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Apr 3 2018, 03:10 AM
day 1 - womp
Dec 11 2017, 04:37 AM
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As he did every year, Dev was immensely enjoying the month of December, watching those who celebrated Christmas scramble to and fro. From holiday celebrations and dinner parties, to trying to scoop up last minute presents to wrap in a box and stick under the tree, it was amusing for the Hindu man to observe from afar. Unfortunately, it also cost him picking up an extra shift at the Ministry of Magic, as the majority of his co-workers celebrated Christmas, and were eager to have the day off to spend with their families.<p>

It wasn't that Dev didn't love his job - he did - but he also enjoyed having a day off every once in a while, and not working twelve days straight in a row just because he didn't observe the same religious holiday that the masses did. Not to mention, it wasn't as if the Ministry had granted him any time off at the end of October to celebrate Divali (which was basically the Hindu equivalent to the Christians' Christmas). Well, more hours worked meant more practice, and practice meant perfect, right?<p>

Lounging back in his chair at his desk in the Ministry of Magic, Dev took advantage of the higher-ups not being present, and propped his feet up on the desk. He twiddled his thumbs a bit, thumbed through a magazine, and even played with a Rubik's Cube. Christmas, as he was finding out, was a slooooow day.<p>

Until it wasn't.<p>

A call came in of an isolated incident about half an hour outside of London, in which an unstable man had broken into the home of his ex-wife and two children, and was threatening them. Quickly reviewing what intel that the Ministry had on the suspect, Dev knew all that he needed to know about the 47 year old Hogwarts graduate (Hufflepuff, to be exact - pssh, it was always the quiet, weird ones), and, alongside one of the only other Aurors who had volunteered to work a shift that day - an Auror, not much older or experienced than himself - they apparated to the location of interest.<p>

At first, the pair attempted negotiations with the man from outside the house, but after an hour in the cold and it not going anywhere, they decided to breach the home. The man took off out of a back door through the kitchen, and began to run. Finally, some action! This was the kind of stuff that Dev had dreamed about. And now, with nobody else senior to him to answer the call, Dev found himself - Auror Trainee - finally out of the office, and in hot pursuit of a suspect.<p>

Chasing him the good old fashioned Muggle way, Dev's athletic prowess helped him catch up to the older gentleman quickly. From there, it became a wand duel. Despite being just a trainee, Dev had the advantage quickly. He was fresh out of school, and in the training program, with many a spell fresh on his mind. After only about three spells, Dev was able to disarm the man with an <i>"Expelliarmus!"</i> and then binded him with a pair of cuffs.<p>

Holy Merlin's Beard! He'd done it! He'd finally captured his own suspect, without the help of anyone else! Certainly, his makeshift partner for the day was there, but had only just caught up in the snow-covered field by the time Dev had the man cuffed. This victory was his and his alone, and it tasted so, so sweet.<p>

After booking the man for aggravated burglary and endangerment, Dev returned to the office, high on adrenaline. He completed all of the necessary paperwork involved with an arrest (which went quick, since, to date, that was just about the only thing that his seniors had allowed him to do or touch). Before he knew it, his shift was over just like that. He'd have stayed on for another one, but the Ministry disallowed more than twelve consecutive hours, and he was encouraged to go home.<p>

The problem was, Dev was far too excited to go home just yet. Of course, he wanted to tell Batuk Parekh everything about his awesome day - but first, at the invitation and encouragement of the young Auror who had been his partner (and also relieved of his shift at the same time), a trip to the bar for a round of celebratory drinks was to be made. Dev went without protest. For Christmas Day, a surprising number of patrons had turned out to the bar for some fellowship and camaraderie. Riding a wave of elation and success, Dev ordered up a round of shots for the nearest handful of strangers, much to their surprise and pleasure.<p>

Holding up his shot in a cheers to those that he'd ordered for at the bar, Dev announced, <b>"This is the best day ever! And I don't even celebrate Christmas!"</b> he joked with a laugh, earning a chorus of chuckles from bystanders, before downing the alcohol.
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Nov 11 2017, 02:44 PM
"Mr. Varma! For the last time, stop trying to fling Mooncalf Dung at Mr. Parekh." Dev heard the warning a second too late, sending his third attempt to pelt his housemate and friend, Batuk Rajas Parekh with the fertilizer from across the table. He readied himself, knowing what came next. Three...two... "GET. OUT. OF. MY. CLASSROOM. NOW. NOW!" Giggling impishly despite the Herbology Professor's rather serious shrieks, Dev ripped his gloves off and exited on her cue, more than happy to be relieved of having to stand in class any longer. Winking at Tuk, the fifth year Gryffindor boy peeled out, running out of the Greenhouse faster than you could say Screechsnap.

Getting kicked out of class hadn't really been his plan all along, but it wasn't exactly a bad outcome of his disobedience. He was sure that wasn't where it was going to end - no, he'd probably wind up failing this particular chapter, and was bound to have a detention letter or two once his Professor was not busy with class and regained her composure, but for a carefree fifth year Gryffindor boy like Dev, he was hardly concerned with the punishment that he'd receive later. The time to live and be free was now.

The fifth year boy had run nearly the entire length of the courtyard and into the grounds before he finally slowed down, feeling he was out of dodge well enough to sneak off and...well, what was he going to do? Glancing around at his options, he considered each. There was always the Forbidden Forest, which the name itself always brought on a certain temptation to go explore. It was warm out today, however, and Dev had worked up a bit of a sweat making his grand escape - catching a glimpse of the Black Lake up ahead, Dev decided he'd take his time out of class to go for a swim.

As he approached a portion of the Lake's bank that appeared reasonable enough for entry into the water with the least risk of injury, Dev stripped himself of his shirt and excitedly tossed it aside on a stray boulder. Right before reaching the water's edge, however, a nearby rustling sound caught his attention. Whirling around, Dev found the source of the distraction. His eyes lit up at what - or rather, who he found - like a needle in a haystack, there stood Asha Kali Patel .

With a devious grin, Dev slid closer to the Ravenclaw girl and announced himself. "Heeeeey gorgeous," he greeted her in his usual obnoxious, flirtatious nature, though with Asha, it was only partially a joke. Dev was only a boy, and incredibly appreciative of all things Asha - her looks, her smarts, her sassy, hard-to-get attitude - but he was also a realist, and knew that a girl like Asha was probably out of his league.

That didn't stop him from laying on the charm. Thick. Or, at least, attempting to, as well as a fifteen year old boy knew how.

Dev's grin quickly turned to concern, however; despite his shortcomings, he wasn't a dumb boy, and was quick to realize how out of place it was to find a studious bookworm like Asha outdoors, alone, during school hours. As if the fact that she was out of class wasn't shocking enough, Dev could have sworn she looked like she was crying. He decided to inquire as to her current state, not to pry, but because he cared about her, and was genuinely worried. "Hey...Asha...are you alright? What's wrong?" Serious, intense situations weren't really his forte, however, so he cracked a small joke at her expense in an attempt to lighten the mood. "You didn't fail your Potions exam, did you?" he asked, this time, with a playful grin.
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