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Freyr Sigurdsson

Durmstrang: Hvergelmir

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Nov 11 2017, 04:57 PM
It is the Summer. Freyr spent his time helping on the farm and practicing his fighting, and sometimes fighting with his cousins. Though he was kept busy, his mind kept wandering. Like always. But instead of wandering to whom he was going to fight, he wanted something else. He wanted to visit a town. Now, he wasn’t the most social of people, but he still needed human contact that didn’t involve working or fighting.

So, in the early hours of the morning, Freyr did his training and got ready for the day. He decided he’d go into town and spend time there. And the closest town would happen to be Reykjavik. Freyr wasn’t much for using magical means for transportation, not when he is on Iceland. Ever since the one winter, where he had to traverse the island on foot, he had no qualms about walking the needed distance to arrive into town.

Which took a few hours. He would leave just as the sun was rising, but arrive just as the sun touched its highest point within the sky. So roughly noon, he got into town by noon. And his first order of business? Getting something to eat. Having worked on a neighbouring farm, he had earned himself some pocket money to spend on such things.

Well, food and clothes if he so wishes. Or some new training gear. Whatever he wanted (and could afford). Freyr walked around the streets of Reykjavik, looking around. Food would be good right about now, but he could also go for some new clothes. Something he doesn’t normally do. But training gear, he could update his extremely worn out stuff. Options, so many options.

Mulling it over in his head, the smell of burgers caught his nose. His stomach grumbling made him want some now. So, he bit the bullet and went in search of burgers. Which took some time, he didn’t eat until around one in the afternoon. And when he did, he had two burgers, a large set of fries and a large drink to go with it. Which cut into his spending money for the month, oh well. It was delicious and worth it.

After having some food, Freyr decided he wanted to visit the water and watch the ships. Which he could’ve done back at home, but he got to see all the docked ships and in their glory while in town. Walking down the way, Freyr looked at all the people going about their business. Some were tourists, others were locals just going about their day to day. He felt like an outcast here, he didn’t really know what it meant to be a local. His family tended to keep to themselves, except dealing with local farms to get what they needed to survive.

Even the ministry, they kept away from. It was like his community, his family, was secluded from everyone. Stuffing his hands into his pockets he made it to the docks and looked in awe at all the ships. From end to end there were large ships, some had containers on them, others being cruise ships coming to visit. Freyr just watched, and wondered what it would be like to be on a ship, and to relax.
Nov 7 2017, 03:06 AM
A new year huh? Doesn’t matter. This would be his last year hopefully. And last year out of his family’s grasp. Despite his enjoyment of fighting in of itself, he is tired of constantly doing it as a form of honor system and getting nothing out of it. And losing is perhaps worse for you. He wishes to fight on his own terms as well, not by the whim of others.

But this meant that his last year at school, potentially, means he had to find new locations to train. As he walked down the path from the school, there were a few places that had caught his attention. One of them being the quidditch pitch. Though he was considering going there, he decided to go to the lake he saw of in the distance.

Looking out onto the still water, the first thing that came to Freyr’s mind was the waters back home being so vastly different. This still image of the water is very much in contrast to the rough crashing waves back on Iceland. Approaching the waters edge, he stopped and began to take his shoes and socks off.

No point in getting them wet, so tossing them off to the side he rolled up his pant legs and began to walk a bit into the water. Wading into the water he felt the chill rush up his legs, but over the years of living further north this didn’t really bother him much. Or at all really. In fact; the water felt warmer then back home. Odd.

Standing in the water, Freyr turned around to peer behind him. Nobody. Hrm… okay. Turning back around he peered across the lake and began to think to himself. ‘What if I tried to swim across?’ part of him truly wanted to. Turning back and walking onto the shore, he looked around once again and thought to himself. ‘Maybe I should?’
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