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Jul 7 2018, 06:21 PM

So, WTF is this all about, you might be asking?<p>

Well, to be honest, it started as a sort of joke between Shark and myself, to make some Gopnik characters on the site. Considering my sort of...fascination...with Eastern European culture - Gopniks, specifically, I thought to myself, "hey, this actually might not be a bad idea to build a few characters to be a part of the same pack." Seeing as Durm would be the geographical location to satisfy their schooling - and I both <i>love</i> Durm AND they need students like baaaaad, here I am.<p>

First things first - what's a gopnik, you ask? "Gopnik is a pejorative stereotype describing a particular subculture in Russia, Ukraine, and other former Soviet republics to refer to young men or women of sometimes lower-class suburban areas coming from families of poor education and income." Gopniks are <i>usually</i> associated with Adidas tracksuits, drinking vodka, smoking cigarettes (perhaps getting their hands on other drugs). Raves are awesome, and crime may or may not be a part of everyday life.<p>

Granted, as you read on, you might realize that this stereotype doesn't necessarily apply to all four of the boys below - most likely Ruri and Milen in particular, but that's alright. I headcanon that Kas and Laz probably were the first two to come together to form this little group here - conveniently, they're also the two poorest of the group. I feel that Ruri isn't so far beyond them socioeconomically to count him out - they were probably into the same music, all liked vodka, smoking cigarettes - <i>whatever</i> - and came together pretty organically. Milen is definitely the odd one out, but he can, at times, act like Laz's lapdog, and has proven his loyalty to the group (in ways TBD lol), so he' exception. <s>That being said, the other three are probably often quick to shoot insults at him if he gets too spry, lol</s><p>

Your next question is probably...what do they do? Currently, they're all four students at Durmstrang - probably getting up to no good, hustling, causing their Professors headaches, cursing in the hallways, smoking in the courtyard, drinking cheap vodka that got smuggled in under the Quidditch bleachers, roughing one another up (and others) at Quidditch. Some, if not all four of them, are probably in Ulveflokk. They're Durmstrang's resident "bad boys" (ok, well, maybe not Milen so much), getting away with as much as they can without actually getting expelled. Because let's face it, none of them (again, except for Milen) probably have anything worth going back to, so they'd like to stay at school if they can help it...for now, anyway.<p>

Another potential plot device that I've recently realized would be neat is if all four of them share an interest (besides their current ones, like Quidditch, music, shooting the shit with some cigarettes down in the forest, or vodka) and take up a special ability, such as Occlumency, Legilmency, or training to become Animagi. Ruri and Milen probably have the natural inclination to do these things - Laz would definitely want in on it, and would employ their help - and of course, Kas doesn't want to be the odd man out, so he'd ask for their help too. XD<p>

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<h3>kasimir dimitri ivanov</h3><hr>

<div class='scroll'>
stolen by SHARK
<p><i>the brawn</i> -- 5th or 6th year hvergelmir</p>

<p>Kas perfectly fits the "troubled youth" trope. He might be a bit of a bully, and love to fight - with or without a purpose. Despite his shortcomings, he's a loyal young lad, and would do anything for his crew, no questions asked.</p>

<p>random musings and shit: Probably closest to Laz and/or Ruri, but probably butts heads a lot with Laz. Definitely poor/lower class. 1000% plays Quidditch, maybe even Captain yo</p>

<h4 class='hleft'>16-17 / yuri pleskun</h4>

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<h3>rurik anton popovic</h3><hr>

<div class='scroll'>
stolen by CRYSTAL
<p><i>the brains</i> -- 5th or 6th year mim or urd</p>

<p>Rurik is definitely the smartest of the crew - if there's a half-hatched idea (which there's probably a lot of), he's the one that can really make a plan come together. He is loyal to the other boys, but is a bit more self-preserving in that he won't blindly follow them into situations that he does not see going well.</p>

<p>random musings and shit: Half Blood or maybe even Pure Blood, probably from a lower to middle class family. plays Quidditch, maybe even Captain yo (if Mim if it's open (it wasn't last year so it would be a new thing this year)...if he's Urd then probs no, bc Laz is def Capt material for them lol)</p>

<h4>15-16 / cole mohr</h4>

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<h3>laszlo vladimir yegorov</h3><hr>

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stolen by COR
<p><i>the ringleader</i> -- 5th or 6th year urd</p>

<p>Every group needs a leader, and Laz is definitely this ones'. Ambitious AF, he comes up with most of the plans (which Ruri then details them a bit better, or points out how they won't work). What sets Laz aside from the others is that he is loyal first and foremost to himself, and he will indeed set off to achieve a goal, with or without his brothers banding behind him.</p>

<p>random musings and shit: Angry, moody, broody. Pessimist. Probs lower-middle class, maybe not as poor as Kas but idk. def plays Quidditch, probably Captain if it's open (it wasn't last year so it would be a new thing for this year). I can DEFINITELY see him practicing something like Occlumency or Legilmency or training to become an Animagus, perhaps even shares whichever ability with Ruri and they train together/Ruri helps him OMG I JUST GOT THIS COOL IDEA WHAT IF THEY ALL ARE ANIMAGI HOLY SHIT HOLD ON THIS THREAD IS UNDER SUCH HARD CONSTRUCTION NOW</p>

<h4 class='hleft'>16-17 / ash stymest</h4>

</div><div class='squarebox'>
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<h3>milen ivan fedoruk</h3><hr>

<div class='scroll'>
<p><i>the damage control</i> -- 5th or 6th year (likely younger than the majority) mim</p>

<p>In some ways, Milen fits in - he's willing to do whatever the other three are sticking their noses in our getting up to - but in others, he doesn't. He's from an affluent Pure Blood wizarding family, and definitely doesn't have the socioeconomic woes that the other boys have or do face. That being said, he's a bit more polished around the edges and is certainly the most charming, which comes in handy when he and his friends need help out of a sticky situation. He's certainly more of a follower than a leader, which Laz particularly enjoys.</p>

<p>random musings and shit: Maybe not rich AF but headed there, definitely doesn't go without. Prestigious Pure Blood family, has some class about him. Gets good grades, his Professors are probably like why tf do you hang out with these kids pls stop getting in trouble. Plays Quidditch ofc bc his friends do, why wouldn't he? He's probably really good at it too, like, totes headcanon he grew up playing and could probably show up even Laz, which Laz totally hates. He's not super leader-y tho so I don't see him going for Captain tbh. Possibly a Prefect if it's open, also probably uses it to cover the others' asses lol</p>

<h4>15-16 / luke worrall</h4>

<link href='|Roboto' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'><style>.foursquare { width: 500px; height: 500px; margin: 0 auto 20px; padding: 10px; color: #555; border: 3px double #CCC; background-color: #FFF; position: relative; line-height: 1.3em; } .squarebox { width: 245px; display: inline-block; height: 245px; background-color: #ccc; position: relative; overflow: hidden; } .squarebox:nth-of-type(even) { margin-right: 10px; } .squarebox:nth-of-type(2), .squarebox:nth-of-type(3) { margin-bottom: 10px; } .squarebox > img:nth-of-type(1) { position: absolute; height: 245px; width: 245px; } .plotbox { position: absolute; top: 5px; left: 5px; padding: 10px; height: 215px; width: 215px; background-color: #CCC; z-index: 3; -webkit-transition: all 0.2s linear; -moz-transition: all 0.2s linear; -ms-transition: all 0.2s linear; -o-transition: all 0.2s linear; transition: all 0.2s linear; } .scroll { height: 163px; overflow-x: hidden; overflow-y: scroll; display: block; padding: 0 10px 10px; text-align: justify; font-family: Roboto; font-size: 11px; } .squarebox:nth-child(2) > .plotbox { border-bottom-right-radius: 25px; } .squarebox:nth-child(3) > .plotbox { border-bottom-left-radius: 25px; } .squarebox:nth-child(4) > .plotbox { border-top-right-radius: 25px; } .squarebox:nth-child(5) > .plotbox { border-top-left-radius: 25px } .squarebox:nth-child(2) > .plotbox, .squarebox:nth-child(4) > .plotbox { -moz-transform: translateX(-250px); -webkit-transform: translateX(-250px); -o-transform: translateX(-250px); -ms-transform: translateX(-250px); transform: translateX(-250px); } .squarebox:nth-child(3) > .plotbox, .squarebox:nth-child(5) > .plotbox { -moz-transform: translateX(250px); -webkit-transform: translateX(250px); -o-transform: translateX(250px); -ms-transform: translateX(250px); transform: translateX(250px); } .squarebox:hover .plotbox { -moz-transform: translateX(0px); -webkit-transform: translateX(0px); -o-transform: translateX(0px); -ms-transform: translateX(0px); transform: translateX(0px); z-index: 5; } .round { height: 150px; width: 150px; background-color: #FFF; padding: 9px; display: table; border-radius: 100%; position: absolute; top: 50%; left: 50%; margin: -84px 0 0 -84px; text-align: center; z-index: 4; } .valign { height: 100%; width: 100%; display: table-cell; vertical-align: middle; border-radius: 100%; background-color: #EEE; } .foursquare h1, .foursquare h2, .foursquare h3, .foursquare h4 { font-weight: normal; margin: 0; padding: 0; font-family: Lato; } .foursquare h1 { color: #888; padding-top: 13px; font-size: 24px; padding-bottom: 1px; } .foursquare h2 { text-transform: lowercase; font-size: 14px; padding-bottom: 1px; } .foursquare h3 { font-size: 15px; text-align: center; padding-bottom: 3px; } .foursquare h4 { font-size: 11px; text-align: right; padding-top: 3px; } h4.hleft { text-align: left; } .foursquare h1, .foursquare h3 { text-transform: uppercase; letter-spacing: 0.1em; font-weight: 300; } .foursquare h2, .foursquare h4 { text-transform: lowercase; letter-spacing: 0.05em; } .foursquare hr { text-align: center; border: 0; height: 1px; background-color: #BBB; } .foursquare hr:after { content:""; display: inline-block; margin: 0 auto; position: relative; top: -9px; height: 11px; width: 11px; background-color: #BBB; border-radius: 100%; border: 4px solid #CCC; z-index: 3; } .zeddit { text-align: center; padding: 0px; margin: 0px; font-size: 20px; height: 20px; line-height: 10px; display: block; font-family: Lato; }</style>[/dohtml]
Jun 7 2018, 01:31 AM
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&& Tyler Poletti, Mackenzie Alexander, McKenna Alexander

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Just like that, Liam's seventh and final year at Hogwarts was coming to a close. It had been a whirlwind, the last <i>eight</i> years - but here he was. He'd finally done it. To be fair, he hadn't really "done" much of anything (except a myriad of girls over the last several years - and totally rocked at Quidditch), but all good things must come to an end - even an education for a complete slacker.<p>

His Professors had seemed more cheery with him these past few weeks. Perhaps it was that summer was right around the corner - or maybe it was the satisfaction of knowing that they would never have to deal with Liam Gaines again. The majority of them had waited for this moment for eight years, a good seven longer than any of them could withstand.<p>

The Slytherin boy left behind him a legacy - of womanizing, racking up what was potentially the largest number of detentions in any previous student's history, holding the record for most cauldron explosions in his year - and of course, who could forget his Quidditch records and statistics? He was immensely proud at the fact that his name would be on peoples' lips for years to come - in a good or bad way, it didn't matter. The simple art of people talking, period, is what made him famous - and that's all he really wanted. He wasn't worried about the specifics as to why.<p>

That was what was all behind him - or soon to be. So, what lie ahead? He had already received a handful of owls over the course of the last few weeks from professional team recruiters, inviting him to come and show off his skills on <i>their</i> fields in just a few weeks' time. Short of a total disaster, Liam was going to live out his lifelong goal and dream of becoming a Professional Quidditch Player. So long as it wasn't for the Chudley Cannons, the future looked bright.<p>

Reflecting on the last year - his <i>last</i> year - it hadn't been a bad one. He had gained so much - perhaps not knowledge, considering he bunked off more often than not - but there were so many new acquaintances and friends from all walks of life. New girls that he'd shared beds (and broom closets) with - and a further deepening of his Quidditch knowledge and skills, thanks to playing with students of other countries and schools, becoming attuned to their differences in playstyles.<p>

On that note, he'd even managed to get along with Cooper Santiago, both for the sake of co-captaining the Hogwarts Quidditch team, but also following the shocking news that his girlfriend and another of Liam's longtime rivals, Gabrielle Sauveterre was his half-sister. So yeah, shit, he'd even gained a family member. That would be a tough one to top.<p>

Things hadn't been perfect, though. With so many distractions this year, Liam had sort of lost sight of his roots, so to speak. The quad that he had been a permanent fourth fixture of for the last seven years since Tyler Poletti, Mackenzie Alexander, and McKenna Alexander first came to Hogwarts had hit some...bumps in the road. Liam wasn't sure if things were still strained following his attempts to bed Laney Poletti <i>last</i> year - he didn't <i>think</i> so, considering he and Ty had gotten along fine during their roadtrip the summer before this year - but things definitely weren't the same, so the thought lingered in his mind.<p>

If he were being honest, he put most of the blame on the girls. From Liam's standpoint, Kenna had practically ripped Tyler's heart apart and left the poor guy with blue balls over the summer, and there had been little coming back from that. Much to Liam's amusement, Tyler had finally heeded his advice of "forget her," and actually enjoyed himself this year in good ol' Liam fashion. Ok, perhaps not as much so - Liam wasn't sure, as it turned out Tyler wasn't as much of a kiss-and-tell guy as he was - but he'd stopped saving all of his energy for Kenna, and lived a little. It had seemed to do him some good, getting laid and blowing off some steam.<p>

Kenna on the other hand, though, had drifted further away. She spent the majority of her seventh year moody, brooding, locked away, studying with Kenzie. Those two...they were so obsessed with their NEWTS. To be fair, that was probably to blame, too - the girls were so absorbed in scoring well on their exams that it left little fun to be had, even when they <i>were</i> all getting along.<p>

As for Kenzie...well, their most recent interaction (which turned into an argument that didn't end in making out <i>or</i> sex - Liam's least favorite kind), which they had avoided discussing (mostly on the basis that they had avoided <i>each other</i> since then) left Liam feeling rather...confused. He'd always fancied Kenzie and her hard-to-get game. Apparently, he'd advanced on her one too many times, though, and she finally snapped, letting all of her bottled feelings come to light. Liam was flattered at the things that she said - but he was also an immature boy at his core, unready and unwilling to be serious or commit. The kind of boy, apparently, that Kenzie did not want to grow close to.<p>

And so, they had drifted apart, just like Tyler and Kenna had.<p>

So, while Liam's year had for the most part been great - the three people who had directly had a hand in making all of his other seven years <i>amazing</i> were...not really there at his side any longer. Liam hadn't taken much notice during the course of the year, but now, as the final days of school loomed, it was on the forefront of his mind. Each year, the four had a tradition - the last full day of class, they ended with a bonfire down near the Forbidden Forest, recapping their year, burning books they hated, or reports that they had failed and never wanted to see again. Like clockwork, it had always happened.<p>

This year, all things considered, Liam was not so certain that it was.<p>

Even so, after his last class, he switched into more casual, comfortable clothing and headed down to the Forest's edge, and went to work building the firepit. Occasionally, his wand backfired, crashing the pit to where he had to restart twice, and even causing a log to land on his foot once - but eventually, as the sun began to set, the fire was built, and he ignited it (on the fourth try).<p>

Sitting on a rock near the flames, he stoked them boredly, every so often looking up in the direction of the school, hoping to see a familiar face...hoping they'd come for the final bonfire.
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Apr 8 2018, 04:16 PM
i'mma do a thing
Apr 5 2018, 01:23 AM
day 1 - maybe later
Dec 31 2017, 04:51 AM

Chelsea Lawrence - Chelsea is the daughter of one of the most famous movie actors of all time. As of Summer 2021, this news came to light (she was the product of what was basically a secret tryst between him and her mother, a late star Quidditch player for the Kestrels) and hit the tabloids, right before her 7th year began. I'd really like a few things to come of this: people to annoy her about it (because she HATES the attention), people to perhaps take advantage of it (try to become her friend/woo her/flirt/use her/etc). Basically, I want to give her a hard time. Between this unwanted attention AND the fact the fact that as of Winter 2021, she's a werewolf, I want her to kind of just have a hell of a final year as a student/first year as an adult, put her through the ringer, and break her trust in people. Her original plot involved her going from good girl with a lot of prospects to really going downhill and getting into some sort of vice, like drugs, a la the person she buys wolfsbane from VERY, VERY secretly (she's unregistered, doesn't want this in the tabloids, etc). They were supposed to feed off of one another for a while and just kind of be toxic due to both of their standoffish natures, but grow to eventually help build each other up and become very close as a result of it.<p>

<s>Liam Gaines - Looking for a handful of FWB’s. Would like to maybe see him TRY to get into a relationship sometime during his 7th year and/or into his first year of being a Pro QP. I like to imagine that he’s trying to “prove” that he can be more than just a fuck buddy, but it probably doesn’t go as intended, mostly because whomever he attempts to “date” is probably very similar to him (sleeps around prior to trying to date/has FWB’s, likes to party too much, just isn’t mature enough to handle a monogamous relationship ATM) so they wind up falling apart. Basically, I want him to realize that he DOES actually enjoy spending a lot of time with one person, LIKES the feel of ACTUALLY dating, doting on ONE person, etc., but in the end they just don’t click/don’t feel a future together/don’t challenge one another enough/can’t commit.</s> Still looking for FWB's always, ofc ;D but I believe that Zoey Collingwood is going to fill the attempt-at-a-relationship spot! <3 Lucky her! (Or not so much)<p>

Andrei Vaselava - I’m a sucker for nostalgia, so I’m reviving an old plot that I had with someone else on Tatem 1.0. Shoot me. Ok, so anyway - Andrei needs a best friend, likeeee bad. I’d prefer if said best friend was around his age, female, and basically totally opposite: outgoing, adventurous, flirtatious, etc. He needs to have some experiences, and I think the only way he’ll do that is by being dragged along. I wouldn’t mind some sexual tension between them <s>like maybe she totally misreads him late one night and tries to rip his shirt off or plants one on him or something lolol</s>, but I’m going to be firm and forward about the fact that they are NOT going to hook up or have any romantic affiliations, because he has a final. He just needs a confidante, someone who maybe stands up for him since he doesn’t always for himself. Depending on the girl, we can discuss if she knows that he’s a werewolf or not/if she found out, how, and how she handles it (do they not talk about it, does she help him get Wolfsbane, etc.)?<p>

McKenna Alexander - In her everlasting denial of her feelings for Tyler Poletti, Kenna at some point near the beginning of the school year needs to have an intimate encounter with a male from a foreign school. After learning that Tyler is getting cozy with a couple of different foreign girls, Kenna is basically going to try to an-eye-for-an-eye this news and attempt to hook up with a foreign guy. It’s not going to end well - dude isn’t going to actually get laid, and Kenna is going to cry as she realizes that it totally isn’t what she wants and that she’s just being catty. Dude can be confused or quickly slip out/run away from her. Whatever you want to do. I just need a player for one thread basically (and I mean, any subsequent awkward encounters afterwards are fine, too, lol). This spot might already be filled, as I’ve had several offers, but I’m adding it to my list anyway so that I can help keep track of what I’m looking for and for who, lol.<p>

Aubrianna Edeson - Ok so first and foremost, note to myself: age Aub up a few years, like mid-20’s. Anyway. Aub’s party girl lifestyle needs to come to an end, and I’mma revive yet another old plot from Tatem 1.0 to do that (shoot me again). I’d like for Aub to get pregnant, and the dude doesn’t have to be the nicest guy about it. Looking for baby daddy drama, like maybe he doesn’t believe her/that he’s the father due to her reputation, thinks she’s just after his money (if he’s rich - that’s a plus because I like this plotline lol)/is entrapping him, etc. Maybe over time they get together and have a happy ending, maybe his family is all “omg you have to marry her now” and they’re miserable (or alternatively grow close), maybe they just have drama forever. Idfk. I’m not committed to or sold on any one particular idea.<p>

Aeron Drummond - Aeron’s a hopeless romantic. I wouldn’t mind finding someone for him, but I’m not entirely sure what I’m looking for. He’s a good guy, would basically give whomever the moon and the stars. He’s a little derpy, though, and definitely uses the shit out of recreational drugs. He’s clumsy AF and...can probably just be a bit to handle. I’m thinking one of two things, he either needs someone as airheaded/happy-go-lucky/carefree as him, or needs the total opposite, maybe a girl determined to fix him/straighten him out lol. I also REALLY, REALLY, REALLY entertain the idea of a girl dating him for a personal gain, whether it’s because she thinks he’s rich, or is leverage for her to become famous herself, I would LOVE a plot where he gets taken advantage of romantically. He’s none the wiser and I’m not super protective over him tbh so this could be a long standing plot/relationship, maybe until one of his friends snaps him out of it, or until shit hits the fan so bad (a la sham marriage, draining the bank accounts, etc.?) that it slaps him in the face lol.<p>

Devraj Varma - Could use a girl to maybe kinda-sorta date/hang out with. He’s an adult now, doing the Auror thing. Maybe he just doesn’t have as much time to dedicate to her as she’d like, or whatever. I’d like to see him date a bit though before I move on to his final ship which is BAD ;D<P><P>

I'll list some common tropes/roles that people usually look for, and my chars that can fill those roles below:<br><br>
If you're looking for <b>flirting/crushes/FWB's/promiscuity</b>, I can offer the following chars. Even if you don't want to RP it out and just want to come up with a quick backstory so that you can namedrop them in your posts or whatever I'm cool with that, just talk to me first lol. And if you do want to RP it out, I'm also down for some smut, so whatever floats your boat, really, lol: Adrian Villanueva (pan), Aeron Drummond (hetero), Aubrianna Edeson (pan), Brexton Campbell (he's currently uncertain about his sexuality, will probably be pan/demi and perhaps poly. also he will probably fall into flirting/crushes more but idk we can talk), Caleb Richardson (pan/poly), Genevieve Liao (unsure of her sexuality. also, this temporary only ~ she's making bad choices this year, if you wanna be one, lmk), Liam Gaines (hetero), Morana Vlcek (bi, she's trying to focus on SPELLCRAFT this year so might not get too crazy. idk we can talk), Noella Evans (unsure sexuality, probs awkward crushes/flirting), Nikolai Vaselava (he's closet bi...DM me if you wanna discuss a M/M hookup lol), Owen Richardson (demi, would probably be flirting/crushes only?), & Tristan Fontaine (pan, he's lazy so idk if he will initiate anything but he might roll with something depending on the person)<p>

If you're looking for <b>violence</b>, either for actual chars or NPC's, I can offer: Cole Bennett (underground fighter, also a hitman), Nikolai Vaselava (he's basically my capable-of-terrible-shit character soooo lmk)<p>

If you're looking for <b>shy/quiet/awkward</b>, for whatever reason (to bully on, to be awkward with, whatevs), I have Andrei Vaselava, Genevieve Liao, Jared Pearson, Noella Evans, & Tarik Farouk<p>

If you're looking for <b>brooding/uptight/sarcastic/asshole chars,</b>, I have: Chelsea Lawrence, Cole Bennett, Nikolai Vaselava, Teagan Williams, Tristan Fontaine, & Wesley Morello<p>
If you're looking for <b>party animals/bad influences,</b> I have: Aeron Drummond, Aubrianna Edeson, Caleb Richardson, & Liam Gaines
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