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Diodore Dubois

Beauxbatons: Sanguine

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Nov 11 2017, 03:54 PM
Welcome to a new school year my loyal readers. I am so glad you could join me.
So much has happened the past few days that I cannot contain myself from telling you all about it.
First of all, lets start of with some congratulations to the champions! Hope they appear in future articles.
Now to start off, there was a party that yours truly had attended to the first night here at Hogwarts.

There was much to be desired there, but also I had seen many more things and heard just as much.
I have done my best to research all names in regards to the people I have seen. Hopefully correct. Am I ever wrong, loyal readers?
The party was a standard affair, there was music and laughter. Dancing and chatter. But the main draw, the thing that brought people in.

Truth or Dare.

Here is what transpired...
One of our actresses, one Astrid Daphnée Coutemanche had made off with a boy from another school on a dare, though the two appeared to have been in the closet far longer then the allotted seven minutes. Steamy things afoot perhaps?
Love between was in the air folks, for the kissing just wouldn't stop at this truth or dare game.
Boys kissing boys, girls kissing boys and girls. It was a very interesting thing to behold.
Of course I can't pass up the fact that Alison Fleur Lévesque sleeps with a dragon plush. Wonder what colour it is?
Dare my eyes lie? I could've sworn I saw a real life actor among us. They speak truth!
Aiden Grayson Thomas was there, and of course he was dared to speak of a moment that was embarrassing. Excellent for my readers.
He had dropped his pants of course in front of none other then Oprah. Wonder what her reaction was?
Of course that wouldn't be the end of the night.
I had to dig around to find out more, but that'll be for another article.

Till next time my readers, this is yours truly;
Dio Dubois

Nov 7 2017, 07:32 AM
One thing Dio loved about parties, was the games. Well besides the aimless drama that might occur at these parties. He sat off to the side, away from the more bustling areas of the party. It wasn’t that he was being antisocial, far from it. Dio loves being social and having an enjoyable time. But right now, he was writing away in his little notebook, taking down detailed notes as the night progressed.

Though he wasn’t at Beauxbatons, he was still a reporter. Though many people would call what he writes as trash, he thinks that it is still something to be respected. The current game that he was watching was the truth or dare game. It was a game that he had played many times when he was younger, hard to find a kid who didn’t. But what he enjoyed about this, was as people had figured out what sex was, that it got involved into these games.

So, there was bound to be some fun times in store for sure. Such as when, a girl from Beauxbatons, dragged off some boy from another school off into a closet. But that wouldn’t be the end of it no. There was plenty of making out to be had and secrets being shouted about. And all happening in front of Dio. Such as it was. People tended to forget he was around and just… blabbed about things.

Another boy spoke up, he had flashed Oprah, huh? Interesting bit of info. But he’ll need more then that. Picking up bits of information here and there, and writing down the many interactions of the party goers, Dio was slowly filling his book. But it wasn’t just the truth or dare game that he was reporting on, there were other things happening off into the distance. People dancing and drinking. Soon to be fuel for his fire.

Sitting on the ground with his back against the wall, his feet placed over one another. He was in such a laid-back pose as he writes what could be damaging to peoples’ social statuses. Of course, Dio didn’t care about that. Why should he? It was all just a game after all. Though maybe, in the end… maybe he did? Nah.

Misa Boyle
Nov 7 2017, 01:27 AM
It was just a month into the school year, and the excitement was dying down. All the buzz was draining away and the students seemed to be going to what would be a routine lifestyle. Go to class, hang out, have food, do club activities, have food, go to sleep. Than you repeat the process. Of course it did get broken up by some exciting events, such as the SPELLCRAFT thing. Which was exciting he supposed. Though Dio didn’t really care about that, unless there was some juicy gossip that was starting to develop between the champions, it was just boring.

Of course he hoped his school to win, he had to have some pride in it. But that wasn’t where his thoughts were. He was busy thinking about other things, such as his future and what he plans on doing with it. He didn’t want to return to France, seeing as his father still lived there. He had a feeling he might strike out and make a name for himself here, maybe try and get a post at the Daily Prophet? But that could be a long-shot. He would need something else in the interim, it’s not like the Daily Prophet will just take him on and put him in a desk right there.

But he had to show he wasn’t just a good reporter, he had to gather up a good grade, else he would just be seen as a slacker. Especially considering what he wrote about in the school paper. He heard the Editor-In-Chief was a tough man, so he would have to find a way to appease that sense of… whatever it was that man had. So here he was, in the library of Hogwarts. He was going to try and study a lot, and in his free time he was going to write all the scandalous gossips he could hear from these quiet bookshelves. Sometimes people forget how eerily quiet a library can get, and how much noise can travel.

Sitting at a desk, just a few rows away from a group of students, Dio placed his books down and cracked them open to begin his study session. However, he also had his own little notebook on hand, hoping to hear something from the group nearby and whoever was else within the vicinity. This was his normal routine here at Hogwarts. He would find a group of students, sit a bit away from them, then he would start to listen in on whatever they were talking about. It was the perfect set up, and one he was proud of. Though sometimes it could be a bit hard to keep up with. He did have his studying to do.

Dio got right into his work, looking over the herbology text that laid out in front of him. It was a boring subject, but he found that it was a easy class to skim by in, due to the inexperience of the professor. Dio just did the bare minimum of the work needed to get that pass, but for other classes he did what he could. Which is sometimes good, sometimes not quite what he hoped. But if he could just prove that he was a hard worker, or bullshit his way about it, maybe people will believe him. It’s always worth a shot after all.

Writing down a sentence about some plant, Dio looked up from his papers when he heard a soft voice regarding some books. A wide smile spread across his lips as he put his quill down and got up from his seat. He looked at the source of the voice, a cute little Flegmatique girl he had met and grew… close? Yeah, close, with. “Well well well, if it isn’t the little marshmallow.” Dio said, closing his little notebook and sliding it underneath another book. “How are you, cutie?” he asked with his usual charming grin. It had been the entire Summer vacation since he had last spoken with Genevieve Kylin Liao , so he was now hoping to catch up with her. “Come, have a seat. Let’s talk.” he said, still having his charming smile across his face.

He pulled out a chair for her and quickly sat down into his own. “It’s been a long Summer since we last spoke, how are things? Do anything exciting or fun?” he asked, his charming demeanor in full force here. The boy sure knew how to make someone feel comfortable and relaxed. Probably the best way to get people to trust him, but that is neither here nor there. He wanted to latest scoop on the life of Gen, so here he was. Going into it and hoping for a good answer.
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