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 we're gonna start a snow war, Christmas 2018
Claire Dubois
 Posted: Dec 12 2017, 05:35 PM
Crystal27CSTmature? Yes •
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i had to learn how to fight for myself
There was no question about it, Claire was convinced that she had the best brother ever. Christmas wasn’t always a holiday she could look forward to. December in general often made her want to hide and avoid people. The holiday cheer wasn’t appealing, nor was the idea of being forgotten once more by her parents. But this year things were finally different. She’d gone home for the holidays in the hopes of seeing Cyprien. She’d taken some killer photos for the school paper, ones that she wanted to show him as soon as possible.

She’d even got him a pretty awesome present if she said so herself. Claire had worked tirelessly to put together a collage of quidditch photos. Each one representing either Cy or a member of his team. The result was a stellar work of art, one that she hoped her brother would love. If not, then she’d have to make it up to him next year. Good news. He did seem to have liked it. Once she handed it over to him he complimented her work before giving her a hug, and the two sat in front of the fireplace exchanging stories for the next couple hours.

It really was the best Christmas she could have had. Just chilling with Cy and sipping hot cocoa or eggnog. There wasn’t anything else she really wanted to do. Sure, presents were great and all, but Cyprien was her favorite person to hang around. In some ways, it often felt like he was the only family she had. Hell, it wasn’t like her parents went out of their way to lavish her with attention. To them, she was nothing more than the accidental second child. An unwanted nuisance who caused nothing but trouble. Her brother was the only good thing about the holidays. To be fair it was more than perfect enough for her.

And yet her Christmas was only going to get better.

“Claire want to join me. I want to show you something.” Cy spoke up near the end of their conversation. She perked up at that, curious as to what her brother might want of her. It couldn’t be another present. She’d just opened the ones he’d given her. A beautiful new camera and a broom that would help her to be an even better seeker. The Melancolique team were going to love it. So gifts were out of the question. Whatever he wanted to show her was sure to be amazing though, and her curiosity only increased as she watched him head out the door.

“Wait up, Cy. I’m coming.” The young thirteen-year-old shouted, bouncing up to chase after him. Sliding on her boots, Claire grabbed her coat once she’d noticed that he’d gone outside. It wasn’t the strangest thing. They’d spent a lot of time outdoors already, but it did make her grow more curious. What could be out there worth showing her? She already knew what it looked like. The decorations her parents had put up were rather plain, with an ugly wreath thing hovering over the door. Other than that there was just snow. Lots of snow that had fallen over the course of the past few days.

Stepping outside, her feet sunk into the ankle-deep snow almost immediately. Gaze shifted around to look for Cy. He was nowhere to be seen. Most likely hiding if she had to guess, maybe even planning on scaring her. What had he done? Did he buy some hideous snow monster costume, and was now planning on trying to scare her? Hah. Like that would work. Whatever it was she’d be ready. Nothing would surprise her.

Except a sudden snowball flung at her.

The white ball hit her shoulder, just as Cy leaped out from behind a tree. He was laughing and already preparing another to launch at her. “Watch out, Claire. I’m taking you down.” He declared with laughter, before firing the snowball toward her once more. “With all this snow, it’d be a shame if we didn’t enjoy it. Right?”

Claire laughed in agreement and jumped out of the way to dodge the incoming ball of snow. With how they got along, it was sometimes easy to forget that Cy was ten years older than her. Add to that the fact that he wasn’t going easy on her, and it was almost like they were both around the same age. She loved it though. Crouching down to scoop up a chunk of snow, the small brunette quickly packed it in to form her own circular weapon before hurling it right back at her brother. Once it was out of her hands she bent down to make a new one, ready to continue the snow war.

It was a war that lasted for over a half-hour. The two siblings hurling snowballs at each other. Claire managed to land in her fair share of great shots. The whole time she was laughing while moving around constantly, and trying to dodge whatever Cy threw at her. By the time they called a truce, both were soaked from the many snowballs that they had thrown at each other. No one had lost. They’d both won, and it was the best snowball fight ever. Once again she was reminded that her brother was the best.

“I love you so much, Cy.” Claire declared as her small framed jumped onto her brother’s back. He managed to carry her effortlessly enough, while she wrapped her arms around his neck. If was too heavy, he never complained. Although she hoped not. She wasn’t fat by any long shot, but still…she wasn’t a small child anymore. She was thirteen and still growing. “This is the best Christmas ever! Can we do this again next year, and every year?” It was an innocent enough request, one that Cy was all too happy to agree to. Finally, it seemed she would have something to look forward to. Annual snowball fights with her brother and spending time with the best quidditch player she knew. What more was there to love?

As long as she could spend the holiday with Cyprien, then she’d always have a reason to look forward to it.

Christmas would never feel horrible.

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