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 In The Heat Of The Moment, Lila / Summer 2004
Giles Bannister
 Posted: Jan 26 2018, 04:48 PM
Shark25ASTmature? Yes •
St. Mungo's Staff
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Creature-Induced Injuries Healer
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Giles Bannister

Despite turning 30, Giles continued to go to bars and clubs. Juggling the work at the hospital, and some of his private activities that few know about, he still found time to get out on the social scene and have some fun. Contrary to his family’s hopes, he isn’t interested in a full on relationship at the moment. He is content with his string of short term relationships that last less than a month. Giles doesn’t believe a long lasting relationship is in the cards for him anyway, too many factors to bring in. Maybe it’s the fact that he tends to keep so many things secret from his friends and family.

After work, Giles decided he was going to go to the bar and have a few drinks. It had been a long day and he wanted to relax a bit before going off to an underground duel. Maybe. Well, he hasn’t exactly been told there is one tonight or not yet. He’s still waiting on the text to give him the details about when and where. That’s the problem of an activity that keeps changing its location constantly. One can never keep track of it and know when something is going to happen. But that is life, right? Full of unexpected events and surprises.

Walking down the street, Giles had his hands in his jean pockets. A cool Summer evening, fairly nice compared to some of the heat from the past few days. Approaching the building, Giles reached for the door and opened it, just as some lovely ladies were leaving. With a smile and a nod, Giles watched as they left. They were fairly attractive, maybe his plans will change tonight from a duel to something more… intimate. Walking through the doorway, his eyes scanned the bar.

Giles looked over the tables as he walked through and saw many different groups of people. Lots of lovely ladies though, which is a bonus for the evening. On the other end, there is a medium cleared area for people to dance. Of course there are a few people dancing, and the song playing isn’t so bad either. Perhaps he should go dance for a bit as well? First order of business however, should be getting a drink. It has been a long day and he’d rather have a nice cool drink to just relax. Wouldn’t be so bad to just sit at the bar itself and just people watch, right? Get a feel for the crowd before he makes his move.

So, that is what he decided to do. Giles walked over to the bar and took a free seat, which surprisingly there were still a few to be had. Maybe because there are quite a few tables and booths to take a seat at. Either way, Giles caught the attention of the bartender and ordered himself a gin & tonic. Turning his gaze to see who is sitting at the bar, Giles studied the atmosphere of the room. It was pretty jovial, all things considered. Perhaps Summertime love is still a thing. His attention was brought back towards the bartender when he got his drink handed to him. With a thanks, Giles turned once again to peer over the crowd as he sipped at his drink.

Quite a few people were sitting about talking, and laughing. Fairly jovial indeed. Leaning back against the bar, the healer just watched the movements as he sipped away at his gin & tonic. Just a fairly simple drink, nothing too elaborate. Chances are he’ll get stronger and more elaborate drinks later in the night, but for now just this simple drink. His blue eyes scanned the room, a part of him hoping to find someone to speak to. A little bit of social interaction will go well tonight. As he scanned the room, he saw someone sitting in a booth in the far corner alone, drinking.

Well that isn’t very sociable, or really that acceptable here. Giles felt he needed to change that. Finishing off his drink, he crossed his way towards the booth in question. As he approached, he started to recognize the person. Well for starters, blonde & female. So already a plus. But he recognized her from work, a healer by the name of Delilah James. Approaching, he could feel that something wasn’t right. For starters, drinking alone. Second, she’s an attractive woman drinking alone. And that just will not do.

Approaching, he slid into the open seat just opposite of her. “Hello.” he said with a warm smile across his face. Despite his flirty ways, and weakness to blondes, he still found himself wanted to help her out. The two have met before, and ran into each other at work. So it wasn’t exactly the meeting of strangers here. “Why so glum chum?” he asked with a light laugh. Hoping the laugh will lighten whatever is causing such a gloomy mood to befall this corner.

824 - Lila James - Hope this is okay <3
Admin Cor
 Posted: Feb 11 2018, 04:37 PM
Cor27HSTmature? Yes •
Pure Blood
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-shields Cole's poor eyes from this HEINOUS THREAD-))

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