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Nov 11 2017, 03:12 PM
Ben was an early riser, like his mother. Even during the summer break he would often wake up before the rest of the house. He was still a teenager though and would let himself sleep in now and again. This morning, however, he was up (almost) with the sun and had taken his dog, Kiwi, outside to walk and play. It was a great morning and wasn’t too hot and the pair had a great time. Kiwi, as lazy as she could be, decided she didn’t want to be outside anymore and went into the house. Ben followed with a shrug and decided it was about time for one of his favorite things ever. Breakfast.

Starting a pot of coffee, Ben then moved on to what was in the fridge. He wasn't sure what he was going to make yet. The buy had a huge love for pastries and he dug into the fridge, finding that he did have everything he needed to make some cinnamon rolls. That would be perfect for after a hearty breakfast. He pulled out the ingredients out and got to work. First he preheated the oven and began to Whisk flour, sugar, baking powder, and salt together in a large bowl. He started to get excite for everyone to wake up and have a fresh baked treat.

As he worked a bit longer, he thought he heard someone coming down the stairs. Thinking it was one of the adults, he pulled a mug from the cupboard and placed it on the counter. “Mornin.” he greeted as they walked into the kitchen. “Coffee?”
Nov 11 2017, 02:22 PM
Ben walked out of the castle and took in the fresh spring air. It smelled great! He loved the smell of spring. Everything was so fresh and clean and the whole world was alive. Also, the weather was fantastic and he could pretty much do anything he wanted outdoors. It was amazing. With a little hop, he walked down the steps and began to take a brisk walk around the courtyard. Ben was kind of bored and hated being idle, so a nice walk was exactly what the healer ordered. It was still a little cool so he wore track pants and a plain old t-shirt; In his right hand he held a brown paper bag.

When he normally walked about, Ben was pretty focused. There wasn't a lot to break him from the rhythm of his stride other than his brother or a friend's voice calling out to him, but on his second round about, something caught his eye; Something red. He turned his head as we walked by a stone bench and saw a girl with red hair sitting on it. As he continued on his brisk constitutional his mind ran through who the girl could be. He didn't know many redheads and she was most definitely not a Hufflepuff. Ben knew all of his Hufflepals and was more than sure he would have known her had they been in the same house.

As he came around again he slowed way down and watched her. She was sitting alone and had at least been doing so since he came outside. He glanced at his watch then back at the girl. He wondered if maybe she was lonely. Well, he couldn't have that! Even if she weren't lonely, she could tell him to go about his business and he would do just that. No harm done, right? Right. If things worked out in his favor he could totally have a new friend and that was pretty cool.

Approaching the girl, Ben sat on the opposite side of the bench from her with a soft sigh. He turned his head to her with a smile. “Hi!” He said happily and tilted his head to take a look at her face. Nope, she was someone he didn't really immediately recognize. That was such a shame, too, because she looked really nice. Ben actually felt a little bad for not knowing her. She was definitely not a first year. He knew it wasn't like he could know everyone in the school but he sure as hell could at least try. He was a 4th year now after all and should at least know most of his schoolmates. “I'm Ben... I like your hair.” he nodded and looked up at the sky for a moment. He then had a realization. “Red vine?” he asked, reaching his hand around that held the brown paper bag and offering her one of the treats. "Pretty tasty business." he grinned.
Nov 7 2017, 03:30 PM
After the getting to know you portion of Quidditch Camp came to an end and everyone was released until tomorrow, Ben found himself incredibly nervous. He hung back a little, but it seemed like most people did. Some spoke to the coaches and to one another. Ben was still a little bit in shock with all the goings on today. First of all, he was at Quidditch Camp which really was awesome in of itself. Then, he discovered that Dani was here as well! What a surprise! And then it got even better when he discovered that she would get to be on his team! It was like a dream come true! He just couldn’t wait to talk to her. Ben wanted to hear her talk more. He already knew plenty about her but he wanted to know EVERYTHING and wanted to hear it from her lips in her voice.

After the day was done and everyone began heading back to the castle, Ben trotted up behind Daniela Nicole Fuentes , gently touching her elbow to get her attention as he stepped beside her. He gave her a big, shy smile and a nod. “Hey. Hi.” He said again. Man he was a doofus. But here was Dani, his Dani… well, no. Not his per say. His pen pal? Yes. His friend? He liked to think a good one. His crush? Most definitely. He liked her so much he even told his mother about her. That meant something in his book. At first he thought it was stupid of him for liking someone that was so far away and that he may never meet but after his beautiful and loving mother's kind words and support, he felt a lot better about it.

“You want to go for a walk? Or… I dunno. Or something?” She shrugged deep into his shoulders and looked into her eyes. “I’d really like to spend a little more time with you and talk. Just us.” He looked out over the grounds and turned back to her with a smile. “Or we could just walk. The grounds here are very pretty...” he then blinked with a thought. Dani might be tired from traveling and everything. “I mean... unless you're tired? Then I could take a raincheck. If you wanted to, I mean.”
Nov 7 2017, 03:14 PM
Sitting under a tall, shady tree, Ben smiled down at the letter as he read it for the third time. The letter, of course, was from his American pen-pal Daniela Nicole Fuentes from Ilvermorny. He absolutely loved her letters and they always put him in the best of moods. They made him wish he could visit with her in person. Ben felt like he needed to hear Dani laugh and see her smile. He recently liked to think that he may even be bold enough as to try and hold her hand, which he imagined was very soft, and tell her that he thought she was amazing and beautiful. Then again, he knew that may not be the best idea. They were just friends and pen-pals who lived over three thousand miles from one another.

Carefully, Ben folded his letter back up and slid it into his back pocket. He sighed longingly and looked around the ground. Something, or rather, someone easily caught his attention. He tilted his head and squinted slightly. Did he just have a stroke of luck? A few dozen meters away was his big brother Cooper Felix Santiago and he seemed to be alone. His brother's friends were pretty cool for the most part and seemed to tolerate the little brother being around but Ben liked his brother time. Sadly it was their time together that seemed to shrink in the last couple of years.

Ben waited a moment, expecting Cooper's girlfriend Gabrielle Louise Sauveterre to show up and second. After a beat, the Hufflepuff stood and smiled, taking a few small steps towards his brother. One if the things Ben missed most was trying to out wrestle his brother. Of course, “trying” was the operative word. Cooper had always been bigger and stronger than Ben but it didn't keep the younger from trying.

Steps turned into long strides and next thing he knew, Ben was bolting towards his brother with everything in him. Slowing just short of Coop, Ben let out an excite, “BROTHER!” before diving at him.
Nov 7 2017, 03:11 AM
The sun was hot and now shining in Benjamin’s eyes as he lay in the grass under a tree out behind his home. He squinted and threw his arm over his eyes. Ben was completely bored. He didn’t think he could be more bored. Summer was supposed to be brother and family time. But Ben’s brother was out somewhere kissing his girlfriend. Lame. It was bad enough his brother left and already spent half the summer away with her. Now he was back and she was there, too.

He sat up with a sigh and looked over at his dog, Kiwi, who hadn’t moved from her spot as she napped next to him. The pair had run and played tag and fetch with whatever stick Kiwi decided to bring back to him. She oddly rarely brought back the same one if there were several around. Play time lasted for a bit before they got worn out and laid in the grass. Now, it wasn’t as though he didn’t love Kiwi, she was a good dog, amazing even… but he was hoping to have more brother time now that it was summer and they didn’t have school or his girlfriend to get in the way. There went that.

“Hey, Ki… I’m going inside.” He told her as he stood and dusted himself off. Kiwi looked up at him, gave a small grumble and re-positioned herself before falling back into her nap. “Lazy butt.” Ben smirked before walking back to the house. At the back door, he kicked off his shoes and put them aside before stepping into the house. He walked over to the fridge and opened it with a long sigh. Ben grabbed a bottle of pop from the fridge before dragging his feet towards his room.

Inside his room, he put the soda on his nightstand and flopped onto the bed, face down on the pillow, and let out a deep groan. So bored…
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