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Happy New Year, Tatem! We're kicking off 2018 with a site wide ACTIVITY CHECK! Be sure to save your characters by February 2, 2018!

We are going to begin opening up to new members and the public! Please excuse our mess as we still finish transferring things from the Proboards site. Information pages are slowly, but surely being transferred over. If there are any incorrect tags, missing information, misaligned tables, broken code, or anything odd in general, please contact Admin Cor.

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Member List
Name Level Group Joined Posts Photo
Aarti Parekh Hogwarts: Ravenclaw 4-November 17 2
Abel Wright-Hollow Hogwarts: Ravenclaw 4-November 17 4
Abelard Tomkins Registering 1-February 18 0
Aceline Coutemanche Registering 5-November 17 1
Adélaïde Le Tellier Registering 11-November 17 2
Adelaide Montague Ministry Official 6-November 17 2
Adia Tomkins Wizarding Adult 31-January 18 0
Admin Cor Admin 10-October 17 6
Admin Lacey Admin 10-October 17 30
Adrian Villanueva Criminal 29-December 17 0
Aeron Drummond Celebrity 4-November 17 1
Agatha Baker Ilvermorny Staff 4-November 17 3
Aiden Thomas Registering 6-November 17 5
Aislinn Bishop Hogwarts: Hufflepuff 4-November 17 5
Aj Blackbourne Hogwarts: Hufflepuff 4-November 17 6
Alaric Greymark Criminal 4-November 17 1
Aleksandra Volkov Registering 11-November 17 0
Aleksi Vasilyv Durmstrang Staff 4-November 17 1
Alexia Beaumont Beauxbatons:Colérique 5-November 17 2
Alic Eron Hogwarts Staff 20-January 18 2
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