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Jan 2 2018, 09:30 PM
Happy New Year, Tatem! With the new year comes a fresh, clean slate, and some general housekeeping. It’s time again for another ACTIVITY CHECK. Woohoo, I know, everyone’s favorite! Try to contain your excitement. ;D

We are going to do things a little differently this AC. We’ve noticed a handful of posts around the site that aren’t exactly meeting “quality standards.” What that means is, while it is true that we have no set word count on our site, we do ask that members MATCH their threading partners. The majority of our members write several paragraph-long posts, and when this is not matched or met, it can sometimes be seen as neglect or disinterest in a thread or your partner’s writing. While we really do not want to enforce a set WC on this site, we would like to give everyone a gentle reminder of our matching rule by encouraging all of our members to save their characters using a 3-paragraph minimum post. As a guideline, a paragraph should be no less than 3 developed, thoughtful, descriptive sentences.

We have also noticed a LOT of open threads floating around the site that go unanswered. There’s little sense in running a site if all members are going to do is post open threads and not actually interact with one another. Due to the sheer amount of open threads on the site, and to encourage posting with perhaps a member or character that you have never posted with, we will be limiting the amount of open threads that each member can create to use in the AC. For members with 1-10 characters, you may create no more than 2 open threads as saving posts. For members with 11-20 characters, you may create no more than 3 open threads as saving posts. For members with 21-30 characters, you may create no more than 4 open threads as saving posts. For members with 31+ characters, you may create no more than 5 open threads as saving posts. Plan your threads accordingly!

The only posts that we will accept for this AC will be present-time threads and past/future threads. AU posts, Oneshots, Mail/Correspondence, SPELLCRAFT, and Quidditch posts do NOT count.

Posts made within the last month (posted on or after December 2, 2017) that meet the criteria of post type, as well as meets a minimum of 3 paragraphs may be used. Please remember that the open thread policy will still apply to these posts.

This activity check will end on February 2, 2018. In the event of extreme circumstances that may prevent you from completing this activity check, please contact Admin Cor AND CC: Admin Lacey via private message only to explain the situation. This is not to be abused - if you are otherwise online, chatting in the CBox, on Discord, playing games, posting on other sites, or any combination of the aforementioned, then there is no excuse to not completing the AC. Poor planning, having too many characters (here, elsewhere, or both), and refusal to prioritize your membership with us will not be grounds for an extension or sympathy.

Characters that need to be saved with an IC post made within the last month AND that meets the criteria of being a minimum of 3-paragraphs, using the following format:

I wish to save the following character(s):
@[tag] -- [URL=link to post]MM/DD of post[/URL]

Characters will be removed from the list as they are saved. You may post as many saves in a post as you’d like, you do not need to post each character as a single, just as you do not need ALL of your posts in order to save a character.

Aarti Parekh
Abel Wright-Hollow
Aceline Coutemanche
Adélaïde Le Tellier
Adelaide Montague
Aiden Thomas
Aj Blackbourne
Alaric Greymark
Aleksi Vasilyv
Alexia Beaumont
Andrea Brennan
Anika Rozman
Annabel Blackwood
Arianne Roussel
Asha Patel
Astrid Coutemanche
Aubrianna Edeson
Avery Mathis
Bastien Argente
Batuk Parekh
Ben Clarke
Bindy Archer
Blythe Arden
Brax Crawford
Brielle Hartwell
Brodie Baxter
Brooke Hardwick
Brynna Lynch
Caleb Richardson
Carter Booth
Carter Whitestone
Casey O'doyle
Chelsea Lawrence
Chi Liao
Christian Travere
Cole Bennett
Constance Le Vuitton
Cooper Santiago
Daisi Prewitt
Daniela Fuentes
Devraj Varma
Dottie Dixon
Éléonore Moreau
Elliot Tombe-Matthews
Emmeline Bancroft
Emmett Seung
Esther Mustonen
Evelyn Pierce
Evelyne Roux
Ezio D'orolione
Felipe Fonseca
Forest Watts
Freddie Zhan
Freja Doctor
Freyr Sigurdsson
Gabrielle Sauveterre
Gage Bancroft
Garrett Holmes
Genevieve Liao
Giles Bannister
Giovanni D'orolione
Hunter Wembley
Iggy Swift
Isaac Harrow
Iveta Stoichkov
Jace Pierce
Jacklyn Mallard
Jared Pearson
Jason Winston
Jaxton Graves
Jean Duval
Jeremiah Murray
Jesper Angelov
Jimi Hargrave
Jules Ellison
Juliet Laurent
Kate Morello
Katia Vaselava
Kazimir Orlov
Keith Winston
Konstantin Pasternak
Kyra Blackwell
Lance Chevalier
Laney Poletti
Laurel Wyndham
Laurent Sauveterre
Leilani Kahananui
Leyla Kovachev
Liam Gaines
Lila James
Lilian Faye
Lim Wei Man
Logan Devereaux
Luka Radić
Luther Brasher
Lydia Vaselava
Mackenzie Alexander
Maddie Greene
Maggie Clarke-Santiago
Malakai Wolfe
Malia Wyatt
McKenna Alexander
Mihaela Sokolsky
Morana Vlcek
Nazaire Cote
Nikolai Vaselava
Noella Evans
Octavia Tallmadge
Olivia Arden
Osborne Mallard
Owen Richardson
Patrick Bancroft
Patrick Macbride
Paula Richmond
Pierre Gardinier
Piper Hadley
Quincy Winterbottom
Radomir Dracovic
Rafael Fremont
Raleigh Augustine
Raven Ramirez
Rayner Belmont
Reagan Caomhánach
Roman Ozera
Ronan O'shea
Sapphire Morris
Scarlett Tate
Soli Torrero
Sonya Marek
Stanimir Kovlov
Tarik Farouk
Taylor Wyatt
Teagan Williams
Timothy Clarke-Santiago
Tristan Fontaine
Tyler Poletti
Vera Starling
Wesley Morello
Xander Strange
Yngvarr Engstrӧm
Zhenya Isaev

Additionally, due to a trend of accounts being created and then either not being logged into again or never being completed, we will be requesting that all recently approved characters, accounts with pending registrations, and any other user still in “Registering” status post here to let us know of their intention to remain on the site. There is no IC post required for the following accounts, just an OOC post to keep the account.

New characters/pending applications/”Registering” accounts that need to be saved with an OOC post using the following format:

I wish to keep the following recently approved character(s) or account(s): @[tag]

If you wish to no longer play a character, or if you have no intentions of finishing your application, please let us know below so that we can delete the character. PLEASE DO NOT DELETE THE CHARACTER YOURSELF, as it slows down and confuses the forum clean-up process. Just let us know the @[tag], and we will handle the rest.

Characters/Accounts to be Deleted, please post using the following format:


I wish to delete the following account(s):

Nov 19 2017, 03:29 PM
[dohtml]<center><style type="text/css">

.cyh-1 { width: 400px; padding: 30px; background: #000; text-align: right; font: italic 52px 'calibri', sans-serif; color: #fff; margin-top: 30px; }

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.cyh-4 { width: 376px; padding: 5px; background: #f8f8f8; }

.cyh-5 { border-top: 1px solid #000000; margin-bottom: 20px; }

.cyh-tx { width: 274px; padding: 50px; background: #fefefe; border: 1px solid #f3f3f3; text-align: justify; font: 300 10px/130% 'calibri', sans-serif; color: #000; }

.cyh-tx sb1 { font: 700 19px/130% 'calibri', sans-serif; color: #000000; }

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.tab { margin-left: 25px; }
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<div class="cyh-1">adoption center tips & guidelines</div>

<div class="cyh-2"><div class="cyh-3"><div class="cyh-4">

<div class="cyh-tx">
Welcome to the Incantatem Adoption Center! Within this forum, members may post or fulfill requests for family members, co-workers, romantic affiliations, rivals, etc. to their heart's content. While we encourage creativity and therefore don't have specific rules or a template to follow for this section, we do have a few guidelines and tips on how to get started if you're feeling stuck or uninspired.<br><br>

Requests may be made within their own post on the forum. You may consolidate all of your requests as a roleplayer into one thread, divide them by family, occupation, or however you see fit. Please just make sure to clean up your threads every once in a while and remove any requests that have been filled, whether that is the entire thread itself or merely a post within your thread. If you need assistance with deletion or moderation, feel free to contact Admin Cor.

When posting a character for adoption, it might be a good idea to include the basics - <br><br>
<div class="tab">
• Character Name<br>
• Age<br>
• Ideal Face Claim (please note that this will not count as a claim or a reserve and only serves as a suggestion)<br>
• Occupation (if they're a student, specifying year or house might be a good idea)<br>
• General personality (bullet points are acceptable if you'd rather have the future roleplayer elaborate, or you may feel free to type out a detailed personality)<br>
• History (again - bullet points are acceptable unless you want to go in-depth)<br>
• Relation to your character?<br>
• Whether or not you would like to be actively involved in the character's creation<br>
• Best method of contact (if you would like Guests or current non-members to be eligible to fulfill a request, please be sure to include specify this, as well as a method of contact besides PM)

Another tip is to post off-site in the Character Search/Request sub-forums on resource sites! As a lot of our current members have multiple characters who might not be able to take on more responsibility, posting to resource sites may help draw new members with fresh ideas in who are eager to take your character! Here are some links: Candyland Couture, Caution to the Wind, Shadowplay. Note: Most of these sites require membership, which is quick, free, and easy. Just please be sure to follow each individual's site rules and guidelines, as you are effectively representing Finite Incantatem!<br><br>

These are, of course, all suggestions - if you're flexible, feel free to leave any of the above open. The more information, however, the more interested people will be in your character!

Nov 10 2017, 10:45 PM
On this particular evening, the Great Hall was reconfigured to the night’s event. Instead of rows of tables, a stage was erected at the far end of the Hall. A curtain was drawn across it at the moment, creating a backstage area. Chairs were arranged around the room, creating a theater for those students interested in watching the first of five talent shows that the school was hosting this year.

Tonight’s show involved students playing musical instruments. There were just a few students signed up tonight, and after they performed the audience would get the chance to vote on who took what place. The lights dimmed as Laurent Gaspard Sauveterre took the stage and introduced the first musician who would be playing for them tonight.

(Performers are tagged. Other people may post their reactions in the audience as well. After all the contestants have posted, a poll will open up for students to vote for who they liked the most. Contestants may post any links, videos, gifs, pictures, etc as the see fit to get the point of their performance across, however your post should also include a written description of at least a paragraph of your act. Please keep in mind that your resources should be realistic for the challenge and appropriate for the site's rating.)
Nov 7 2017, 01:24 AM
Joyeux Noël, mesdemoiselles et messieurs. Beauxbatons Academy is celebrating the season in style. Students are invited to take a ride in a horse drawn sleigh from the school to a nearby enchanting Christmas village, where they can enjoy carolling, light displays, and a parade.

This is the official thread for these festivities, however you may make private threads.
Oct 29 2017, 10:05 PM
[dohtml]<center><style type="text/css">

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.cyh-tx sb1 { font: 700 19px/130% 'calibri', sans-serif; color: #000000; }

.cyh-tx b { font: 600 11px/130% 'calibri', sans-serif; color: #000000; }

.cyh-tx u { font: 400 11px/130% 'calibri', sans-serif; color: #000000; }

<div class="cyh-1">frequently asked questions</div>

<div class="cyh-2"><div class="cyh-3"><div class="cyh-4">

<div class="cyh-tx">

[ What is the setting of Finite Incantatem? ] <br>
This RP is set in a Potterverse in which none of the canon characters existed. The Death Eaters, the Order of the Phoenix, they all came about organically in other ways. After all, you're always going to find prejudice. So please do not reference any of the canon characters in the course of your roleplay.
[ What is the date on Incantatem? How fast does time progress? ] <br>
It is currently the year 2021. Time moves in real time here, so one month equals one month, and etc.

[ Are there any character limits or post minimums on Incantatem? ] <br>
Currently, there are not any character limits here. If it becomes a problem that members are creating characters and not maintaining activity with them, we may later impose limits. But for now, there are none. Neither are there post minimums. We expect each member to write to the best of their ability, and give other members something to respond to in their posts, but there is no expected word count.
[ What is the expected activity level on Incantatem? How often will it be checked? ] <br>
Ideally, we'd like to see at least an In Character post from every character at least monthly. However, we won't be keeping track of that on a monthly basis. Instead we will hold periodic Activity Checks, during which you'll be expected to post with each character to prove activity.
[ I want my shop/class/other place to be a board. Can you do that for me? ] <br>
Of course, please just post in our Board Suggestion thread to let us know the details.

[ Can I start a club at one of the schools? ] <br>
Yes, we encourage students to engage in extracurriculars. If there's one you'd like to see, please head to our Organization thread to let us know what you'd like to see.
[ I don't see my question here. ] <br>
This list will be updated as questions occur to us, but please feel free to contact either Admin Lacey or Admin Corinne , or post up your own thread in this forum if you have any questions or suggestions you'd like to see implemented on Incantatem. We hope to create a fun, creative environment and a lot of that springs from you guys.


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