dismissal final, Gabby opens and closes her mouth once, before coming to the realization that any protests, any anger, wouldn’t make a difference. The pit in her stomach sinks further as she decides her father won’t be happy with any decision she makes. Pushing herself up from her chair, the Gryffindor gives a sigh before leaving her father’s study, angry when she feels the pinpricks of hot tears at the corner of her eyes.

Wiping them away, she sniffles and slams the door shut behind her on her way out. What does he know? Why does he always have to ruin everything?

What kills her the most, though, is that maybe, just maybe, he might be right this time. Is he?
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