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 In the Belly of the Shark, Shark Plot's (2 of 2)
Carter Whitestone
 Posted: Dec 31 2017, 05:34 AM
Shark25ASTmature? Yes •
Ministry Official
Half Blood
Department of Magical Law Enforcement Employee
Senior Auror

Carter Whitestone lost his family due to his work. His daughter was killed because wizards and witches he arrested were released. He would fall into a drunken spiral and go out of control. His wife would file for divorce and he would be on his own. But he wouldn't let his emotions show, he would bottle it all up. He would just drink at the White Wyvern Pub when he isn't hunting down dark witches and wizards. And when he caught them? Well, they wouldn't arrive at the ministry all in one piece.
Carter needs a drinking buddy, somebody he can share a drink with. Possibly someone who looks out for him as well, seeing as (in his eyes) nobody else does.

Xander Strange after graduating from Hogwarts he traveled across Europe. He would join up with a group of dark wizards because he felt lost and misguided. But after awhile he started to think regret what he has been doing and wanted out. But the gang he was with didn't take that kindly, so they attempted to kill him. They would chase Xander across Europe and corner him on a port in France. The gang would cast the cruciatus curse on him, and he would plummet into the cold January harbour. He would awaken, recover and start teaching Defense Against the Dark Arts at Hogwarts. But that wouldn't be enough for Xander, even with his PTSD he joined up with the Order of the Phoenix to fight a threat that would hurt many people.
That gang he ran with back in the day. He still needs to confront them and finish what they started. Friends, to help him cope.

Jimi Hargrave is searching for a werewolf cure due to his own failings as a brother. When he was a child, he and his brother were attacked by a Rougarou, resulting in his brother getting infected. The brotherly relationship would turn sour and strained. Even though his brother ran away, he still wishes to help him. So Jimi, in his part time, is researching for a cure to lycanthrope.
Research partners. Jimi needs somebody to help him research and work through the theories and such.

Blythe Arden hopes to one day become Minister of Magic. Even though he is married and currently having an affair, he has ambitions to basically run the English (as in England) wizarding community.
Supporters. Blythe feels like he'll need a few loyal supporters to help him achieve his dream. He has a long way to climb the ladder, but he feels like he can do it with the proper support. A rival as well, to make it interesting.

Jean Duval worked as an obliviator before becoming charms professor at Beauxbatons, and he found he was quite well at the job. He still keeps in contact with some of his old coworkers. Regarding his previous students, he keeps in touch with those who loved charms and fully supports whatever career path they have chosen. If those former pupils however, wish to enter a more... physical relationship, he won't say no. But he will not enter a physical relationship with a current student, for that would be inappropriate as a teacher.
Former students, any and all are welcome. Those who wish to enter a relationship even more so. ALSO: former coworkers at the Ministry of Magic in France.

Aurelien Roux is a business man with a long and extensive career in journalism. During his youth he published many articles with pro-purist leanings. Basically he did propaganda for his ideology. Aurelien now spends his time as a Death Eater, more specifically second in command. With a powerful position within a secret organization, he finds it compliments his powerful position as editor-in-chief at the Daily Prophet. Aurelien has a sordid past but keeps it close to his chest. He values information, so he would probably have people gathering it for him, for the more... underworld leading info.
People who work underground, but are willing to give up information to Aurelien.

Jaxton Graves is a pro-quodpot player who loves sports, comedy and music. Professionally he plays for the Brooklyn Bayers, but in his past time he plays in a comedy band -insert name here-. He does the vocals while his bandmate plays the keyboard. He hopes his band becomes popular, and doesn't mind if he sometimes has to put his sport career on the back burner when he performs.
A bandmate. Preferably a male (because Ninja Sex Party is two guys)

Osgar has many bloodlines still going today. He has a bloodline in America, two in England, one in France and one in Russia. He watches over them as best he can, and searches for artifacts that can give him the ability to watch out for them. But when he physically cannot, he has people there who can help his family with whatever trouble. Osgar also aims to constantly update his medical library and knowledge of potions, anything to help heal.
An artifact dealer, somebody to help with looking after his bloodlines. Someone to help with expanding his medical knowledge, both with muggle and magical knowledge. He cannot do magic, but potions fall under that category.

Lim Wei Man fled China when his mother started to fall ill. But back home he had run in with trouble with a gang that he used to run with. His father was falsely imprisoned by the Chinese government and Lim Wei figured if he acquired enough money, he could buy his father's freedom. So he places bets on his team (be it to win or lose) and on himself when he fights illegally underground. He would take that money and gamble it as well by playing dominoes in Chinatown. He has incurred a sizable debt with his gambling.
People he owes money to, people who owe him money, somebody who is willing to try and stop his gambling. A former compatriot of the gang from his youth.

Radomir Dracovic hates clubs, ones time should be dedicated entirely to studies. He feels like the children of now do not do enough, and should be punished (be it physically or mentally) into doing their work. He gives out detention to the slightest infraction and is hard on the students. But when his children are involved, he softens and isn't hard on anyone within the vicinity. Except boys when they are near his daughter, then he is doubly hard on them. He previously worked in the Ministry and had a few friends from school that he stayed with during the divorce.
Friends he would've had to stay with when he went through his divorce. Former work colleagues. Students with grudges against him.

Casey O'doyle is a party animal, and will do anything for a quick fix. He holds no standards on who he sleeps with, be it a muggle, pureblood, a giant, anything really. Long as he has fun. (Needs more work)
Dealers and people he can have fun with.

Patrick Macbride is a leprechaun that causes mischief, not with his actions but with his words. He knows how to read people and convince them to do what he wants. He drinks and knows things after all. He enjoys mind games and he hopes to one day worm his way into the school and perform a coup, becoming headmaster.
Students he can trick into becoming his pawns in his game of chess. Adult women he can flirt with. People who bring him booze.

Stanimir Kovlov is a freelance cursebreaker who moonlights as a bounty hunter. He has caught many criminals that were on the run. Though during one of his hunts he was caught off-guard and was badly injured. It could be fixed, but he chooses not to because its a constant reminder of his failure. He has a son who doesn't know he exists, so he keeps quiet and watches over him.
The criminal who caught him offguard and severely injured him. People who need other people found.

Giles Bannister works at St Mungo's as a healer in the Creature Induced Injuries department. He cares for his patients and friends. When he isn't working at the hospital, he is at the bar mingling with pretty blonde women. But when he isn't doing that? Well, he is at some undisclosed location participating in underground duels. Just for the fun of it.
Blonde women for him to be thrown at. Well any type really, he just has a thing for blondes. Also needed are people he could go up against in the underground scene. Gotta fight it out yo.

Quincy Winterbottom is a father to a muggleborn. So he is learning all about the magical world through his child, and has literally no idea what they are saying. He finds it all very confusing and a culture shock. And he says the wrong thing quite often.
Friends for his children so he can be a strange parent and embarrass the shit out of his children.

Nazaire Cote is the friendly happy-go-lucky Arts & Literature professor of Beauxbatons. He loves art and is always willing to give a helping hand to the students. Only a slight problem with that... he is dead. Naz is a non-corporeal being you see. Also known as a ghost. But does that make a difference to the House Ghost of Mélancolique? Not at all. He'll take his life experiences (and after life experiences) and impart them to the students!
People who know his art work, or somebody who has seen them. Anything to give Naz some hope that his art actually made a difference, even in death.

Kaydence Gilliam is part of the coolest band, like ever. Dementor's Happiness Below. She is the lead guitarist and back-up vocalist for the band, and love every minute of performing with them. But she, just like her band mates, loves to party. Always down for a good time, Kay spends her time when she isn't practicing or performing at the club or wherever a party is going on. Drinking, wanton sex, drugs. The whole rock 'n' roll scene is her life. Also the girls.
1) A best friend! Someone who she went to school with and bonded with. Preferably female, but could be male. Kay wasn't sexually attracted to her best friend in school, but that could change depending on whomever wants to be the bestie. She also stayed at her best friend's house during the summer between her sixth and seventh year, mostly because she ran away from home.
2) Girls that Kay has either slept with or is gonna. Because lets face it, she has embraced the rockstar lifestyle.

Rayner Belmont is apart of the Undead Crew biker gang and operating out of Oxford, England. He sells drugs, and has been since his fourth year back at school, which resulted in his expulsion in sixth grade. After a few years, he took control of the gang and ruled it with an iron fist. At least until he wound up in prison for a year and got ousted. Now out, he's hoping to reclaim is rightful spot, but not just stopping there - he aims to take over all of the underworld of the UK, perhaps even beyond.
People who'll aid him, join up in his cause (be it for the money he promises, or for the drugs, or maybe even some form of deal, hit me up fam and lets deal with it). Maybe some friends back in the day, or even lovers he's had.

Malakai Wolfe is an almost 400 year old Vampire, a man who detests the past and doesn't particularly care to be reminded of it. Back in the day, he was a pirate - sailing the Pacific seas during the Golden Age of piracy, stealing whatever he wished. After he quit being a pirate, his thieving ways didn't end there. He would spend the rest of his existence stealing all around the world. Now he operates out of a garage just on the outskirts of London... waiting to do some heists.
Some clients who wish for him to "acquire" some items for them. One night stands galore. Or even people who just want to have their cars worked on at his garage.

Celeste Royer is CEO of Royer Enterprises, a mega corp located in France. She's the youngest CEO in its history, and has extended the reach of the company into many different markets. You name it, they most likely have a stake in it somewhere. She's about order and tries her best to contain any chaos that might erupt within the company itself - or in her homelife thanks to her baby brother Joel Royer.
Friends from school, those she made outside, lovers and ex lovers, business competition - or even people she's brought under the umbrella of her company. Nothing too specific at the moment.

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