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 Masters of The Universe, Aurelien
Pierre Gardinier
 Posted: Nov 19 2017, 02:58 PM
Lacey28Centralmature? Yes •
Ministry Official
Pure Blood
French Minister of Magic
Death Eater

━ I see what's mine and take it
The relationship between government and the press had always been a historically dicey one. In most cases it was a necessary sort of evil. Sometimes they helped you, sometimes they didn’t, and you took that chance every time you involved the press. Pierre had been in the Ministry for several years, and knew this lesson well. This was, of course, unless you controlled the press.

Pierre did not control the press, and had no illusions of such a thing. He might be the Minister of France now, but that power didn’t extend indefinitely. However, he did know the man who did. Aurelien Roux controlled the Daily Prophet, the most widely read newspaper in the wizarding world. And let’s just say that Gardiniers and Rouxes had very similar goals in mind, very similar loyalties.

Considering their families were such old friends and that the two of them had crossed paths in official ways many times over the length of Pierre’s political career, it wasn’t strange at all for Pierre to extend an invitation to Aurelien to have dinner with him when the older man happened to be in France. It was a chance for them to catch up and to talk business, both official and otherwise.

Pierre’s manor was in the heart of Paris, a large, classical stone building. He stood in his study, looking out at his private gardens when he heard the polite cough of his house elf as he entered, bringing his guest along behind him. “Ah Monsieur Roux, how good to see you again. That will be all, Rigby,” he dismissed the house elf without a glance.

“Can I get you a drink?” he asked, walking over to the liquor cabinet to refresh his own.

user posted image
Sig by ;;porcelain doll of Shadowplay
Aurelien Roux
 Posted: Dec 1 2017, 01:13 AM
Shark25mature? Yes •
Media Personnel
Pure Blood
Cécile Roux
The Daily Prophet Editor-in-Chief
Death Eater Second-in-Command

It didn’t matter where you lived in the world. France, England, America, or Japan. The news always had a power in politics. It could destroy or build a reputation of a politician. The rule of a leader could be torn down by the press, and that power? Well Aurelien enjoyed having it. But there was another aspect of the news industry that he enjoyed. Gathering information, something he wanted for himself.

Luckily for the current French Ministry of Magic, their views aligned with what Aurelien had in mind. Also their new Minister was an old friend of his. From a very prominent pure-blood family that are old friends of the Roux family. This would be a case of the media being friends with the government, which is a good thing. Opens up avenues and funding.

Though part of the pain of being Editor-In-Chief for the Daily Prophet is having to live in England. Aurelien however, kept his ancestral home in Paris. And when he wasn’t in England, he was there. A magnificent building, that currently housed many guests of… like minded individuals. But today was a bit different, he wasn’t back at home spending time with his fellows or his family.

There is a specific reason for him being here. He was invited to the home of Pierre Gardinier for a drink and some food. An invitation he accepted. And he went to the grand mansion of the younger man. It was a beautiful building in the heart of Paris. Aurelien approved of the show of pedigree as he entered the Gardinier home. He was of course greeted by a house elf.

No pleasantries were exchanged between the two, as the small magical creature was inferior compared to the pure-blooded Roux. His eyes focused ahead, he ignored the decorations that adorned the hallway and followed the house elf into the private study of Pierre. Folding his arms behind his back, he entered the room as he was greeted. “To you as well Monsieur Gardinier.” he said, approaching a leather chair that sat in the center of the room.

Unbuttoning the coat he sat down and glanced towards the younger Frenchman when he heard the request. “Please.” he said with a sigh. Placing his hand against the side of his temple, he waited. “How has your business been? Well I hope.” he said, folding his legs and using his free hand to smooth out his fine grey suit.


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