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 Happy Wife, Happy Life, tag Wesley
Kate Morello
 Posted: Feb 3 2018, 02:38 AM
Lacey28Centralmature? Yes •
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Wesley Morello
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walk of shame in your
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Being married was the worst.

Well, Kate supposed being married to someone you loved and cherished was probably pretty nice. Getting drunk and marrying someone that - on a good day - you were ambivalent to sucked. Especially when you were contractually obligated to maintain the reputations of of your teams and weren’t allowed annul it or get divorced like the sham marriage it was.

Just wait out the media storm, her manager and Wes’ had said. In six months no one will care about this and you can end things quietly. HAH. They were only five months in, not six, but there was no end in sight to the media’s fascination with their “relationship.” They probably should have seen that coming; they were both popular athletes. Who had stunned everyone by eloping. People loved the forbidden love aspect. Kate got questions about it every time she went out, at every event she went to, at every interview she took.

It was exhausting. Not to mention, she couldn’t blow off steam in either of the ways she usually did. Sleeping around while supposedly in crazy love with Wes was beyond stupid for her career. And her manager didn’t want her partying, afraid that she’d blurt something out or do something stupid. That just left Quidditch. She stayed late at practice, working hard at trying to improve her game as well as work off her frustrations.

She walked up toward the front door of Wes’ home, waving at the photographers who were lurking with an insincere smile, the light catching the ring she was wearing. She didn’t stop to chat, instead rushing inside. “Honey, I’m home,” she called out as she shut the front door. Kate shrugged off her coat, tucking it and her back in the coat closet.

“Are you home?”

Wesley Morello

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