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 building castles out of dirt, tag: kit/lacey
Daisi Prewitt
 Posted: Jul 10 2018, 11:22 PM
Harp23CSTmature? Ask •
Beauxbatons: Mélancolique
Half Blood
Seventh Year

and we always made it work no matter how much it did hurt
“Are you absolutely positive he isn’t staying over? There’s a spare set of sheets I can wash for the couch-”

“Mum, for the last time, he’s not staying the night. I only invited him over to tutor him, it’s for school.”

Daisi sighed at the doubtful look on Elaine Prewitt’s face, ducking her head so that her mother wouldn’t see the flustered redness across her cheeks at having to defend her tutelage yet again for the hundredth time in the past twenty-four hours. She knew that her mother was mostly joking, really, but it was starting to reach the point where it was a little too unbearable. She was already wishing that the time had come and gone for her and Kit’s get-together, just so that she could put it behind her and not have her mother look at that every time the subject came up.

At fifteen minutes until his proposed arrival time, Daisi shot up from her seat and cleared her throat. “Mum, I’m going to the Apparition point.”

“Do you want me to-”

“No. You can meet him when he gets here. It’s not what you think. At all.

She really wished she could take an eraser and smear off the smirk that appeared on her mother’s face. With a dissatisfied huff, Daisi stalked out the door and into the summer heat and the streets of their small wizarding neighborhood in Toulouse.

Breathing in the summer air, Daisi knew that if Kit hadn’t been coming over today, she’d be in the parks along the Garonne, likely with her sketchbook out and drawing the people and things that she saw. Or, otherwise, helping her mother in their small gardenhouse, grooming the plants that her mother painstakingly grew as their source of income. As it was, her day was slotted entirely for this so-called tutoring session, for which, if truth be told, Daisi was exceptionally nervous.

When she’d first overheard Bastien Argente and Christian Travere arguing about whether or not Kit would be allowed to continue to seventh year Transfiguration, it had been a no-brainer to Daisi to just up and volunteer her services to help. She probably shouldn’t have been eavesdropping, but since she’d been on her way to see Professor Argente anyway to wish him a good summer, she couldn’t have helped it. Daisi had impulsively, and instinctively, offered to help. Not just because she had a naturally giving heart, but also because she knew vague details about Kit’s situation. Things she’d noticed, over the course of the year, that made her heart ache for him at the thought of having to go home having failed.

But, now that it was finally here, Daisi realized she’d never actively tutored someone before. So, she had absolutely no idea what she was doing, and she was pretty sure it was going to show. Either way, she was determined to help, and she hoped it would be enough.

The Apparition point for their small wizarding corner of Toulouse was a ten minute walk from her and her mother’s humble one-story, two-bedroom house. Daisi smiled and greeted her neighbors that she saw as she walked, and many of them greeted her back. It wasn’t so much that she was close with any of them, so much as she simply knew their names, knew things that she took in by walking by their homes so often. Like how Ms. Bonnaire’s oldest son’s family had gone missing (Daisi had offered to help in any way she could when she’d caught on), and how Mr. Marchand and his wife were planning on moving out of France to live with their Muggle relatives in Spain. They’d be leaving their cat with Daisi when they left at the end of August (she was going to see if she could bring two cats back to Beauxbatons instead of just one).

Daisi glanced down at her phone once she reached the Apparition point in one of the small parks at the edge of their neighborhood. Right on time. But no Kit. Letting out a quiet sigh, she took a seat at one of the nearby park benches to wait. And wait. She wasn’t entirely sure how long she waited, only that she was beginning to worry that maybe he wasn’t going to be allowed to come, that maybe-

She squeaked in surprise when a loud pop! startled her out of her reverie, and she looked up to see Kit not far from her. “Oh! Kit! Sorry- I- I was getting worried about you. Did you make the Apparition okay?” To some degree, it was a little odd to be addressing him so informally, and yet, for Daisi, it came like second nature. They weren’t exactly friends, but Daisi couldn’t say she disliked him either. He was, when he thought nobody was looking, rather sweet. She approached him, skin a little red from the heat, before she flusteredly gestured around her. “Er, welcome to Toulouse! My house is back this way, we can start walking if you’d like. Did you bring your books?”


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